Twinj: Immortal struggling love Chapter 05 (date of twinj in 1770 s style)


They spent their whole time in rose garden where kunj kept on admiring her beauty and twinkle kept on blushing and enjoying it.

The hours passed like seconds they couldn’t noticed it the blue sky started turning black, moon was hurrying up to make the world sleep which made our love birds get disappointed as they have to leave each other n go.

Unwillingly they both made their way back to their places.

Twinkle s pov:
I wish I could spend sone more time with him.but it’s getting late I have to get back home as if any one notices me i will be in trouble along with me kunj also have to bare the consequences.but the date is not yet complete it’s not perfect one as I didn’t tell him my words,which my heart pops everytime.

Kunj s pov:
Ohh she is leaving me again,I am feeling like a dead soul.but yet the date is not finished rather this day finished in a blinking time. I want to tell her what she means for me. She has something in her which will drag me attract me towards her like more than a magnet in a crazy manner.

But they have to return to their respective places.No choice they had.

With lott of difficulties they both left eachother both wanted to say out the words popping in their heart.

Late evening ,
Twinkle was thinking all about kunj s words n was blushing continously remembering her lovable time with him.
She slowly leaned on her bed and was continously smiling without any reason.
Suddenly she heard a sound in her balcony which brought her back into real world from her dreaming world.
She got up n sat on the bed and saw towards balcony n rushed towards thr without pause.
Yes it was kunj who climbed into her balcony.twinkle was shocked to see him thr. It was a very late evening.

T:kunj….u…wt…u….r doing here??what if any one see u??…ohh my God….wt…should….I do nw….

She was full tensed. While kunj was simply smiling at her innocence.
He kept his finger on her lips the soft touch of him made her numb.

K:the date is not yet over….gorgeous

Within no time he dragged her out of the palace all the time twinkle was in utter shock.

Kunj brought her to seaside.
(Dnt knw whether thr is beach in London or nt I am sure thr isn’t. it’s ff ya have kuch bi ho sakta hai lolzz)

Beautiful sunset reminiscences where the waves are trying to reach moon and the night sky welcoming the lovely twinkling stars and king of the sky the moon. Cool breeze which made the entire situation romantic for love birds and at one side thr was a small table wit 2 chairs.

Twinkle shocking face was changing into surprised face as she saw all these.
These things were experienced by her fr the first time by she wanted it fr all the time.

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