Twinj: Immortal struggling love Chapter 03


Chapter 3:
Twinkle:ur name??
Boy:I am kunj.I am from France
Twinkle:kunj…u mm. ..I think I know own u….(trying to remember something)
R u the heir of French dynasty.
Kunj: yes u r right…
T:hw come u here??
K:actually I was invited to yesterday’s party.
T:ohh…bt i didn’t notice u yesterday.
K:how could u.. if u r sooo restless
T:hmm yeah u r right.
K:as i am always… the way what u do here??
T:ohh..I forgot to introduce myself,I am twinkle.
K:ya princess of London.
Twinkle blushed.

The talk went on for few minutes based on random topics about their respective places and life.
Some bond held them together which was nun other than LOVE but they didn’t understand that.
After a lots of time when Sun made his way to his home and moon was coming out to make the world sleep peacefully these two birds were separated.

T:ohh it’s getting late better I would leave now
Kunj nods.
T:nice to meet u and talk to u.
K:my pleasure gorgeous
Twinkle blushed and was about leave and kunj saw her going back.

Twinkle(self talk): what’s wrong with me,y my heart is not going away from him still I am forcefully dragging my feet,wish I could catch up with him again.

Kunj (self talk):something is holding me with her I wish I would spend sone more time with my gorgeous. Ohh no she is not my gorgeous may be I am just getting attracted to her. To get clarity I have to catch up with her again.

Immediately.. both turned and talked at the same time

T:(turned) Kunj. …

They both laugh.
K:sooo…when can we meet again?
T:again….same time same place.
K:will be waiting fr u
T: me toooo….

Both parted from each other with great struggle.

At night,Twinkles room.
Twinkle pov:
Why my heart beats soo fast when I am far away from him but when he is with me I feel like an angel,I feel immense pleasure with him. Is this love??do I love him. I don’t know….though it’s not love I want him in my life. I am ready to leave everything for him. I just want to shout at the top of my voice that I LOVE U Kunj…..!!!!!!!

Here our kunj is also in same feeling..
Kunj pov: oh jeseus I am unable to close my eyes as her eyes reminds me the immense love of this world, her glittering eyes says many things my heart knows that but why I can’t react. Why am I hesitating….Yes I know this is love….I k own that twinkle I love u….I won’t leave u…I want u with me till the end of my life.

They both forcefully pushed the night to meet their loved ones. That night was the most endless night and the longest one for both of them.

Next day both met and were very happy to see each other. Both of their eyes were full of eagerness and passionate love.
They talked for a long while as the time passed distance between them left them alone. Even the nature blessed them with lovely environment. They both had no bounds for their love.

Precap:twinj date
Let’s see hw date will be in 1770 s….

Thanks to all who cmomented love u all loads and yes I am same roshini rockstar

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  1. SidMin

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    it was awesome……..
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  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Roshini my eagerness is increasing by thinking that twinj r falling in love but at last there will be as usual struggle coz twinki marriage is fixed
    This gonna be Awsome
    Love u dear
    Super duper ???????????

  4. ❤️Awww!!! 1770 ka date….wait…agar candle light type hogi to obvio candle will be chaand ki chandni?? Well…i am so lame at guessing….leaving the job to the Pro!! Pls post next soooon…enjoying this 16th century love❤️

  5. Amazing epi.. can’t wait for twinj’s 1770 fate.. do cont soon ?

  6. Baby

    oh my god amzing oshini so finally
    dey realised dere love fr eo
    n 1770s date oh god cnt w8
    post nxt asap dear
    luvd d episode 2 d core
    n luv u 2 dear
    osm post soon

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