Twinj: Immortal struggling love Chapter 02


Chapter 2

Twinkle was shocked to hear her marriage announcement without her consent by her father king.She didn’t had any option she just faked a smile.

Within no time she moved out of the ball as she was restless and was moving so furiously and bumped into pillar she fell down with a thump.

Oh jeseus,what’s wrong with me?? She held her head in pain.’Who the hell built pillar in the middle of the path’,she murmured.She slowly looked up as she was mistaken she didn’t bump into a pillar but a handsome boy dressed in black n white suite.He forwarded his hand to help her.

Twinkle gave her hand and she woke up looking into his deep black eyes.

‘Sorry miss’,the boy said.
Twinkle was not in her senses she wasn’t aware what she was thinking.She just smiled and nodded.Within no time she left the place without uttering a single word.
The boy thought that she is wierd and left.

Twinkle rushed into her royal room and banged the door.She was fed up. As without her consent her marriage was declared. She couldn’t oppose it in the meantime. With lots of restlessness she fell on her foamy cushion bed.She tried to sleep but as she closed her eyes one blurred figure came in front of her eyes which went on clear and the figure was nun other than the guy whom she met few minutes ago.
Her heart beat rose for a second it was audible for her as it was popping soo hard, his black eyes perfect body handsome looks were damn loving!!!without her notice a big curve appeared on her face. She was fast asleep

Next day, twinkle went to garden she wished she could see him again,her heart wanted him badly even she don’t know what feeling was inside her. She just wanted to see him again.

For her sake even destiny blessed.

She saw him. Without hesitation twinkle ran towards him. The boy was busy writing some stuff he didn’t notice her coming.
Twinkle s face was glowing, no reason for her happiness (Pyaar mei aisa hota hai,all such things will happen in love)

T:gud mrng.
Boy lifted his head and observed her glowing face.
Boy:very gud mrng gorgeous.
Twinkle heart pumped like hell literally jumping but she couldn’t show.
T:hmm….soo i am sorry that yesterday I was lost smewr so couldn’t speak to u.
Boy:ohh…no issues abt dat.
T:so what ru doing here?
Boy:just I am carrying on with my work
T:ohh. ….ru a traveller?as I didn’t noticed u b4…
Boy:ya…a sort of. But I am from France…
T:ur name??

Precap:twinkle reveals her identity to kunj..

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