Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 9)

Chapter 9

“Alisha” said kunj in a whisper.

She saw Kunj and was shocked to see his state…. messed up hairs, red, teary and swollen eyes.

“What happened, Kunj? Are you alright?” She said moving forward and tried to cup his face.

But he jerked away her hand.

“Not your f**king business. Ms. Alisha.”  He said moving away from her.

“Kunj…” she said with a pain in her voice.

She was even in the pain.. pain of being rejected by her own husband. She knew that he didnt love her but still it pains to believe it.. it hurts a lot.

Kunj ignored her completely and tried to get in the car when she held his hand and stopped her.

What so ever it is but still he is her husband she cant see him this way.

But he in return just pushed her such that she fell on floor and without giving a look what he did..

He just stepped in the car and drove away.

While she cried on her fate…?

She tried to get up from the floor and her eyes fell on Twinkle who was sitting in the garden and crying.

She was shocked to see her. She never saw his first wife but seeing the scenario around she can easily guess who she is for him.

She wiped her tears and moved towards her.

While on the other side

Twinkle was crying endlessly.

“I know Kunj, I am not a good human but I cant kill my baby. I love him as much as you do. I was changed… changed for you.. but destiny played its own game. M sorrry… M sorrry…  I did this mistake once but not again. I wont come again in front of you. I will leave you forever. Forever. So that you can be happy in your life.” She murmered to herself…

By the time Alisha reached there and heard her words.

“So you wanted to repeat the same mistake?” Said Alisha.

Twinkle looked up at her and recognised her as alisha as she saw her in wedding.

“Alisha…” she said being shocked.


“Yes mistake. Mistake of leaving him again without telling him, without explaining him, without blaming him and mistake of accepting everything you never did,
by simply leaving him.” She said in a choked voice.

“He hates me. Do you know? He hates me.” She said while crying.

“He thinks me as a murderer of  our child. He thinks I killed our child.”

“And you want to prove that what he thinks is right?”

“No. But I dont want to give him more pain. I dont want him to suffer more because of him.”

“So you think after leaving you he will be happy. He loves you Twinkle. He loves you unconditionally and endlessly. He is hurt.. he is in pain of lossing his child. Give him some time. He will understand and regret of his words.” She said sitting beside her and cupping her face.

“You know how much sensitive he is… and what a child means to him. I dont know what happened between you in past but I know he accusses himself for leaving you like this and not giving you a chance to speak. I have seen him breaking down.. how much he did to find you. He never wanted to marry me as he dont want to cheat you…  when he saw you on our wedding.. he was happy and much more was in guilt.”
She said trying to make her understand.

She nodded at her every statement and cried on hearing how much he loves her..

“So dont leave him again, try to talk to him and give a chance to yourself to make him understand what you did and why you did? I dont know if you are wrong or right? But I can see tha same love and passion for him what I see in his eyes…” she said with a smile.

“This time I will not leave him. I will tell him everything. Will not let me live in dark and I will make him understand.” She said wiping her tears.

Alisha smiled seeing her and hugged her.

“But Alisha dont you love Kunj, dont you want him?” Twinkle asked her while hugging.

“No. I dont.” Saying this a tear drop fell down her left eye.

“I married him just because of Shekar uncle.” She said while departing herself.

“Lets go inside then.” She said her and Twinkle nodded.

She tried to stand up but lost her balance.. alisha held her
“Careful.”  Said Alisha.

She nodded and then went inside.

“I am sorry, Twinkle. I lied. I love him but I also know how much you both love each other. My one sided love will only give problems to you. I will leave everyone but before that I will help you to settle everything.” She said to herself wiping her tears with a smile.

On the other side.

Kunj was driving the car rashly on the highway and drinking when suddenly lights flashes from front.

He keeps his hand in front of his eyes unable to see anything

And the scene freezes..

To be continued..


I am very sorry. You know in last part I wrote that i am having 4 parts and cmment otherwise wait for a week..

I am soo sorry. I really felt after posting that i shouldnt do that way. That made me felt horrible. I was preparing myself for facing the worst of your comments but your comments made me soo happy i cant tell you. Made me feel like a family. ???.. i became so emotional and seriously i love you alll sooooo damn muchh…?????????????????..

I am very sorry ????.. i will be posting the nxt parts asap aftr the last editing is over.

Do comment if you liked.

Thank you.

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  2. SidMin23

    Ridhima it was wonderful I love how Alisha is helping twinkle to get back to kunj even tho Alisha love kunj but she is ready to sacrifice her love for twinj happiness hope soon twinkle tell kunj about surgery

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    Hey ridhima awesome yaar just loved it to core… I mean alisha in a positive role nd u nailed the emotions very well

  4. SidMin

    Hey Ridhu …..
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  5. Kruti

    Awesome epi….loved it
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