Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 2)


Do read at your own risk. Contains 18++ content.
Chapter 2

Twinkle’s Pov.

“But you are My MISTRESS.” He said while I closed my eyes hearing the word.
He tore the dress from my body and came near my face, I can feel his breathe near my face. It smells of alcohol.

“You are drunk?” I asked in disbelief. The person who hated alcohol is drunk to this extent that his eyes are not even opening properly.

“I know.” He said.

“Kunj. Please leave you are not in you senses.” I said pushing him.

He came near to me and hold my chin in his deadly grip of hand.

“Now only I am in my senses.” He said and placed his mouth on mine and started licking and sucking my lips.

I tried to resist and push him but he is strong enough. With every moment of mine he tightens his grip more on my waist.

He bit my lips hard making then bleed but he remain unaffected and showed his anger.

I wanted to resist this. I know this is wrong. He is married to someone else. But some part of me wanted this to happen.

I wanted to go along with him.

I stopped resisting and started to kiss him back. Understanding this he deepens the kiss by entering his tongue inside my mouth and swayed it in every direction.

I moved my hands in his hair and started rubbing it while he rubbed my back sensuously.

He broke the kiss and moved his lips on my neck and started placing innumerable kisses on my side of neck. I shivered at the contact.

He started moving forward and I started to move backwards until we were stopped by the bed.

He slowly pushed me on bed and came on top still kissing the side of my neck while my hands gripped his shirt tightly in pleasure.
He kissed slightly on my neck, shoulder, collar bone and came down to my cleavage.
Started giving wet kisses over there while I moaned in response.

He made me sit straight and undid bra from my body.

I was naked front top in front of him.
He hovered on my br*ast and started kissing and biting one while he pressed other one between his hand.

I moaned.

He took one curve in his mouth and started circling and licking it with tongue while he pinched the other one. I winced in pain. He did the same with another curve as well.

After getting satisfied with them he came down to my stomach and started kissing it. He rolled his tongue over the naval while I started to move unable to take this unbearable pleasure.

I was moaning hard forgetting everything. With every sound escaping from my mouth, he increased the intensity of his actions.

While kissing my naval, He started rubbing the inner side of my thighs.
I was getting down there with his each action.

He came upwards and started rubbing my clit over the panties. I moaned senselessly unable to take the pleasure.

His mouth travelled down and he placed a kiss on my panties. He went back and removed them and again came, placing his head between my legs licking and sucking my core.

I moaned and started moving my legs. He held them with his hands and make me to stop my actions.

While he entered his finger inside my core. I shouted in pain but soon it turned into pleasure and he started thrusting his finger inside me. After some time he removed his finger and kissed my clit and went behind and removed his clothes and came on top of me.

He rubbed his length over my core. I moaned and begged him for give it unable to bear more.

He with in a second entered and started thrusting.

Each thrust harder and deeper from the last one.
After some time I felt my stomach curling up and I came all over and with last thrust he also came.

After this being tired he slept while I left the bed wrapping myself in the blanket towards the washroom tears forming in my eyes and a guilt in my heart.

To be continued.

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  2. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey riddhi… kya likhthi hai tu yaar… matlab I m speechless… main kya kahun… aaj tak aisa hotness sirf india forums aur crazy ke ff me hi … haan haan patha hai mai 18 nahi hun lekin tere ff ka ek bi bit mai miss nahi kar sakthi… post really really soon.. loved it

    with love,

  3. Chiku

    Hey ridhu
    ????????kya likhti tu??????haayeeee itnaaa hot. Hayeeeeeeeeree……..aaj sab romance ke mood mien hai?????garmi hogaayi yaar????loved it babes
    Post soon
    Love u?

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    Loved it

  5. Hey rids….thank god jaldi post kardia tumne…m waiting 4 it….thanks…
    And Omgggggg….romance Queen…..what an episode….!!!!!!
    Kese likhtiho itne acchese romance tum …. yaar Sooooooooo much sizzlingggg hotnessssss overloaded in this epi….love it very much….. but felt bad 4 twinkle…….
    Well plzzzzzzzz post next epi soon….coz tumhare epi read karne ke liye i can’t waiting u no na….
    OK so keep smiling….
    Love u lodsss….

  6. Angel20

    Omg!! That was damn hot! I just loved it to the core. Seriously I loved these hot scenes though I’m not 18? It was really amazing! Post the next one soon!

    With Love?

  7. SidMin

    I guess I love this shade of Kunj the hot se*y one ??
    Loved it you described it so well 🙂
    Waiting for the next episode 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Love you :)?

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