Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 14)

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Chapter 15

Twinkle after saying this left the room with hurt while Kunj was standing there looking at her disappearing figure with a guilt in his heart and tears rolling down his eyes.

How he thought he will keep the girl whom he loved like a princess and away from every problem but how he became the reason of her every problem and her every tear. How he spoke to her? How he treated her?

How much selfish he became to care only for his feeling rather than hers? How can he be so blind that he doesnt see the person whom he is giving pain is the one whom he wanted to be happy always?

He doubted her once. He knew he was wrong and may be there is some other story by her side but it was way late to ask her about it as she already left him… He then vowed to get het back at every cost and make her happy and listen to her and even if she wanted only money then also he was ready to give her that so that she can be with him… he knew she was happy with her so there will be no way in the hell she can deny him.

But again he did the same mistake. On doubting her and faking allegations on her. The sin which she never did.. he in a moment without thinking much accussed her of being the cause of the death of their baby. How could he? And on the top of that he said He hates her…
Like seriously can he ever think of crossing that feeling in his heart for her?

No. Never. But this stupid brain of his stops working on correct time and this useless heart betrays him as it is busy with his own feelings of being hurt with the reasons.

How will he ever be able to face her?

Thinking all this he fell down on his knees and looked at his reflection in the mirror which was making his fun right now. His own reflection knows what is right or wrong but he himself is so stupid to find it out.

The new tear drops fell down his eyes and all the incidents crossed his mind once again.

While all this incidents were crossing his mind.. he suddenly remembered how she left him after he said her to leave and this time she has a right to leave as she is right and he is wrong..
He thinks.

But he cant let her go again. Leave him incomplete again. No. Not again. He wont be able to bear this separation again.

He immedialely got up and rushed to her room. No. No. No. Guest room to ask forgiveness and get her back and he will do anything this time again..

He entered inside the room and saw her standing leaning to the window and looking outside, tears were flowing down her cheeks and this makes his heart hurt more and  it is all because of him, his mind reminds him. He cursed them both as they never worked on right time and now irriating him.

“Twinkle…” he called her out will all the love he is having for her keeping the thoughts his mind and heart was sending him.

She wiped her visible tears but didnt turn back..

Sensing it he stepped forward and kept his hand on her shoulder..

“Twinkle….” he called her again lovingly and bit concern filled in his voice.

She without saying anything turned around and hugged him tightly and started crying.

He was shocked for a moment and then realising her crying. He immediately started rubbing her back to soothen her. He didnt made an attempt to stop her from crying as he knew that how much she needs it.

A tight embrace is all one needs to sometimes.

He on understanding this stood there hugging her while she was crying and even tears were rolling down his eyes but he was holding her tight onto him.

This is what they need now. The presence. The presence of each other. The presence of the loved ones.

She know what he have done is not right with her. He havent trusted her in first place called her a gold digger and secondly make her feel like a sl*t and thirdly made her the murderer of her own unborn child.

But is the mistake only his?
Isn’t she anywhere at fault in the whole picture?
Was it really her that was a victim or was she the only one who was hurt?

The answer to her every question was a clear and defined NO.

The mistake was both of them’s. She was equally guilty in the picture as him. They both were the victim’s of the situation and the unconditional love. Both were equally hurt to the core but the way of expressing was different. Ofcourse it has to be as both are different persons.

After realising her love, wasnt it her responsibility to tell him the truth at the first about her thoughts from the proposal till now.
He said her to be gold digger but wasnt this she was thinking at first. What wrong he did saying this to her.
Wasnt she able to accept her reality. May be she changed later but at the relation was itself based on lie. How can she expect him to trust her?

If she wanted him by her side.. then she should have waited for him to gain back his senses and explain her self to him once. But ever she tried this? No. Never. She just left him on his condition thinking it will be bad if she stays with him but it only worsen when she left him. He started to drink, started to smoke often. She hided her own self from the people he assigned to find her being afraid but wasnt it her responsibility for once to go to him when she knows he is finding her for clearing everything but no she thought she will hurt him more. But she didnt understand he was getting hurt more then ever being away from her.

Then when she came to know about her miscarriage due to strees. She was hurt and broken and was blaming her own self for not knowing about the baby on right time and taking his care.

She went to Sanskar to tell him truth about their baby but seeing him getting married to someone else she again thought to leave him again.

Without speaking a word to him. When he came to talk to her. She did what? Just simply walked away not saying a word to him.

She hurted him again… did she have given a way other then making her His Mistress and treating her like one of the sl*ts for being close to her.

And thirdly about the baby, it was his right to know about his baby from her but no she opted to stay silent and not to tell him about all this. How can she keep him away from his rights to know the truth? And when he came to know about this at his own and in the worst way possible.. then who must have not reacted this way. He is not a saint.. he is also a human with the feelings. When he get to know about the death of his baby before knowing about his presence, how it must have felt him? The one who always wanted a perfect family, the one who is very fond of babies..
When he got to know that his child is dead before feeling his presence what must have gotten through his heart and this was very much evident in his behaviour. The pain he was going through.. once she blamed herself for the child of their baby and he did the same when he got to know. Wasnt the reaction similar?

Is he still the only one at fault?

The fault is none of them’s. This is the situations that makes a thing bad then worst. The card which Destiny played.
They both were at pain and the medicine to their pain was them, their love but something that stopped them to meet was fear. Fear of not being trusted by the other one. Not being understood by the other.

But the little they knew that if they would have simply talked to each other and given themselves chance at first place they must have not been standing here with the complications and pain they face.

But now let this over for once and all.

“I am Sorrry, Twinkle…i know what I did was..” Kunj started to speak when he felt her calming down but was stopped when he felt something warm and soft on his lips.

His eyes widened when he realised that it is her. She is kissing him.

And this is rightly said Action speaks louder than words.

They didn’t need a word more to know that he is being forgiven and she understands him.

She was kissing him while he was still but slowly he too gave in which make her know that Yes, Everything is gonna be fine.

Their lips perfectly placed and moulded with each other. A sweet and  a simple kiss showing how much they missed each other, they love each other and most importantly how much they now trust each other.

A mere misunderstanding make them apart from each other but now when they meet again.. they are more deeply in love with each other, and trust more then anything.

They broke the kiss after a minute or so. They looked each other lovingly.

Without waiting a second more. Kunj pulled her towards himself holding her from his waist and captured her lips in his.. it happened in a swift moment that she didnt realise that when he started kissing her again.

She smiled in between the kiss before responding him and her hands went in his hairs and his grip tightened on her waist. This kiss is the full of desire and shows how much they missed each other’s touch.

He lips moving on hers and asking for entrance to her mouth which she easily gave her.

He smiled in between and then entered his tongue inside her mouth and roamed each and every corner of her mouth. She did the same with him. Their tongue’s playing with each other and salivas mixed. They know this where it will lead them to?.

To be continued…

How was this guys? I really hope it was good enough to read. I read every comment of yours saying Kunj deserves a punishment but really in my thoughts he was never completely wrong.
I dont know what I have done is right or wrong but if someone thinks otherwise then do tell me?. I like always respect your P.O.V.
As I already said different people think differently.

Thank you sooo much to everyone who commented for my story. This was planned to be the end but I think I dont know. Should I continue it?  I am really confused. Do tell me if you want me to end or to continue?.

A special request please everyone do comment. It really means a lot to me.

Love you each and everyone??❤❤.

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  1. Sohi

    Dear ridhima it was very emotional and good
    I wanted kunj to suffer some but it’s OK
    The pov which you showed from both the sides were correct
    Do continue

  2. You did proper justice to thiss and its superbb ????? every emotion is described perfectly ……You nailed it?? really ……..I couldn’t commentt on you previous back to back episodes because of exams?…..But anywaysss post next soon… And please continue it because I luv itt ?

  3. Simiyy

    Hey Ridhima
    It was good
    Just a request
    Could you show TWINJ re – marriage
    Hope you post
    Loads of Love

  4. Presha

    Hey ridhi amazing just loved it yaar … It was emotional… Post soon

  5. Baby

    🙂 dii my pov changed maybe…..
    I mean nt completely I mean I donno wat to say…..its jst dat ohh god I loved it……I thot dis dat all was nt kunjs fault bt thot dat leave it….I donno bt m happy wid d justice u hv done to their love d words u said touched my heart touched me…I love it….o d’s s of love dii….dere meet at last was beautiful n romantic or abhi toh baki hai….thank god all is fine…..yess dey bth were at fault how culd I jst ignore dat wat twinkle did……bt ohk now m well understood wid dis feeling….
    Love u….☆★♡♥☆★♡♥
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  6. Paavu

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  7. Chiku

    Wowww!!!! It’s amazing. ❤️❤️❤️Lovely. Marvellous. I am ur fan dude❤️❤️❤️???
    I request u to show twinj remarriafe and a baby. Showing them happy????
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    Lpve u❤️

  8. Emotional episode ridhima u explained everything so perfectly u nailed it and plz continue with this ff and show some twinj romance

  9. SidMin23

    It was fabulous but need kunj to suffer as twinkle has but glad twinj become one ans extied to read next part and hope it not end soon this ff

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome emotional fabulous epi…pehle mujhe bhi lga k kunj ko punishment milni chahiye…bt fr jb epi padha…toh lga k nahi isme dono ki hi glti thi….kahi naa kahi…lovely epi

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  13. You were absolutely right ridzi! Both were at fault. Kunj doesn’t deserve punishment all alone. The episode was purfffect

  14. Kruti

    Amazing epi ridhi….loved it

  15. Mahi

    Amezing yr i love this one
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  16. Ramya

    Awesome ridhima
    U r absolutely right it was der both mistake n I asked u to punish kunj n I was wrong
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    Loved it yaar … all the words were so true each word each line everything …and you are right it wasn’t only Kunj’s fault …. Please don’t end I want you to continue …. and post your other ff’s soon 🙂
    Love you Riddhu 🙂

  20. Akanksha

    hey,ridhima..plz don’t end it so soon yaar. it is one of my fav ff….do continue nd if possible then show aome twinj romance plz coz u r brilliant in it…???

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  23. Hey ridhi u r absolutely ryt everyone has different thinking……
    Episode was awesome fabulous….. Loved it….. Dont end it dear….. Do Continue….

  24. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Ridhima,
    Sorry for being late…..
    U left me speechless darling…..I don’t have word’s to express hw much I enjoyed reading it..
    U really touched my heart though ur writing yrr..
    I wanted KUNJ to suffer Thora but U changed my viewpoint yrr ….how can I forget what tw did with KUNJ he has suffered a lot more than her….He shouldn’t be blamed individually for it….any person at his place have behaved that way only….Both were at fault…
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    Love you
    Keep smiling

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