Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 14)

Chapter 14

Twinkle was sitting in her room leaning to the head board and closing her eyes.. when her phone starts to ring..

She recieved it without looking at the caller id.

She talked and became shocked on knowing that Kunj met with the accident and is in Police Station now.

She cut the call and immediately called the lawyer and talked to him.

She fresh and up and after getting ready left to police station.

“Twinkle…” called Alisha her from behind but she ignored it and left the place.

Alisha looked towards the direction in which she left and just hoped that everything is fine.

She was scared for Twinkle as she is not well..

Scene changes to Police Station.

Kunj was standing leaning to the bars and thinking of all the moments… tear marks was clearly visible on her cheeks.

He opened his eyes when he heard the voice of someone coming near him.

A officer came towards him and opened the lockup.

“Come out. You have gotten a bail.” Said the person, Kunj just nodded and came out struggling to walk straight but was unable and thinking who must have bailed him out.

He stopped in his tracks when he noticed someone signing the papers..

His vision was blur because of alcohol effect.. he close and opened his eyes several times to see the person properly.

The officer with him dragged him towards the table..
He was then easily able to see the person.

He let out a dry laugh as soon as he recognised the person to be Twinkle.

He started walking backwards while officer tried to stop him.

“I wont go out with her.” He said angrily pointing a finger towards Twinkle.

She somehow managed to take him out of the police station without him creating the scene.

But as soon as they came out.
Kunj jerked her hand and started leaving in a random direction. She held his arm tightly causing him to stop and looked at him with teary eyes.

“Stop Kunj.” She said trying to act bold and angry but he didnt pay any heed to her and struggled to get out of her grip.

“Dare you move now.” She said getting angry and pulling him towards her making way into the car.

“Please. No where in the hell I will go out with you.” He said angrily taking out his hand.
“And I dont want to hear your lies.”

“I am not gonna tell you anything.. may be until you get sober. So stop fighting and get inside the car.. we have to go home soon.”

He without saying any other word get seated in the car with her and she drove them away.

He was looking outside the car whole way and laughing to himself and doing something with his fingers.. she was watching him from the corner of her eyes…

“As a father I am dead before even taking the birth..” he said to himself and laughed..

She was having tears in her eyes seeing his condition.
She thought to ignore him for the time they get in the home before she herself falls weak and take some stupid step.

She drove concentrating only on the road rather than anything else..

Soon they were in the front of mansion.

Twinkle somehow managed to take him out of the car and walked inside tolerating all the pushes he was giving her. She didnt said a word and lead to his room.

Alisha who was waiting for her looked at them coming.. sighed in relief for a minute and then became tensed seeing the condition of Kunj. She made her way towards them.

” Are you fine Twinkle? Do you need any help?” She asked being concerned.

“No. Its ok. I will manage this. Can you please get some lime juice to make him sober?”

Alisha nodded and went towards Kitchen.

While Twinkle managed Kunj to take him inside his room.
She made her lay on his bed and removed his shoes and socks.

Seeing his state bring tears to her eyes. A mere misunderstanding destroyed them.. their relation completely, she thought.

She went towards him and sat on the edge of bed and caressed his hairs.
He removed her hands from his head.

“Leave. My room.” He said in a dangerous voice.

She dont want to leave him but she knows. Now, nowhere in the hell he is going to listen her…

She started to move out still looking at him and taking the steps backward.
“I hate you.” The last words he said in a whisper before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep which was not unheard by her.

Some more tears fell down her eyes.. she came out of the room and closed the door behind.

She saw Alisha approaching towards her.

“Is he fine?”

“Yes. But now he slept. So.” She said pointing towards the lime juice in her hands.

“Oo. Its ok. Twinkle you also go and take some rest.. you are even not well.” She said rubbing her arm up and down.

She nodded and left towards the room.

While Alisha looked at her leaving and then the tray in her hands.
She sighed and left towards the kitchen.

Next day.

“Aaaahhhh…” Kunj screamed a bit holding his head between his palms and getting up from the sleep.

Twinkle who just came to check on him became worried hearing his scream and fastened the pace towards him.

“Kunj. Are you fine?”

“What the helll. Do you think I am?” He shouted gripping his head more tightly.

She went towards his side and took out a aspirin from the drawer and passed him with a glass of water.

“You need not to fake your concern. I need not your f**king help. So just leave.” He shouted getting angry and still holding his head.

“Will you please stop being a kid and have this.. it will only help you.” She said back angrily.

He thought to ignore her words but due to his headache he just took the pills and swallowed them.

Once after some time he started to feel easy.. he left his head and looked at her angrily.

“Why are you still here? Dont you just get it I dont need you in my f**king life anymore…” he said with a venom in his voice.

“No. I will not leave you like last time. I will not accept the fake blames again. I will tell you that what you are thinking is not right. And you have to listen me. My side before judging me again.” She said as calmly as she can.

“And what made you think that I will listen you?”

“You have to and you will listen to me.”

“Oo. Please stop. I am not going to listen to a murderer.” He said getting up from the bed.

He stopped when he was pulled back by someone… ofcourse by Twinkle.

“First of all, stop addressing me as a Murderer. Secondly you are going to listen me as I heard everything you said me and I think I too deserve the fair chance to tell you. Thirdly what you are thinking of me is total wrong.. and if you ever loved me you will listen to me.”

“Fine. Okay. 5 minutes. Explain. Do you loved me when I proposed you? Do you? Wasnt you with me for money? Marrying me for the money? Everything happened between us was just nothing to you? And what you wanted to say about that Some random guy ummm.. who was ofcourse your ex lover kissing you.. when I entered in the room. And you both standing in the best intimate postions. Go on explain. Wait what will you explain. It was clear you were cheating on me. Holy Shit. Why do I always have to give you a chance. You all women are same. My mother too did the same. I thought to you to be different but you are toh much more than her. Atleast she didnt kill me?” He said angrily gripping on her shoulders.

“Will you let me speak. Mr. Sarna and stop assuming something on your own.” She said getting more angry then him.

“I admit it that I never loved you in first place when you proposed me and I was with you for money and more I was afraid to break your heart as I know how much sensitive you are.

When we were on that date and you kissed me. I felt so bad on playing with your heart and felt so much of cheap and thought to leave you the very next day.

I was packing my luggage and then I thought of the times with you. Every moment meant something to me. As I was about to leave the room. I realised how much I love you. I cant stay without you for a minute. And I never confessed my feelings to you before but that day I did. Just a week before our marriage I told you how I felt for you. Do you think that was even a lie?
I loved you Kunj. But I realised it late but not to late. I was happy that I have not to cheat on you anymore. Have not to feel guilty and I can respond to your actions and feel happy in our moments which meant the world to me.”

She confessed and tears were flowing down both of their eyes.

“On that day. I was getting ready for you. To make our half yearly anniversary beautiful but I dont know how that Yuvraj entered inside the room.
I was shocked to see him.
I admit he was my ex. But I never had feelings for him and I told him very clearly but he became a sort of obsessed with me. So i left the place and came in Delhi and joined in your company.
Seeing him that day I was shocked I tried to call you. Somehow I managed to call you getting his cell being afraid but he get to know about this and cut the call. I know the conversation you heard must have gotten you feel bad and look I am cheating on you. But believe me I never did it.

He started coming closer to me and removed his shirt and kissed me. I didnt knew what happened exactly. I just pulled back when you came him. I was about to slap him but seeing you. I know what you must have thought so I came running behind you. But you was so stubborn to listen. You belived what you saw not giving me a chance to speak. I felt devasted seeing your condition and drunk because of me. I couldnt stand there and feeling guilty thought to leave you. So that you can be happy. I dont want to trouble you.”
Saying this she fell down on her knees and started crying. All the moments of past came back to her memory haunting her.

Kunj was standing being shocked and looked guitly for what ever he did. How he reacted and didnt gave her chance to speak.. to explain. How in the hell. He didnt trusted her in first place.
He was so heartbroken with the incident that happened that he lost his senses and believed what he saw.


Next day when he got up… he realised what he did and how he didnt gave a chance for her when she was almost begging to him to listen her once but he being the biggest fool realised it late then he rushed towards the room only to find a letter left by her which said “Dont hate me Kunj. This is not what it looked like. I dont want to trouble to more. So I am leaving forever.”

Reading this… he sat down and cried holding it near his heart.

He tried best to find her but he only got was failure.

When his father forced him to move on with Alisha.. he clearly denied it  and met her before a night of marriage asking her to deny for marriage as he can never love her.

But she accepted it anyways and next day they got married… when he was filling her hairline with vermillion he saw her and was about to go behind her but it was too late he was married again but this time to some other girl.

He saw her breaking down. He tried to talk to her but was not able to make a move listening her words that she will leave him forever again so that he can move on.

He again broke down listening it and thought something else to get her…..
At last he made her sign on some deal papers… she signed them without reading thinking them as some company’s documents as she was working in his company but this fact was unknown to her….  he changed the name of the it and named it as KS INDUSTRIES instead of Sarna one’s which was owned by his father.

This is how he made her as HER HUSBAND’S MISTRESS…

**back to present…

He saw her.. how much she suffered because of him… he immediately crawled on his knees and sat infront of her and held his face in his palms and joined their forhead.

“You know all this… dont you.?” She asked him looking in his eyes.

“Yes I believed you but it was very late from my side. I almost lost you.” He said and some fresh tears roll down his cheeks.

“I am sorry for being so much of a a*sh*le. I know I should have trusted you in first place but I was so heartbroken and angry to think something else. I know I should have not reacted and behaved this way with you but I wanted to hear the whole truth from your mouth. I dont want you to leave me again and again. I want to make sure that you will not leave me like that again. I know how much of an Idiot I am. But still I love you.”

“Dont you hate me now? How could you think of it Kunj? How could you believe that i killed our baby?
You know when I got to know that I lost my child. I just wanted you by my side. But you thought me of an murderer… I will never forgive you for this. Never.” She said with a hurt and moved back and left the room leaving a extremely guilty Kunj behind.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

To be continued…

So how was this? How many of think Twinkle should not forgive Kunj?? Dont forget to tell me.

I guess this was the the longest chapter I wrote till yet and I am too lazy to write another soon.

But if you want it any time soon that dont forget to comment.

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