Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 13)

Chapter 13


Kunj’s pov….

I am the most happy man right now…
My first love accepted me and in a few minutes she is gonna come and sit beside me.

Oopss.. forgot to tell.

Today is My Marriage with Twinkle.

I am feeling like the luckiest guy alive…

A little bit I know she was scared or something in start but soon I found her being happy and comfortable around me more…

Now here I am waiting for her to come down but this Pandit is taking lot of time…

Are. Someone make him understand.. we have a marriage today not after a week…

Oo God!! Now even I started to behave like her only..

This girl is driving me crazy.

While I was in my own thoughts that time I heard priest calling for Bride. My bride.?..

Finally I feel like hugging him.

But I controlled myself and then looked towards the staircase but even after waiting for few minutes no one came down there.

I was started to become tensed.

It has been a lot of time since he called for her. But she is no where around and Mahi (her room mate)…
She went to take her but she is lost even.

Now my heart starting pounding hardly in my rib cage. I dont know from where all bad thoughts came to my mind.

The day I confessed her.. her expressions and silence.

One question popped my mind…

Is she not happy about this?

Before I could get a answer to my question I heard the sound of anklets…
Her anklets.

I know these are hers.. it sounds crazy but yeah I dont know how but I can recognise that its her out of several more.

I turned my head in the direction where the sound comes from..

There I saw My Angel standing at the main door… dressed in a red lehngha with heavy embroidery..

I can easily get from her looks that she is being irritated because of this heavy ornaments and clothes.. day before yesterday she asked me for a simple marriage because she dont want to faint in her bridal attire which weighs nearly 26 kgs??..

Even I was shocked that how will she carry that much of weight…

And I feel like laughing seeing her cute antics.

But Kunj beta control.

If you laugh now she will kill you for sure.

I gupled and kept on staring her…
She already looked tired but when she saw me I immedialtely mouthed ‘beautiful’.. she blushed and then a smile was permanent on her face.

She came and sit beside me.

I secretly held her hand while she looked at me and blushed.
Hehe. Today she is behaving so girly for the first time??.

All the mantras started and during that I mentally slapped myself for thinking that way and even thought how that thoughts can cross my mind.

A part of my heart was guilty to think so but I kept those thoughts away and looked at her…

After it looked like years… our marriage completed.
I adored her hairline with vermillion and a pinch of it fell down on her nose.

I thought to wipe it but before I could.

“Na re chore rehn de. Yeh subh hove hai. ( No need boy let it be. It is a good sign.)” Said one aunty standing just behind me.

I nodded and smiled and withrawed my hand took the mangalsutra and tied it around her neck..

While doing so my hand mistakenly touched her neck. She looked at me and I was already looking at her.

After a sweet and small eyelock I withrew my hand after tieing it.

We stood up and then took the blessings of elder.

Kunj’s pov ends….


After the marriage gets over.. all guests left.

Twinj was sent to their room while Shekar went to study room.

Twinkle entered first and looked around the room and blushed seeing the arrangements..

It looked beautifull..

Kunj came from behind and bolted the door which makes a bit sound.

Listenting to the sound… Twinkle’s heart racing fastly.

He stepped forward and hugged her from behind holding her waist.

“Welcome to new life. Mrs. Sarna” He said which made her blush as the way he was addressing her.

He made her turn around facing him.
Her head was bowed down.

He placed his fingers below her chin and made her look at him.

His eyes was filled with only love for her.

“I love you Twinkle. Will you let me make you mine in all terms tonight?” He asked her with a different desire in his eyes..

She nodded and hugged him tightly feeling shy.

He leaned forward and kissed her forhead and she closed her eyes when his lips came in contact with hers.

He smiled seeing her close eyes and kissed her cheek and bit it a little teasing her.

He then stepped back and then helped her to remove her heavy jewelerry while kissing her sideways. And she was standing there blushing letting him do wharever he wants and feeling him.

After sometime all her ornaments laid on one side of the couch.

He picked her up in bridal style and carried her to bed. He made her lie there and came on top of her.

He leaned down and took her lips in his kissing her slowly yet passionaltely.

His hand caressing her face and this time she too responded him and her hands was in his hairs.

He bit her on his lower lip and she moaned taking it as oppurtunity he slid his tongue in her mouth and started exploring each corner of her mouth and she did the same with him..
Their tongues were fighting with each other for dominance and both of them was not ready to give it to other.

After 15 minutes.. they parted away because of lack of oxygen, breathing heavily..

They looked at each othr both their eyes were filled with desire for each other.

Soon again their lips met and they again started kissing each other.

He lowered down and placed his lips on her neck.. placing wet kisses all over and she was moaning his name.
She was tilting her head to sideways giving him more access and he taking it started kissing her more passionalelty.

He then kissed her shoulders and slid her blouse from one side and then bit her there.

“Kunnjjjjj….” she moaned as he bit her and then licked the place to soothen the pain.

Soon he removed their clothes and covered themselves in a blanket and they consummate their marriage..

Leap of 6 months.

It was 6 months to their marriage.
Both lived happily with each other competely forgetting the world around.

Kunj bought the “TWINJ MANSION ♡” in Mumbai and they came here to spend sometime with each other.

They both were returning after shopping that late night @11 and Kunj asked Twinkle to wait for him as he had some important work to do.

He went outside in the garden and started decorating it with balloons, roses and scented candles and much more..

As it was their 6 month Anniversary the very next day or in an hour approximately.

While on the other side Twinkle was showering when someone came inside her room…. she came outside the room and was shocked to see the person.

“Yuvrajjj…” she said in a shock.


Kunj’s pov….

I was in the garden and taking the last look on all the arrangements i did.

I patted my own shoulder and said.

“Good job Mr. Sarna.”

When I was about to turn back then a call came on my phone.

I was seriously in no mood to pick this one up but looking at the time I thought it will be important.. so i picked it.

A couple of minutes. I didnt heard any voice and thought to cut it and as soon as I was about to cut it.

I heard someone speaking.

“Twinkle. Did you love Kunj when he proposed you?” Said someone from otherside.

What is he talking about and to Twinkle means he is in the house.

I started to walk towards it but freezed to listen her speaking.

“Nooo.” She replied. This was her voice
But why did she have to say this and to whom is she talking?

Did she really not loved me?

“See Twinkle we both know what you wanted… I know you left me because Kunj is more rich then me. But believe me baby now I have more money then him.. when you left me I swear to get you back so I did a lot of efforts and finally I am a wealthy man.”  He said and suddenly the call disconnencts.

My anger rises to maximum level.
How in the hell.. he can speak to her this way???

My blood boiled and I just wanted to punch him right now.

But she didnt loved me? But now she does.. Kunj stop this question answer first I have to check who in the blo*dy hell is in my house and talking to my wife like that???

I entered in side the house and looked around found no one then I reached towards our room and opened it slightly.

The scene I saw froze me there only.

Was she really with me for money only???

She was in her night dress hardly hardly covering her body and that guy was standing shirtless and his hands were placed on her shoulders.

My eyes started to well up seeing this. Anger reached to another level. I cracked opened the door completely and they both turned towards me being shocked.

I without saying a word left from there

Kunj’s pov ends…


As soon as Kunj left…

Twinkle ran behind him

“Kunj wait. I can explain. Wait Kunj..” she shouted behind me but he was in no state to listen anything.

Seeing his wife in an intimate way with another guy… doesnt let him think any other things.

“KUNNJJ..” she shouted and while running held his hand from behind.

(NOTE: They are in garden)

He jerked her hand away.

“Stay away Twinkle…” he said turning towards her with red eyes in anger.

“Kunj it is not as it looks like. I can explain.” She said trying to cup his face.

“Do you think am I that stupid that I wont know what happened there and was going to happen even aftrr seeing everything with my own eyes..?” He shouted at her.

This was the first time she saw him that angry.. she became scardd and moved back little.

“Trust me Kunj. its not that.” She said and tears were rolling down her eyess..

“Trust??? ” he said sarcastically and turned around and shouted in frustation.

“Do you know what Twinkle? You all women are same… firstally my mother left my dad for another rich man and even me.. and now you wantd to leave me… thank god we didnt have a baby otherwise he/she would have to lead a same life like I did? Why the hell I did this mistake of loving you…. you are nothing but a blo*dy gold digger. Arent you?” He said with full rage not caring about the words coming out of his mouth.

“Kunj. Listen to me once. Pleasee. I LOVE YOU.” She pleaded him while tears were rolling down her eyes.

“You love me?” He said with a high pitch and held her from her shoulder tightly hurting her.

“Ok if you love me. Then leave me.?” He said and pushed her behind and she stumbled but fell down looking at him in shock and pain.

That night he drank a lot and then slept while drinking on one of the chairs nearby after completely destroying the decorations he did.

While on the other side, Twinkle was standing in her room packing her luggage and left the house.

Flashback ends…

To be contined…

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