Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 12)

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Chapter 12.


“Finally I confessed her and I am so damn happy that she reciprocated my feelings. I was so much in tension before. But now I have to do is to make dad agree for our relation and that’s nxt to impossible.” Kunj thought to himself sitting in the car and driving his way to her hostel. (Private hostel).

She sat there speaking nothing and playing with her fingers looking down.. he looked towards her and smiled seeing her nervous and may be blushing?.

After sometime they reached..
Kunj stopped the car.

He looked at her still she was lost in her thoughts.

“Twinkle…” he called her.

She saw him and then looked towards him.
“Yes Kunj”

“We reached.”

“Hmm.” She made a sound and was about to get down the car but Kunj held her hand.

“Twinkle. Are you okay? Are you happy with it? See if are not do tell me I wont force you into it. I am sorry if I did something wro…” he was stopped in middle as she placed her hand on his mouth preventing him to speak further.

“Its not like that Kunj. Actually It was so quick. I never thought of this so I am a bit tensed.” She lied to him still looking at her hands.

“I understand. I wont force you take your own time.” He said with a geniune smile on his face and making her feel more bad.

“Good Night.” She said and moved out not getting what to speak next.

“Good night.” He said when she was gone for once.

“Have I done something wrong?” He asked to himself and then started the engine and left to his house thinking about her behaviour whole way.

She entered her room and her rommie looked at her.

She then moved forward and picked the glass of water and gulped it in one go.

“What happened, Twinkle? You looked tensed?” She asked being concerned. Anyone could easily sense the tension on her face.

She sat down and told her everything what happened, how he purposed her and how she accepted and her fear of not loving him back and cheating on his feelings.

Mahi( her rommie) heard every single word and took her hand in her’s.

“Twinkle calm down. He loves you right? He will never hurt you as you said.. and also he is like the one you want. You dont love him lets take it as arrange marriage from your side. May be eventually you will fall for him. Give him a chance once.” She said trying to explain her.

She felt affected by her words and then smiled at her.

“I think you are right.. I will try once. Otherwise a arrange type marriage is not bad.” She said happily.

They both smiled.

“Now party time.” Said kavya.

“Ok. Tomorrow.” She replied back smilingly to her.

On the the other side.

Kunj entered in his house having a broad smile plastered on his lips.

He looked happy afterall he confessed his love today and moreover she accepted him.

He was moving forward when he dashed with Shekar coming from front.

“Have you gone blind?” He roared in anger.

“No. Dad. I am sorry.” He said looking down bt his smile not leaving his face. Shekar looked at him and his smile didnt went unnoticed.

“What happened you seemed to be happy?” He questioned him.

Kunj wanted to tell him but he was afraid… afraid of his rejection. He dont want to go against him as he was the only one who raised him when his mother left his dad for some other men not caring about her own baby of 6 months.

He has all his life in front of him.. he could have choosed to marry again but he didnt want anyone to hurt him.. he raised him and Kunj is well aware his strictness or rude behaviour towards him is for his good. But still he was scared to loose his love.

“Woh. Dad. I LOVE TWINKLE.” He said closing his eyes hoping him to shout on him… but instead he hugged him.

“Are you happy, Kunj? Make sure she wont hurt you?” He said releasing the hug not wanting his son to go through the same pain as he went.

“Yes Dad. I trust her. But arent you angry?” He asked him.

“I know this much before as I have seen you happy around her in office and opening up. I am old enough to know what you felt for her. I just want your happiness.” He said keeping his hand on her cheek and patting and moved forward while Kunj stood shocked as How the Amrish puri of Mr. India changed into that of DDLJ. Making him live his life??.

“What about a drink, my boy?” Shekar said making him come back to original world.

“Are you serious?” He asked as shekar never allowed him to touch it and he himself drink it occasionally..

“I was asking for myself and you making one for me.” He said and chucked a bit.

Kunj was today seeing a totally different shade of his father.

And he liked it.. as Shekar said they both went in his room and he had his drink while Kunj made one for him.

A few days passed as said Twinkle started to give him a chance and they eventually came more close to him..

But was it still love???

And on the other hand Kunj was loving her even more with each passing second.. his love for her increases hundred times.

A fine day.

Kunj asked Twinkle for a Dinner. A official date. She agreed to it.

He stood outside her hostel inside his car waiting for her.

After a minute he saw her coming towards him.. he came out to look at her perfectly..
He lost his breath and was mesmerised seeing her in a little black dress with a pair of heels and her hairs tied in a perfect bun and was trying to wear her earings perctly.

He laughed a bit seeing her and then was amazed to see one of the God’s perfect but a crazy creation?

She smiled looking at him….

She reached near him.

“You look gorgeous.” He said in her ear and lightly touching it with his lips making her shiver with the touch.

“Thank you and you even look amazing.” She said.

He smiled at her and then opened her side of door…. she entered inside keeping a smile on her face.

He closing it went to his side and drove off.

After some time..  they were sitting in a open terrace restaurant.. only them and it was perfectly decorated with the rose petal’s, scented candles and other stuff making the place look beautiful and lively.

They were sitting and talking about some random stuff, laughing.

“May I have I pleasure to dance with my lady?” He asked her out of nowhere reaching for her hand.

She without thinking placed her palm on her’s.

The lights got dim and a soft music played in background.

They stood very close to each other.. his hands around her waist and one in her hand while her one hand was placed on his shoulder.

They danced along with the beats of soft music and the moonlight making it look more beautiful?.

As the dance completed.

He looked in her eyes and then at her lips. Without thinking much he placed his mouth on hers and started kissing her.

She was shocked. She didnt know what to do either to stop him or go with the flow.

But he kept on kissing her.

He parted away and kissed her forhead.

She closed her eyes and hugged him.

“I cant do this. No i cant. I seriously cant. This makes me feel bad. I know I dont love her but he does.. i cant make fun of his pure feelings and for money… it makes me feel cheap.”

Thinking this a tear escaped her eyes which was unnoticed by Kunj and he thought her to be blushing and smiled to himself.

While on the other hand she opted to leave him.

To be continued.

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