Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 11)

Chapter 11


“What the hell? I hate this Mogambo Sarna always work work work.. dont he have any else thing to do. Vella insan? (free person?). Huhhh… i just wish that I could have that Mr. India’s watch.. i would never come infront of him then?… hehe I am so smart ??..”  she was continously blabering to herself standing the lift.

She was again going back to office as Shekar called her for some important work.. and she was as always cursing him..

“And this Junior Mogambo.. huhhh.. he is also lost somewhere. Not picking my calls.” She said again dialing the number which was still out of coverage area..

The lift door opens and she stepped out of it and went towards her cabin murmuring something or other under her breath…

She opened the door of her cabin when suddenly something starts to fall over her.

She looked up and was surprised to see rose petals falling over her.

She smiled seeing it and started rotating while laughing.

After some time.. she looked up

“Huhhh.. they are over but why today rainfall occurs inside my cabin and that to of rose petals.” ? She thought to herself and looked outside the window hoping that it must be raining outside too..??.

Crazy girl….

She then heard some laughing voices from behind her…

She turned around and was shocked seeing Kunj too much close to her..

She kept her hand on her left side of the chest and said.

“Huhhh.. Idiot you scared me.. I thought Alex came?.” (Character of my other ff)

“Kiddo.. He cant come here..  he is busy there?.” He said to her, pulling her cheeks.

“Stop this Kunj. You know Mogambo called me even after the working hours. I am so much stressed up. What will happen to me now?”

“Huhh. Nothing as Mogambo is out of town and I called you here.” He replied her pulling her hairs to tease her.

“Huhh.. you Junior Mogambo.” She said showing her finger to him.

“Twinkle.. dont call me that.” He said being angry.?.

“I will. I will. I will. Do what ever you want to do.”

“Ok fine I wont tell you why I called you here?” He said with a smirk.?

“Please. Sweetu. Cutu. Babu. Please tell me why you called me here at this time. You know I wanted to sleep but you disturbed me now tell me the reason otherwise.. ”

“Otherwise what?.”

“Umm… otherwise I will start crying?”.

“Huh… Drama Queen.”

“Whatever. Tell it fast otherwise… 3.. 2….” she was abt to complete her counting when he interuppted her.

“Stop meri cry baby….” he said…

He held her from shoulders and came near to her.

“What are you planning to do?”

“Cant you be quiet for a moment.” He said being irritated.

“Ummm. Let me think… Never?. The day I will be quiet will be my last day on earth.?” she said this in a funny way but Kunj took it otherwise and pinned her to nearby wall…

“Dont you dare to speak that shit again.” He said with red eyes full of anger.. she was facing this angry Kunj for the first time ever till they met.. he was always calm but today it was like another Kunj standing in front of her.

‘But Kunj….” she tried to speak but he placed her finger on her lips making her quite.

“Listen to me..” he said tightening the grip over her shoulders… it hurted her but she stayed quiet as she was already in the shock to see him like this.?

He noticed his grip hurting her and loosens his hold.

“M sorry for hurting you but I cant bear something happening to you..
You know what Twinkle. I never felt the way I feel for you. I never felt protective towards anyone as much as I am with you. I wanted to be with you 24 hours a day. Wanted to spend every moment with you. Listen to your non stop chatterbox. Wanted to hold your hand in front of everyone…
Wanted to claim that hand as mine.. you as mine.”
Saying this he moved backwards while Twinkle was standing confused.

“Will you give me the honour of saying you as mine and me becoming yours. I love you Twinkle. Will you marry me?” He asked sitting down on his left knee and removing a diamond ring from his pocket waiting for her annswer.

She stood there expressionless and trying to register the words he said to her just now.

She looked at him and then nodded her head without saying a word.

Kunj smiled as he thought she accepted him and is just shy.

He stood up and hugged her tightly and placed the ring in her finger.

He smiled and she too smiled looking at him.

He joined his forhead to hers.

“I know this is not a good proposal. But you know me I am poor at this things.” He said sighing sadly.

“Who said? This is the best proposal ever as it directly came from your heart.” She said with a smile.

They both hugged again..

“I dont know Kunj. If I will be ever able to love you or not?  But I dont want to break your heart now.. Our relationship will be based on our frienship.” She thought to herself and closed her eyes hugging him.

To be continued.

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