Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 10)

Chapter 10.

Scene 1

Kunj was driving the car rashly while driving when suddenly some lights flashed in front of him and he kept his hand in front of his eyes and lost his balance.

He somehow applied breaks and saved himself.

“Huhh.. stupid person. Arent you able to see.” He said cursing the person and getting down his car.

He was about to speak something further when he stopped when he saw the police officers standing in front of him.

Without thinking anything or waiting they arrested him for “drinking and driving” charge.

He went with them without saying a word as he was already out of his senses but still pain was visible on his face.

Scene 2

“Where are you, Kunj?” Asked Twinkle from herself as it was quite late and she was tensed for him as he was deeply hurt..

Her face was showing the stress she is going through.

Her eyes were red and swollen and tear marks were still visible down her cheeks.

She checked the watch every then and now. When Alisha come inside the room with a tray in her hands.

“Twinkle..” she called for her.

“Yes Alisha.” She said turning her attention towards her.

“I have brought soup for you. Have it then take yor medicines.” She said.

Twinkle nodded in a negative.

“No Alisha. I am fine. I dont want to have anything now.”

“Twinkle but your body needs it. Isnt it? Have it and dont stress. He will come as soon as he will realise his mistake.”

“Hmm. But I dont know I am not feeling good what if something…” she wasnt able to complete the sentence as her voice choked..

“No Alisha Please take it away.”

“Stop being a kid Twinkle. Have it quietly then I will take you to Kunj.” She shouted at her.

Twinkle just nodded like a baby.

Finally Alisha was successful in feeding her…(sautan prem???)

Alisha then asked her about the medicines.. she told and then Alisha made her have them.

Finally Alisha left the room leaving Twinkle alone in her thoughts.

On the other side..

Kunj was locked in the cell but he didnt say a word to anyone till the time he came there.

He sat there like a statue..

Thinking something.


Twinj came close to each other in a short period of time and became good friends.

But still Twinkle didnt know about Kunj being a son of Maheshwari’s..

She used to say something or other about Shekar to him.. and he also used to laugh along with her..

Life seems to be beautiful..

One fine day..

“Twinkle stop it baba.” Said Kunj sitting beside her in his cabin.

“Wait Kunj.. this is the last level.. Pleaseeee….” she said games in her mobile..

“What if your Mogambo Sarna come?” He asked

“Huhh. He is not mine.. i dont know how his family tolerates him. Too much of anger..” she said making faces…

“Hey stop it. Dont include his family in between.” Said Kunj to her trying to snatch the phone from her hands.

“Why? Are you in his family??” She asked teasing her but what he spoke next was the biggest shock to her.

“Yes. I am his Son.” Kunj said with a attitude.

“Stop kidding.”

“Are I am serious. Believe me.”

“Pinky promise.” She said being shocked.

“Twinkle..” he said being irritated.

“Do pinky promise then only I will believe. And yes if you will lie then pinky aunty will beat you.”

“Ok baba pinky promise. Now happy.” Said Kunj finally so that she can trust him.

“Sorry Sir. Woh. Mogambo. Means Shekar Sir. I am sorry wo seriously.” She struggled with words.

He held her from shoulders and said.

“Twinkle. You are my friend. I didnt want to hide anything from you so told you about it but I dont want any sort of awkwardness in our friendship. And dont say me Sir yaar.
No one become friend of me and keeps on calling me Sir being afraid of dad but I dont want you to be like others.” He said being sad..

She nodded.

“Okay.” She managed to say the word.

Ofcourse this was not a small thing for her.. she need time to accept it. So she didnt said a word but from next day everything becomes normal once again.

They become bff’s slowly with the time.

Kunj was never so much free with anyone in his life as he was with her.

And she was also happy with him. Both still keeps on talking abt Mogambo and copying him?.

Kunj’s pov

I am very happy today.

Finally I told Twinkle what is my reality.. whose son I am.

Everyone after knowing this start distancing from me and starts talking to me differently.

I dont like this. Ofcourse this is not mine but Dad’s.
I wanted to be normal like everyone doing masti and all.

But because of being afraid from dad I never tried but she changed my view.

I started to have fun around her..

When I told her about this.. she become completely quiet.

I thought I lost one more friend of mine and my heart ached.. this time the pain of losing her was much more. May be because we came very close to each other…

I didnt slept the whole night and kept on thinking about this.

But next day everything comes back to normal.

She was same like she was before but more crazy now. ?.

Twinkle’s pov

I joined in a new company seriously I hate to work but for money I have to do it??..

I just want a husband with a great bank balance?.

In my new office everyone is afraid of that Mogambo Sarna.

No one dares to talk in front of him. Everyone always works works and works…
So boring…

But Yes. I found a friend…
His name… unm…. yess.. Kunj.

Nice name na?.

He is such a sweet guy. Always helps me.

I like to spend time with him..
But he told me something which was unbelivable.

He is the son of no sorry Shekar Sir.

I was shocked..

Is he saying truth?

Yes he is as he did Pinky Promise.

I am scared now what if he fires me and told this to Shekar Sir.

I didnt said anything and left to home.

I told this to my room mate.

Stupid gal. She started laughing at me and then said.

“Stupid Twinkle. Its good for you na. He is smart, handsome and RICH… perfectly your type. So why dont you.?”

I left the room.

I dont like the way she said but what she said was also right.

But he is my friend I wont cheat him but yes. I will be his friend as he will help me and save me from Mogambo?.

Next day I sorted out everything and then we became bff’s.

To be continued.

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