TwInj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (Chapter 1)

He read the reports and looked at her with red and teary eyes.

She ignored his look and moved out of the car.

“MY BABY” he said in a whisper and then looked towards Twinkle who was walking towards the garden.

Her eyes were moist and she touched her belly with her hand and tears fell down her eyes.

He came towards her and called for her.


She didnt replied and kept on moving.

He came in front of her and held her from her shoulders.

“Twinkle…. Our baby?” He asked her.


“Twinkle. Speak something.” He called out loud.

“Is no more kunj. Our baby is no more…” she said and slid down with him and tears flowing endlessly from her eyes.

“He died before coming to this world. Even before that I can know about it. Our baby Kunn. Our baby left us.” She said holding her legs and finally breaking down.

“You are right. I am very bad. I am very very bad. I am a very bad human, a bad wife and a worst mother. Everyone left me Kunj. Everyone does.” She said crying while kunj stood there thinking all this and trying to register the things happening with him..

Firstally he thought it was his wife who left him but no his child also left him.. not only him but even this world. He didnt knew the news of presence until he was gone forever.

And when he get to know then it was the worst way anyone could have imagined.

He lost his senses and power of thinking once again.

“You killed my baby.” He said with a straight voice.

Twinkle heard his words and became shocked on hearing it… she immediately raised her head and looked at him…

He was still looking straight..

He changed his gaze when he felt she is looking at him.

He looked at her and

“You killed him, Twinkle. Its you. You killed my baby.” Said with a feeling of hatred in his voice.

She was looking at him with disbelief. She never ever thought she will be blamed for her unborn child’s death.

The pain she was bearing to be away from her husband, her family and her unborn baby was something unbearable for her and now she is being blamed for her baby’s death.

“What?” She asked being shocked.

He held her from her shoulders.

“What you thought I wont be able to get it? You killer MY CHILD, Twinkle. You aborted na because you wanted to live the way you want. No hurdles and nothing. You killed my child.” Said Kunj breaking down.

Twinkle looked at him shocked.

“Kunj. Are you out of your mind? Have you lost it? How I can I kill our child? It was our baby Kunj.” She said holding him from his collar of the shirt.

“No. No. Ms. Taneja you are wrong. It was only MY child.”  He said looking at her.

“You wanted freedom right?”

“Not on the terms of my baby, Mr. Sarna.”

“I know and I admit it that I did wrong but believe me Kunj. The pain you are feeling is same when I felt when I lost OUR child.” She said cupping her face between her palm.

“Lost?? OUR?? No. Twinkle. You killed My baby.” He said looking at her with the eyes full of hate feeling for her.

Yes. Hate. He started to hate her now.

“I dont know why ever I loved you? Why the hell I did that? That was the biggest mistake of my life and more worse then it was that I ever thought you will be having a reason before doing this. Why the hell I believed this?

You know what 3 months before I thought I will find you and ask you and I kept on finding you but then on my second marriage day I saw you. I hated myself for doing this to you.

I had a guilt in it somewhere even after your betrayal.

I came to talk to you and when I heard that you wanted to leave me because I am married you dont want to spoil anything. I thought to stop you somehow. I did this. Made you my Mistress.. Because Still I Loved You.

But Not Anymore Ms. Taneja. Not anymore.


He said falling down on her knees.

She sat down beside him and kept her hand on his shoulder.

“Kunj I know you are in pain right now but believe me I didnt killed Our Child. It was a miscarriage. I even didnt knew that I was pregnant before I lost our baby. Even I get to know after 1 week of it.” She said with a heavy voice choking and crying in between.

But he remained unaffected by her words as he registered something else in his mind.

“Then what about surgery Twinkle. You aborted my baby. It was not a miscarriage. I should have understood it before that you were same and you can never change. I Hate You” he said slowly yet in a audible voice.

“Kunj believe me. That surgery didnt mean I aborted our child. It was a incomplete miscariage. Believe me Kunj. Pleaseeee. Believe me.” She said trying to cup his face but he pushed her and get up from there.

“Just get lost. I didnt want to hear your nuisance. I HATE YOU. You are a MURDERER.” he said and walked away towards his car.

He was about to sit inside when someone called him.

“Kunj….” called someone from other direction.

He looked at the person and was shocked to see that person here.

“Alisha…” he whispered.

To be continued

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  1. Jaya Darshini

    This was so emotional! It was too good. I felt like I could feel their pain. Please post the next part soon!!

    1. Ridhima

      Thank u posted by my side dear?

  2. Ritzi

    Wohaooo…an emotional one! U portrayed the feelings so damn well yaar! But I wanted to ask wht abt the school love ….when r u going to post tht…waiting for it eagerrrllyyyy

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you sooo much Ritziii…???
      hehe. Thanks for reminding me..? i wrote it immediately after reading ur cmment??

  3. Akanksha

    Hey it’s supposed to be chapter 8, isn’t it???

    1. Ridhima

      Sorry it was a mistake dr

  4. SidMin

    Loved it ….
    The episode was emotional … Kunj is taking Twinkle wrong …. ?
    Ridhu you have 4 more episodes with you ….post them na pls . … for me …. I know you don’t remember me any more …you don’t remember Mili any more right ?
    Love you post soon ?

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you…?????…
      huhhh.. if i dont remember u y will i post for you?????..
      ja m katti???.. u thought i forgot you?????

      1. SidMin

        Gussa meh the ….. katti mujhe hona chaheye …. but iChat tho ulta ho raha hai ?
        Khya yaar Gusse meh thoda attention tho de dete ?
        Love you

  5. Amazing! Please don’t make us wait for 1 week.

    1. Ridhima

      Thanks will wont ?

  6. Presha

    Hey ridhima awesome yaar just loved it….. It was very emotional but plz don’t make kunj hate twinkle

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you soo much???.
      lets wait ?? and will try for sure

  7. Kruti

    Ridhi that was so emotional…..bechari Twinkle….nd pls pls pls post d nxt one….u already have 4 chapters atleast on alternate days 1 chapter plssssssss

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you Kruti?????…
      i wl post as soon as i will be done with editing..

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    emotional sad epi….

  9. Mia12

    Omg its sooo much emotional epi,?? i m feeling like crying,???? and how can he do this,??now I can’t bear kunjs torture and blame upon twinkle anymore,,?? even he’s also not believes in twinkle,?? oh god so much msundrstng b\w twinj,,?? plz clear all this,?? and I want twinkle to stay away from kunj then only he will be can undrstnd his deeds,?? or this alisha chudail bhi agayi,?? isikihi kami thi ab,?? cant wait anymore now plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz ??????????????????????????????????? post next part sooooooooooon,,, can’t waiting plzzz post soon,??? or mat satana is bacchi ko,???

    1. Ridhima

      Awww.. pls dont cry… i dont hve tissure right now???..

      I will try to clear everything asap…
      Thank you soooooooo much dear..
      will post asap

  10. Aanya_pandey

    It was so emotional… Loved the update.. waiting for next

    1. Ridhima

      Thank u dr.
      will be posting soon

  11. it was nice n emotional
    plzzzz post sooon this one n ur other ff

    1. Ridhima

      Thank u dr.
      will post both asap?

  12. hey ridhima yrr it was so emotional u made me cry yrr and kunj is so bad he is blaming twinkle uff……
    post soon..
    luv u..,

    1. Ridhima

      Thnk u dr.
      and so sorry for making u cry??..
      will be posting soon
      love u 2?

  13. Baby

    ohhhhh god ridhima di srsly crying
    tears r making their way down…..
    sch a painful episode
    bt how culd kunj nt trust twinkle…..
    atleast he culd listen to her……
    srsly emotional n beautiful episode id
    lods of love♥
    pot nxt asap☺☺

    1. Ridhima

      Awwww.. so sorry my kiddo to make u cry…
      ???????????????????????????????????.. will this be enoght to stop u from crying??..

      May be he have his own reasons..
      lets w8 till kunj tell us smthing?
      Love u took

  14. Chiku

    Woaaah!!!! Amazing???lovely. Loved it. Emotional though. Post soon

    1. Ridhima

      Thank u chikuli.. posted nxt one tere liye???

  15. RUTU.....

    Hey Ridhima ,
    Amazing &emotional episode dear just loved it but I can’t able to bear Kunjs hatred for twinkle plz make them unite soon
    Love you so much shona ???

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you soo much dr.
      glad u liked it
      Wll unite them soon?
      love u tooo???????

  16. SidMin23

    It was nice and emotional moment for twinj kunj is taking twinkle in misunderstanding I hope kunj don’t hate twinkle or twinkle clear him about thing and also about surgery things so that he could understand her.

    1. Ridhima

      Thank u dr.
      will clear everything asap?

  17. Ramya

    Hey ridhima
    Amazing awesome but what’s wrong wid kunj
    I can’t wait to read next part love u keep smiling

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