twinj: a hidden love (os)

Hi guys I am manu with an os on twinj. Actually I am very very free for 4-5 days so posting continuously and making u bore I have written epi 2 also but not posting it and if u feel bore then tell me I will post less and a very very big thank you to all the commenter and silent reader if there are hahah I think no. so let me stop my bakbak or else u will get bore lets with the os
At college
Some boys are shown who are standing in a group. 1 boy says-today also kunj has not come yet. Now he will get punishment. Just then a bike comes in front of college. A boy is sitting in his bike and is face is covered with helmet. He comes down from the bike and removes his helmet. His hands are shown 1 hand is down and the other is rubbing his hairs and says .( I am using b for boy)
B-oh god today rockey will not leave me. Just then his lips are shown and then eyes. Just then 1 boy from that group says- dekho aa gye latelatif kunj (see aur latelatif I don’t its engilsh trans. Kunj has came) so the boy is none other than kunj. He comes to them and says- sry guys some work was there. 1 boy says lets name him sandy says-achaa which work had came in which bike I should go or which mobile should I take. K-no yr actually I was confused which watch I should wear. All boys together- oh god this boy just then sandy says-no yr today u will get punishment. K- ok give ur punishment. Rocky says- hmmmm. Idea kunj do 1 thing in this college which ever girl will enter first u have to flirt with her and the girl can be a student or teacher it doesn’t matter. Kunj smiles and says- wow yr what a punishment ok I will do it. They are waiting. Just then a girl comes. Her eyes are shown she is looking beautiful and her pink lips are shown. Her hairs are flying and she had made a puff. She turns to other side and face her back to kunj and his friends. She is talking to someone. Rocky-all the best kunj. K-kya yr jaang ladne nhi jar ha hu(what yr I am not going for fighting)and the punishment u have given its my lefts hand’s game just wait and watch. He goes there and says- excuse me miss. The girl turns and is none other than our most beautiful and stunning twinkle taneja. Tw- yess k- u know u r looking marvelous today. Tw- oh really k- yess I am true and u know apki aakhe mujhe kisi ki yaad dilate hai(ur eyes remind me of some one) tw- oh really kisiki? K- apni dadima ki(my grandmother’s) tw- and u know what tumhara chehera bhi mujhe kisi ki yaad dilata hai( ur’s face also reminds me of someone)k- really kiski and thinks yes I have done that pat gai. Tw- Bandar ki (monkey’s)( heheheh bechara kunj) k-kow mean I am talking to u so nicely and ur tw- I am telling truth to u because of ur type of boys whole college is disreputable what do u guys think of yourself. And the most stupid line I have seen you somewhere ur eyes remind’s me of someone you idiots and she was abot to say more but kunj keeps her hand on twinkle’s mouth and says- shhhhhh how much u speak (sajna ve plays)he takes her hand comes near café shop ( and still kunj’s hand is on twinkle’s mouth). Twinkle tries to free herself but fails and at last she bites his hand. Kunj shouts- ahhhhh stupid tw- oh really I am stupid because of u people poor principal’s name. she was about to say but kunj interrupts k- oh hello plz principal and poor first ofall stop saying name of that idiot bhudha(old)principal. Twinkle gets shock and says- ok fine I am going . she was about to go when kunj says- I am sorry tw-its ok. K- but not for that principal for what I have done with u twinkle gets surprised and says ok
Next scene
Kunj’s friend comes to kunj and says- kunj yr principal is calling u I think that moring wali girl said something to him. Kunj says my stammering a lit k- nnnnoo u know she was stick with me like a bubblegum. He says with a tensed face. He goes to principal’s room and is shocked to see twinkle there k- tum? Princi-good u know her twinkle is neew in this college so I want u to help her. Tw- help and from him neverrr DAD u didn’t get any one except him in the whole college. Kunj gets a big shock and says- DAAADD? Tw- yes dad I don’t know twinkle if you have problem sort out it I wont change my decision kunj do u have any problem k-no sir and thinks- agar rockey and others will get to know that I am helping her its my benefit t- ok dad…………after that kunj says sorry for what he said and both became friends no no best friends both love each other’s company.
After 2 month
They r sitting on a café having coffee and twinkle says- kunj I want to tell u something. K- haa tell says busy in his phone. Tw- kunj its serious. K- ha toh I am also not joking tell tw- kuuuunnnnjjj k- ok ok say (says by keeping his phone aside) tw- actually I didn’t tell this even to mom buti am saying this to u because u are my best besti k-continue tw-kunj vo I love someone. K- whhhhhaaatttt? He gets a big shock and says- with whom? Tw- with k- twinkle tell me varna within 2 seconds I will die tw- WITH UV. Kunj gets confused and says-who is uv( guys cool down cool down don’t kill me) tw- come with me. They comes outside the café and there is a boy is standing. His back is shown. He is wearing black jeans with white t shirt and sunglasses of black colour. He is having beards and is looking smart and handsome(I tink u all guess it right) just then twinkle says-uuuvvv and the boy truns so he is none other than uvv. Uv-hi babydoll how are u and hugs twinkle, she hugs her back(I know u are very angry on me but I have also written it we say na dil pe phatar rakh ke)kunj is standing there and feeling lit bit jealous. They breaks the hug and twinkle says- kunj plz don’t tell anyone and can uv stay in your house for some days k- ok don’t worry. Days passes by kunj is start falling for twinkle. He tries to stay away but cant even though he know that twinkle doesn’t love him nut he loves her a lot. One day kunj decided to tell twinkle his feeling for her before it late there was a hope in his heart that twinkle will say yes but he knew she will not but he collected full strength and invited for dinner uv went out for some work tw comes in kunjs house she is surprised to see the decoration the decoration was very romantic and in middle there was pic of twinj in heart. Tw-kunj where are you?just then kunj comes there and says-I know twinkle you were feeling awkward but today I want to tell u something twinkle I don’t know how but I have started fallen for u I love u twinkle I really love u from bottom of my heart. Twinkle is shocked and says-kunj u know I don’t love u I love only uv and till my last breathe I will love only uv u know everything but then also u. kunj eyes get teary and he says- yes twinkle I know everything and my mind said many times that u cant love twinkle twinkle doesn’t love u but heart. Heart only learn to love u can also understand you have also loved some one (meri tarah tu aahe bhare h tub hi kisi se pyar kare hai tune o sanam dhaye hai sitam toh yeh tu bhool na jaana kin a tujhpe bhi inayat hogi aaj ruswa teri galiyon mai mohobat hogi mere meheboob of honey singh plays in bg)twinkle get teary eyes and leave from there. Kunj starts crying very badly and remembers his time with twinkle( dil jude bina hi tut gaye plays in bg)twinkle reaches her home and thinks how kunj proposed her she thinks when kunj was feeling bad why I was crying no no I love uv I cant cheat him. Some days passed and now its twinkle’s sagai kunj also come there as he cant denies twinkle
The function starts twinkle is looking stunning and wearing peach coloured lehenga with silver accessories but is looking sad abd thinks how I can tell uv that I love kunj I had started falling for kunj I have realized my love for him and I truly loved him plz babaji somehow stop this engagement. Kunj comes there wearing blue shervani and uv is on the stage and is wearing marun shervani and is looking tensed(u know whhhyyy then read it)now its time to exchange rings kunj cant see this and goes fronm there (bas itni si instrumental plays sad version)just then uv says sry twinkle this marrage cant happen ( I know guys right now u r jumping) I ddont love u I love mahi. Yes mahi came in my life when I was in London I love her and by doing I cant cheat mahi I cant cheat u I am really sry twinkle gets happy and hugs uv and says- thnkyou uv thankyou so much but tu pehele nhi bol skta tha and she rushes to kunj. Kunj was standing infront of his car facing his back to twinkle she shouts-kunnjjj. Kunj truns and wipes his tears twinkle comes running to kunj and hugs him very tightly kunju gets confused and says k- what happened twinkle( bechara kunj kitna confuse hai) tw- don’t ask me anything now I will say and u will listen I wnna say that I LOVE U KUNJ the word echoes (sajna ve plays)k- no twinkle u don’t love me u love uv and uv loves u tw- no kunj uv loves someone else now only he sayed everything is going perfect babaji also want us to be together. Kunj hugs her tightly and says K-I LOVE U TWINKLE tw- I love u to kunj. Just then kunj sits on her knees and take out ring from his pocket and says- so miss twinkle taneja would u like to become mrs TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA because kunj loves u very badly like a mad. Twinkle will u marry me? Tw-yes K- may I Tw- sure and gives him her hand and kunj makes her wear rind screen freezes on kunj sitting on her knees and having twinkle hand and twinkle is standing both are very happy……HAPPY ENDING
Hope u all like it I have written it continuoud=sly from 4 hrs anf if u like it then plz comment Iand I will surely post the epi 2 soon thankyou……..

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  1. Superb Os
    Loved it!!!

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    It was awesome…..lovely….

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    awesome…loved it…

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    Super os..

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    Wow yaar it’s too superbb u can post ur epi too it’s not boring it’s too cute aww??

  7. Amazing…loved it

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    Amazing. U rocked it

  10. Super duper hit..
    love u syapa queen…
    ya guys i call her syapa queen only coz everytime she falls in a new syapa..
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    love u loats..

  11. sidhants die arder fan (manu)

    Thankyou so so much….andbi will.surely post the epi.

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    Jasminnn hw mai jada nhi bolti…..acha thik hai kabhi kabhi bol leti hu…….acha acha hamesha hi bolti hu btw thankyouuuuuu so much and love u tooo and aliza di your comment made me blush thankyou so much and angita di thaks to you also love u all

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    Ur OS ….is soooooo goooodddd…..amazing…. awesome..
    Loved it..

  18. loved it a lot….afterall there was a happy ending n gosh my lovely couples (sid n jas) twinj r united….do on posting…loved to read it….

    1. sidhants die harder fan (manu)

      Thankyou so much sujina di I am glad that u liked it

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