Twinj- A heart of love (episode 7)

Sorry srry for nt replying n yeah I posted yesterday bt they rejected it so again I wrote the whole epi

Thank uh for commenting

Recap- twinj first meet in clg then prank played on uv chinki getting sad uv to make up her mood past revealed yuko love story
Twinj sharing a room. Kunj to get up late n twinkle calling him kumbkaran Twinkie n gang laughing n enjoying their lovely moments

Now the epi

Kunj enters kitchen

K- good morning twinkle
T- morning kunj
K- twinkle rn’t uh mordern
T- yup m mordern
K- no coz I heard that mrdrn grls do not even enter in the kitchen n uh r making food
T- what rubbish who told uh that only traditional gals cook
K- it is nt rubbish I can prove
T- really????
K- hmmm okay tell me are mahi n chinki mrdrn
T- yeah they are ( giving a disgusted look)
K- r they in they kitchen
T- no coz they don’t know how to cook
K- xactly
T- bt I too can prove that even mrdrn grls can cook
K- oh really twinkle taneja
T- yes kunj sarna
K- ?? go for it
T- twinkle says ur challenging me
K- tu challenge hi smjh ok
T- ok then I accept the challenge
K- hmmm let see who wins

They both shake hands

Screen freezes on their hand shaking

Precap — twinkle on a moun vrat ?? n kunj shocked and asking forgiveness

I know guys it’s a short epi bt so srry when I got the rejected email I imidietly stated writing so srry guys

?? bt will try to update asap n long one srry dear

Credit to: Krystal


  1. Mannat

    Verrrry nic krystal and can u plzzz make it longer

    And if u get time then plz read my ff tashan e aashiqui

  2. Lama

    I think I m commenting on ur ff for the first……bcoz I read it today only……and I like ur story line…..moreover from now I will be reading each and every episode……Back to the episode…..It was awesome……loved it

  3. Anushka

    Superb episode Krystal. Its lovely but a little short so plz try to make it long.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..