Twinj- A heart of love (episode 6)


So srry for the late updates n ya srry to all the ft writers coz I can’t comment due to sum reasons

Now to the episode

Nxt Morning

Twinkle woke up n gets ready
Kunj is still sleeping

T(self talk) babaji I thought only grls sleep so late bt the boys too r like us…… Oh oh main kaise bhul gayi ki aakhir kumb karan v toh boy hi tha n
N she starts giggling

She goes to d kitchen where mahi chinki n yuvi were present

Kunj gets up
He sees the clock its 9
K(ask badi late ho gayi yaar)

He gets ready n rushes downstairs

He sees twinkle n gang laughing at their heart out

T- are yaad h chinki that uvi ran scaring from dog.
Y- hahahahhaha very funny..if you wre on my place, you would run away too.
M- guys remember our crazy dance in front of police station
C- and mouse went in mahi’s dress
T-are i remember

C- hast mujhe tog khana banana no aata h main chali
M- mee too
Y- toh main kya yaha pr mosquitoes maaronga main v chala
T- dont wrry main bana doongi

Kunj thinks haha kya mauka mila h isse tease krne ka kunj go for it

Kunj enters kitchen

To be continued

Precap _fight amongst all n winner will be twinkle

So srry for the short update by now I’ll be regular I promise

Credit to: Krystal

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  1. Osm epi dear loved it

  2. amazing krystal

  3. hey krystal… plzz post longer ones..

  4. Nice can u pls give a recap in the next episode

  5. Loved it yaar

  6. Hey Krystal sorry for late comment. Plz try to post longer episodes. It’s amazing dear.

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