Twinj- A heart of love (episode 21)

hiii again buddies , this will be a short update m so srry bt plsss yaar i mean main itne saare romance scenes deti hoon even i make uh laugh maaf kr doo plss as a punishment tm log jo v bologe main kroongi pakka

leap of eight months

twinj are sitting on the couch interlocking their fingers twinkle is sitting wid her huge belly n kunjs head is on her belly okk uh must be wndering ki kaise bathe honge yaar kya ye dono alien h then dont think that main batati hoon twinkle is sitting n kunj is sleeping with their hand interlocked samajh me aaya if yes vry gud if no then beta dimag lagao plsss

K- twinkle its 8 months n after 1 month we will have a cute baby grl wid us
T- hw do uh know that the baby will be a grl only …… cant it be a boy ???
K- no it cant be aboy coz i want a grl jst lyk uh
T- no i want a boy lyk uh
K- bet lagi agar ladki hui toh main kiss doonga agar ladka hua toh tu kiss krna
T- heheh …. okk done

nw twinkles pain starts

T- aaaaahhhhh kuuuuunnnnjjjj aaaahhhhh
K- kya hua twinkle
T- aaaaahhhhh …. aaaahhh … kunj …….its paining …….. aaaaaahhhh
K- what nw ?????
T- its jsst 8 months……aaaaaaaaaahhhhh….

they all rush to the hospital

twinkle is taken to the OT

doctor comes out ( its lady guys toh kunj cannot hold his collar thik h )

K- doctor hw is she nw ??
D- m so srry mr sarna bt we can either save mother or ur child bt…
K- what bt doctor ??
D- mrs sarna is asking to save the child
K- what
D- yes

twinkle gives birth to a cute grl jst lyk her n she can die anytym ( m so srry yaar bt have to do this srry again)

everyone is inside twinkles room xcept for kunj

( ab jo v baat hogi wo n rote rote hogi so ye mt sochna ki normally baat ho rhi h okk…. )

twinkle talks wid all the family members

T- i want to talk to kunj nw

kunj comes in the room n everyone left

(tear r falling frm their eyes n they r talking srry yaar bt bhut romance aur comedy ho gayi thi ab thoda emotional bhi kr deti hoon srry if anyone is nt liking the storyline )

T- kunj …. kunj ….. mujhse gussa ho
K- hmm…
T- baat ni kroge mujhse
kunj nods in a no
T- mujhe maaf ni kroge
kunj nods in a no
T- mujhe miss ni kroge
kunj nods in a yes
T- bet puri ni kroge
kunj nods in a yes

( remember the bet)

they have a long kiss which showed the pain which they r suffering from

T- bhut deep ho gaya ….. xperience h kya
kunj nods in a yes

they both hug eo

K- tu q jaa rhi h twinkle
T- jaana padega kunj
K- quuu
T- babaji ke sath contract sign kiya tha ki tmhe apni parchayi (shadow) de kar unke paas aa jaungi
u know maine n babaji airpost se flight pakri n hospital airport pr land ho gayi maa ke paas n aaj main hospital airport se flight pakar kr wapus jaa rhi hoon
K- mujhe chod kr
T- hmm…
T- tm n dusri shadi mt krna plsss
K- ni karoonga
T- meri beti ke saamne kharoos mt banna
K- ni banogaa
T- wo jo mangegi usse de dena
K- de doonga
T- mujhe miss mt krna
K- woh ni ho payega twinkle m srry tujhe har pal miss karoonga har pal
T- meri beti ka kya naam rkhoge

ishan enters n says TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA

ishan goes n hugs them the trio hug n ishan left again twinj hug eo n cries

screen freezes

precap- revelation of the truth of this ff

guys m so srry bt i had to do this i mean i know u all r going to bash me fr what i did bt m so srry n yaa dont kill me re coz tmhe sach kaise pata chalega hai h ??

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  1. Yaar Krystal…tu insan hai ya alien… 2 episodes me he comedy romance aur emotional scenes…it was too good??

  2. u know krystal, i had tears in my eyes reding the last part.. i m feeling bad for them but still I know U must be having a reason for it.

  3. Really 1st made me cry laughing and then made me cry literally… Enmven now I am shedding tears….aaj I can’t see twinkle dead plz save her naa di….vaise to insaan KO bhagwan bachata hai par abhi ye power aap k paas hai….I hope jis such ki baat kar rahi ho vo a ek good news ho…
    Aur agar twinkle Mari then I will not bash u I will make ur swetieeee pie, cutieeee pie ,sweetuh,cutuuuu, aur lovely se bhi zyada lovely Kunj …kunj Bhaiya.. Hehehe coz I know u like him very much ri8…

  4. it was very amazing but felt sad for twinkle….

  5. Twinj-A heart of love (epi-21)

    your story is so beautiful..
    But ye kya hai??
    Twinkle die!
    Why..Pls don’t make twinkle die…
    The update made me cry..
    Ur story is really awesome!
    pls bring twinkle…back. ..

  6. Krystal di really I m really angry , why did u show this? But any way I know it was a part of story so it had to be and that too of u the great writer..luv u di and ur ff and plzzz do ctd soon…eagerly waiting for next episode. !.

  7. Punishment kya di…him twinj fans k liye twinj separation se badi punishment kya ho sakti hai…aur vo toh aap aur tei writers hamwin de hi rahai hain…????

  8. O God…soo emotional episode…..seriously my eyes got teary while reading their convo…..yaar is it important to make twinki die…..yaar plz don’t do this…..In tei they r killing kunj n in ur ff u r killing twinkle….plz don’t do this

    1. Agree.i hope she don’t die …pls 100 times

  9. Why did you kill her? >.<
    Am very angry with you.

  10. Yaar twinkle sachi main mar jayegi….a is a mat kar pls….pls pls pls Krystal….

  11. Loved it soo much…

  12. Osmmmmmmmm loved it

  13. such an emotional epi ……. pls dnt let make twinkle die pls …….

  14. Awesome pls don’t kill twinkle

  15. Nice one…

  16. ?? kitna sad aur emotional scenes … Too good yaar .. Truth?? Hmmm m…

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