Twinj- A heart of love (episode 20)


hey guys n thxx my dear sattu for giving me a role opposite to my sweetiee pieee , cutiee piee, sweetuuh , cuteuuuu, n my lovely se v jyaada lovely sidhant aka kunj

now the epi

leap of one month —

kunj has joined his father business

its morninng

twinkle is making kunj wear his coat

T- kunj i jst dont understand one thing do uh even wrk in the office coz normally toh tm hamesha mujhse phone pr baat krte ho
K- krta hun n twinkle tujhe yaad tujhse baat
T- ohh really
K- hmm… baby

K- twinkle tiee….
T- uff ho kunj kitni baar kaha h ki pehle tie pehn liya kro n then coat lekin nii
K- are plss n twinkle

twinkle takes a tiee n lyk evryday she tries to make him wear tiee

(woh uska roz ka kaam h yaar try krna qki our kunj is approxx 6 feets ri8?? tm aage ka romance dekho )

K- kitni chotii h yaar tu twinkle
T- dekho kunj mujhe chotii mt bolo jb pati 6 feet ka rhega n toh bechaari patni pe kya gujarti h pata chalta h
K- dekh meri kya glti agar main 6 feet ka hoon toh
T- saari glti tmhari h tmhari height match krne ke liye i started wearing high heels

( dekh twinkle usse torture mt kr qki tu pehle se hi high heels pehnti thi )

kunj dreags a short stool twinkle stands on it n makes him wear the tiee

T- chalo my sweet hubby nw go

n she kisses his cheeks kunj too kisses her back n he left

from the car kunj gives a flying kiss to twinkle

( yaar kitna loving husband h koi mujhe v dilwado aisa hubby bt nt nw jb meri shadi hogi tb )

twinkle too replies wid a flying kiss

she goes to the room n starts reading a magazine when suddenly n she feels to puke

she runs to the washroom n vomits n then she thinks sumthing n goes to nikki

T- bhabhi m going sumwhere will come soon
N- okk bt take care okk..
T- yaaa bhabhii…. bieee

she goes to a chemist shop n buys a pregnancy test kit

she reaches home n runs to the washroom

( hope so the test is done in the wshroom h n ?? )


( kya lagta h ???? chalo yaar kya miya biwi ke maamle pad rhe h hm leave it …… bt meri curiosity ni maan rhi chalo dekh hi lete h results kya h ….)


twinkle was more than happy

( congo guys twinkle is pregnant yayyy kunj will nw become a papa no papa sounds vry old he will become a dad i will give uh a party at the end of this episode )

she called kunj

T- kunj mujhe kuch baat krni h
K- haa bol twinkle
T- ni tm pehle ghar aa jo
K- twinkle bata n yaar
T- ni kunj pehle tm ghar aa jao plsss
K- thik h main aa rha hoon bs 2 ghante me
T- hmmm…….

( guys intezaar ni ho rha h bula le kunj ko bolo n are bol v do ni ni aaj toh bol hi do plsss are i insist bol do ab jyaada mt bolo qki mere kaan ke parde bhut precious h okk )

after 2 hrs

kunj reaches home n goes to his room

K- twinkle tu thik h n ??

he feels sum thing
( yaar private h tmlog n in dono pati patni ko chain se jeene ni doge chalo koi ni main hoon n iss ff ki head main batati hoon )

twinkle kissed him he too reciprocates

they have a short kiss n a tight wala hug

K- teri tabiyat thik h n twinkle i mean tune kiss krne ke liye office se bulaya are bol deti mujhe ki phir se suhaag raat manani h main usi tym aa jata
T- kunj suhaag raat ni manani h kch batana h
K- kyaa??

twinkle holds his hand n kept on her belly n moved to his ears


K- what ???? really i love uh twinkle

he holds her in his arms a he twirls her many times

( yaar kunj use chakkar aa jayenge cntrl plsss )

screen freezes

precap– ( chalo bache v jldi de dete h twinj ko ) leap of 8 months

Credit to: Krystal

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  1. Guys!! TEI news..the actors will be shooting twinj love making scene in Goa n..uvi will come to save Kunj, who will be apparently drowning in d pool, but he will fail n Kunj will die..n post leap uvi will give fathers love to twinj’s child..siddhant Gupta will b quitting tei after d leap..ohhhhh nooo..finally Uv hero ban hi gya.I had seen all dis in SBAS.

  2. Soo cute episode

  3. nhi nhi pregnancy test lady sabhi gharwalon k samne karegi ………..she will do it after removing her clothes in front of everyone…….lol

  4. imagine twinkle doing the pregnancy test saying
    ” elders i doubt that im pregnant so can i do my pregnancy test”
    and removes all her clothes in front of everyone……even her b*a………lol

  5. y do u ask such silly ques……..

  6. well said mandi ……
    cnat even imagine twinkle doing that …….removing her saree nd blouse nd then b*a
    nice ………krystal u could have added these kind of details u know….twinkle doing it nd someone making her video etc

  7. m so srry for it bt i was nt asking i was confirming wid everyone n yeah thxxxx a lott for your precious 3 cmments mandi thanquu so much dhruv for this cmments at least uh showed that u have this type of cheap thinking

  8. Great episode!

  9. Nyc epi …..

  10. Nice update

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