Twinj- A heart of love (episode 2)

thanquuuuu alll now ill nt waste ur time so directly on the episode

twinkle and kunj walking towards d cafeteria they both were silent when kunj broke the silence
K: ummm i hope u dont mind me asking ur name
T: why will i mind by the way m twinkle twinkle taneja
K: oh nice name jst like a star
T: yeah whats urs
K: kunj kunj sarna
T: do u know i was in london earlier bt decided to end my studies in india
K: so u r a london return right
T: ya right

K: so what r ur hobbies
T: my its singing bt i dont sing well
K: ohkk i understand bt may i tell u that those who sing well they only tell that i dont sing well
T: its nothing lyk that btw what r ur hobbies
K: i lyk clicking pictures means photography is my passion
T: okk
K: we reached the cafetaria
T: ohhh thankquu so much
K: its okk
T: jst a sec ha i would lyk u to meet my frnd
K: ya sure
Twinkle calls chinki
T: chinki kaha h tu
C: srry m nt in d cafetaria i had sme urgent wrk so i went today ill nt be present in the clg srry
T: ohh god m going to kill u when u cme remember
C: srry yaar
T: okk fine

twinkle goes to kunj and she hesitately speaks to him

T: kunj….woo
K: ya tell me
T: kunj srry fr troubling uhh bt she went due to sme urgent wrk
K: its okk no prblem btw we r here even the cafetaria is here so
T: so
K: so lets have a coffee
T: ya sure

they go to d cafetaria and order for coffee

T: so i told u everything about me now its ur turn
K: well what do u want to know
they start their chit chat and end when the coffee comes

T: thankuu ( to d waiter)
K: so yaar u told everything about u and i told uh everything about me so frndss
(forwarding his hand)

T: ya of course frnds
T: u know what i came to india to search for a bf
kunj starts coughing
K: what
T: yes
K: why
T: what do u mean by why
K: i mean ki when did u get this idea
T: ohh are i got 25 proposals when i was in london bt my dream was to love someone who is indian even nt an NRI only indian
K: ok ok
T: something is on ur face( pointing towars his lips)
K: what
T: lemme show uh
she click his pic and shows it to him and starts laughing badly
K: ya ok control urself
T: i cant i mean hahahahahaha
K: ok he wipes his lips
T: now its ok
K: ya lets go fr the lectures
T: yup

they both go to d class and sit together
twinkii is writing notes while kunj is busy staring her

screen freezes with kunj staring twinkle

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Credit to: Krystal


  1. mia

    krystal ur ff is nice but some things r copied from my ff.
    the hobbies and clicking photos n all.
    i don’t mind it but than too……………….

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