Twinj- A heart of love (episode 17)


Twinj part themselves n call their moms to tell that they r in love their moms give them permission n call them back to india for the marraige

Twinj yukihi come back to india

Twinj r nt doing engagments n all bt direct shadi

Night –

Kunj is sitting wid a sehra on his face
P-bring the bride

Twinkle comes wearing a beautiful lehenga

They do that round round pheras n kunj fills her forehead wid vermillion n decorates her neck wid the nupital chain

Now the suhag raat –

After all post marriage rituals. Tw ws seen being sitted on the bed wid a transparent veil on her head covering her face. She ws heavily dressed and ws w8ing for her husband for the first ngt.Tw(in mind) oh ho babaji itni nervousness toh mujhe maths ke ppr ke pehle bhi nhi huyi…shut up tw stop thinking…After sme tym kunj enters in his room after soo much struggle wid his friends and cousins to meet his beloved wife which is w8ing for him for most important ngt of their.. Even he was feeling bit nervous bt after seeing his wife, he ws jst mesmerisedall his nervousness was gone and he ws filled wid a desire of making her his forever…He slowly slowly started moving towards her…. Seeing him coming tw get soo muchtensed and nervous and started sweating….Kunj reaches near tw and sat beside her and took her hand in his…By now kunj was able to judge the extremenervousness of her and also he didnt wantto force her in any situation. Dont want to take advantage of his rights..Kunj- tw if u r not okay then its okkk…. I willwait till u get comfortable… Saying this he ws abt to move back bt tw hugged him immediately. Actually she ws soo happy wid his husband’s gesture that without even saying he understand her and also she wanna tell him that she trust him and love him to infinity..Tw- i love u kunj and i am all urs( very slowly)Kunj- i love u too tw saying this he kissed her forhead.Then they slowly departs themselves and see eo other wid lots of lovend passion.Kunj slowly leans towards her lips and on getting his intentions tw closes her eyes and parts her lips for him. Then wid in no tym their lips meet… They had a passionate and a smooth kiss first. While kissing kunj make her lay on the bed and he also comes over her half…..

Then slowly slowly his hands started removing the jewellery of tw…( bangles, earings ad many more..) they depart their lips for getting some air as now it was difficult for them to breathe……. By now tw’s all jewellery was lying on ground, table, bed….Now again thy share a cute sa ilock…Kunj slowly leans towards her right side of neck and started kissing it passionately while tw clutches the bedsheet. She was feeling the presence of hundreds of butterflies in her chotu sa stomach. While kissing her neck, kunj gets the dori of her dresss and unknots it… Tw turns due ti shyness making her bare back visible to kunj. Kunj comes close to her back and started moving his fingers on herback sensouslly….. Making her shiver.. He slowly pulls her clotg down from right shoulder and bites it gently…Tw(maons)– kkkun..jjj due to pain and pleasure…Kunj starts sucking it for removing the pain…He does same wid other side of shoulder and soon throws her upper choli( dont know exactly wat it is called) on ground…. And also removes her sherwani… After sme tym both were naked and kunj was still teasing her wife by bitting ,sucking, licking,kissing her bare parts..and tw ws moaning his name….Now tw cmes over him and started bitting and kissing his bare chest passionately and kunj was moaning her name know… She marked him of her always and kissed him again on his lips… While kissing kunj rolls tw down him… And make love wid her…The moon, stars and the entire universe were witnessing the union of two lovers…. Two souls.

precap – leap of a month ….. ( u r smart enough yar to guess what will happen ) then again leap of 8 moths

Credit to: Krystal

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  1. Oh too fast yaar yesterday confession and today wedding ni8……..

  2. Jst loved it soooo much…
    w8ing 4 ur nxt update…

  3. But it was nice as I feel awkward reading this… But still as a writer v have to do this

  4. nice episode πŸ™‚
    you r a naughty girl πŸ˜‰
    commenting first time love <3 <3

  5. Hey Krystal tu to badi fast nikle…n kal confession aaj shaadi n suhagrat aur kal bacche…oye naught head the episode was good…??

  6. ?? tuh bohot naughty go ?? very fast the suhaagraat ni8 tsk tsk but it was a very wild n awesome epi πŸ™‚ waiting for the other 1

  7. hey shatakshi i agree wid u…. but nice epi krystal

  8. Yaar ur too fast haan…?????btw epi ws amazing loved it so much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  9. Yaar tu to kaafi Naughty nikli……Yesterday Confession aaj Suhaagrat or kal bachche….u r really a naughty head……btw episode was Awesome

  10. Awesome episode krystal……… πŸ™‚ loved it…… πŸ™‚ waiting 4 next part……. that too a leap of 8 months…… most probably twinkle would be pregnant…… πŸ˜› wow…….ha ha… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. I read frm start…..tu sachi mai bahut naughty hai yaar… ff toh awesom hi hai…yaar caution note toh daal deti yaar…ff is very good, but naughty head u r….

  12. u just raised the temperature ???
    splendid ???????
    update soon

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Haha I understood no need to elaborate πŸ˜› and yes u r always fabulous love your ff a lot

  14. Awesome …… loved it ….

  15. Uea v understood wat will happn nxt awsme part

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