Twinj- A heart of love (episode 14)


Hiii guys haha i know yesterdays epi was quite comedy type uh know me n my cousins started laughing in the hall n our parents were looking at us wid their eyes popped out hehehe so funny n my dear tara she learnt the whole epi

Thxx to my dear sadaf loveleen satakshi jasmine zikra ruchi srija tara ishani anushka jerly sam gopika panchi cutieepie roshini ridhima sonal roishmah thxx a lott guys

Nw the epi

It is raining n twinj r dancing on the song sanson ko sanson me dhalne do zara

After this they start a funny dance on the song all is well

They move to the police station n start dancing infront of the police station

Twinkle goes inside the police station n starts the comedy again ( guys the comedy is nt finished yet )

T – hello sir my self twinkle taneja
K- my self kunj sarna

The inspector is a female

K- oye hoye patakha
I- hello
T- mam actually this guy loves uh

Kunj looks at her confused

I- ohh is it so
T- yes
K- no i love her
T- see he is accepting that he loves uh
( ohh god twinkle common yaar he loves uh that too love at first sight )
I- really
T- maam uh know what he wants to tell uh how much he loves uh bt cannot say so i will sing a song on his behalf
I- yeah yeah go on

Twinkle sings

Kaate ni katte yeh din ye raat
Kehni thi tmse jo dil ki baat
Lo aaj main kehtaa huun

K- twinkle yaar she wants the english transalation
T- no prblm i will give her

These days and nights are not passing even when I wish so,
I wanted to tell You the talk of my heart
And now m saying this

I- uh cheap wait ( to kunj )
Inspector calls her husband who is in the same police station
K- syaappa queen
T- maine kya kiya

They both r in the prision

K- twinkle i want to go out
T- i have a idea
K- kya
T- m so srry kunj

Twinkle kisses kunj on the lips
Kunj is shocked bt responds ( guys jo wo chahta tha wo ho rha h hw can he refuse )

They had a deep kiss they moved toward that bar jst to show that they r kissing then stopped by wall after that again on the bar they were pulling eo towards them tightly

Both the inspectors see this liplock n decide to leave them

Both of them go out n start dancing again on janam janam singing loudly
The motuu constable comes out n twinj run back to the hotel

T- mottu he cant even run fast
K- haha yes
T- uh know uh vry cute
K- no aaj pata chala
T- awww cutiee
K- hmm…
T- main chali balcony me
K- quuuu
T- i want to kiss sum 1
K – main hoon n
T- haha tm???
K – haa main …. jst nw uh said that m cute n uh kissed me in the police station
T- yaaa i told that uh r cute bt i didnt say that i will kiss uh
K- look no one is here so whom will uh kiss other than me
T- haaa i didnt think of it ok then
K- haha dont wrry shit happens
T- hmm…. uh r so lucky twinkle taneja is kissing uh
K- oh hello kiss is nt done yet
T- r uh serious
K- yup
T- sure
K- lock kr diya jaaye

They both close their eyes
And .
Ho gya yes twinkle kissed kunj ( uh must be wondering where ….. bt uh have to guess on the lips …… no dear …..on the cheeks …….. no …….then …… m so srry bt on the nose )

K – what did uh do
T- kiss
K- on the nose
T- sahi pakre hain….
K- what sahi pakre h
T- mean yes on the nose
K- quuu
T – mah wish
K- no i want it here ( pointing on d lips)
T- what no…
K – yes
T- no

Nw before twinkle could say sum thing
Twinkle kissed him n again a wild liplock
First towards the table then stopped by then wall then sitting on the couch
After on the bed
( i know uh all r blushing bt dont blush yaar nt gud for ur health haha bt they r nt in their senses )
Screen freezes

Precap – twinkle vomits

Guys plsss note that this is a sidmin ff plsss

N suggest whether should i add a villian or nt

Credit to: Krystal

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