Twinj- A heart of love (episode 11)

thankq fr commenting n sry guys fr a few days i will nt be posting d ff coz sme1 died in my house n thnkxx to rosh who is posting today on my behalf…thankq rosh..

now back to epi..
chinki tells twinkle dat tmrw they r going tp palm spring..twinkle is more thn happy…
C:twinkle bt today thr is a small party in this hotel go..
T:ya ok i will come
C:great so get ready!
M:yeah m going…
K:yaar we didnt eat d pizza dat twinkle made it with loads of taashan
T:haww..u all didnt eat it made it with so much taashan
C:haha hogaya hum sirf ek bite hi kayenge n will go to d party..

they all come to the dining area n saw smething..all together(yells)UV!!!!!!!!!
guys uv ate all the pizzas..chinki throws a pillow on him bt uv catches it n turns to chinki..

U:uv aur uski twinkle ke pizza ke beech mei koi nahi aa sakta pir ye toh sirf ek pillow
chinki shocked uv rocked…!!!!

K:abe oye apni dialog ki dukan bandh kar..tuje toh mei…
M:uv tu mota ho jayega aur chinki tuje hod kar kisi aur ke sath chali jayegi
twinkle starts laughing…
T:my buddies leave him i hv made anothr pizza wait i will bring
twinkle brings d pizza..all starts to take the pizzaall r just jumping to get it finally d pizza is in everyones hand except fr d one who made it ie twinkle

kunj saw it n went to twinkle n offers his pizza to her…twinkle smiles kunj feeds her,asusual in every romantic moment,cheese gets stuck in twinkle s lips kunj signs her bt she doesnt get it,he again signs her dis time she gets it n kunj too forwards his hand to remove it their fingers touchd eo..
manchala plays in bg..

chinki comes shouting,
C:chalo chalo..bahut kaliya nw get dressed for the party
twinj seperate themselves..

twinkle moves towards the room to change bt kunj enters first they both start fighting..
T:kunj yaar cme out i will change first.
K:aww babu ok u want to change thn change bt aftr i change
T:no sweet heart i will change first
K:no darling i will change first.
T:cutiee pie
K:sweetiee piee
K:tikhi mirchi

twinkle moves towards kunj n starts moving her fingers on his face
T:kunj let me go first
kunj starts to shiver./
K:twi..twi..twinkle…tu..tu..tu kya kar rahi hu..
T:mei kya kar rahi hu kunj?
K:tikh hai na tu pehli chali jaa
T:(kissing his cheek)thankq

she goes into d room n peeps outside
T:sry fr making u shiver

kunj is wearing a black shirtn black formals,uv is wearing a white sirt with black formals…chinki is wearing a whte long gown..n twinkle comes wearing a black jeggings n white top..mahi wears a red gown..

U:chale baby..
M:tho whom ru calling baby?
T:AWW..uv tuje apne hath aur pair se pyaar nahi hai kya
K:ha uv tu apni gf ke samne kisi aur ko baby…gandhi bath..
U:abbe yaar ab mei mounvrath rakh loonga
ALL:ja u r free….
C:aree chalo chalo jaldi..

precap:twinkle drunk n does some comedy with kunj..

sry guys if u think its a short post..
bt i am very much shocked aftr my badi nani’s death…

hope u will understand
bye take care


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  1. i am d first to cmnt..yeah its awesome as usual lovely one…

    1. Thxxx rosh for posting n commenting too

  2. OMG hilarious precap 😛

  3. It was lovely.. The precap is soo exciting.. Hope everything is sorted out in your family soon. Take care.

    1. Yeah thxx for supporting

  4. ohh i loved it krystie…

  5. hilarious precap n the epi was awesomen yes i liked your name

    1. Tysm mitali m glad uh liked it

  6. Amazing

  7. Amazing epi dear loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap btw precap seems alot of fun

    1. Sure Zikra I’ll try to continue Asap thxx for commenting

  8. I am soooo sorry that I couldn’t comment on the previous ones
    I just loved it mwaaah

    1. Thxxx a Lott sanam my dear

  9. Amazing one……

  10. Nice post soon

  11. yr sry a lil sad fr u n yah osm episode n cant w8 fr nxt eepisode

  12. thxx baby

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