Twinj- A heart of love (episode 10)

Thx everyone n yeah the three days will be shown in flash back

Nxt epi

Twinkle is in kunj’s arms
She is laughing at her heart out
T- omg kunj u r so sweet
K- haha mujhe pata h
U- vry gud chal finally twinkle ne kch toh bola vrna pata ni kitna cakes mere muh pr lagte
They all start to think (Twinj still in the same position)


Day 1

Uv goes to twinkle with a cake
U- srry twinkle plsss yar pardon us na plssss
T- ( in sign language) no
U- plssss yaar twinkle dekh n main tere liye cake laya hoon plsss apna ye stupid sa vrat tod de plsss
Twinkle passes a fake smile to him
She holds his hands n drags him into the hall
She shows her thumbs up to uv n messages every one to come to the hall
Every one arrives n twinkle takes the
cake n puts it on uv face ??


Everyone – hmmmmm
T- haa toh Galat kya tha usme

M- are ye toh Kuch v ni tha meri coffee

Again they all start to think


Day 2

Mahi wakes up fast n goes to the kitchen n makes coffee though she doesn’t know how to make it bt tries wid the help of GPS ?

Mahi goes to twinkle’s room n gets in
M- twinkle dii get up n plssss see I brought coffee fr uh plsssss get up
Twinkle wakes up
She takes the coffee n throws it in the wash basin to shw her tashan n messages mahi “srry mahi bt I have to do this even uh were involved in that so I won’t talk to uh too m srry”


Everyone – hmmmmmm

C- are ye ab toh Kuch ni h meri dress ke samne

Again they think


Day 3 (today)

Chinki brings a beautiful blue one piece for twinkle

Twinkle passes a smile n burns it wid iron n writes the same message to chinki also ( u know copy n paste) ??

Everyone – hmmmm

K- bt yaar Mera plan toh kaam aaya n bolo
T- tmlogo ke pass dimag ni h
Pata h main batati hoon jb babaji dimag baat rhe toh ye sb hungama ke rhe honge
N kunj ke paas dimag tha toh main maan gayi simple haa

C,M,U together – abe kunj ab usse niche v utarega ya waise hi rehna h

Kunj n twinkle look at each other in awkwardness
Kunj places her on the floor
Uv says I’ll jst come he goes from their

Chinki tells twinkle that tomorrow we r going to palm spring ( a place in California that is LA )

Twinkle is more than happy

Screen freezes

Precap- depends upon my dream

Bieeee everyone love uh stay blessed ?? bye love uh all to the sun n back ( yaar everyone uses moon so I used an xception lol???? take care

Credit to: Krystal


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