Twinj- A heart of love (episode 1)


thanquuuu all those who have commented and of course d silent readers
now starting my first epi


A sweet bubbly girl is getting ready she is wearing a white one piece with blue coloured printings

she is non other than our twinkii

T: maa m ready
L: aari hoon puttar
T: mahi uth na plssss
M: di aaj uthne ke mood me ni hoon
T: ok keep sleeping
leela comes in d room
L: hayo rabba mahi abhi tk uthi ni
M: maa plsss
T: ok maa sone do isko m going to college whi kha loongi
L: bieee
T: bieeee maaa


K: maaa m going bieee
U: beta kuch kha to le
K: maaa kha loonga clg me
U: ok bieee
K: bieee maa


yuvraj is having fever he is coughing and sneezing

Uv:mom aachi plsss get me d medicines aachi
he gets a call and picks it up he is kunj

K: bro where r u
Uv: actually im having aachi fever so wont cme to clg 2day
K: kk take care biee
Uv: bieeee


twinkle gets a call she is chinki
T: haa chinki where r u
C: twinkle u tell me where r u u r new to this clg u wont be able to find me
T: are dont underestimate me tell me where r u
C: ok m in the cafetaria
T: done m coming

she ends the call when she turns she collides wid a man of cource our kunj now twinkle above kunj kunj is staring her while twinkle is closing her eyes due to fear
T: babji i have fallen down bt didnt get hurt kahi aapne mujhe hawe me to ni latka diya
her hairs are on kunjs face
twinkle opens her one eye and sees kunj she makes a childish face and starts saying srry
she stands and continuously saying srry

T: srry srry srry actually i was searching for my frnd i didnt see u nd did u get hurt
K: no no its ok i dont mind
T: r u sure
K: ya of cource u didnt do it intentionally i dont mind
T: once again srry haa
K: i told u no prlem
T: can u plsss help me in one thing
K: ya sure
T: i need to go to d cafetaria
T: will u take me there coz m new to this clg na
K: ya sure cme

screen freezes on both of them on the way

precap _ nt decided

Credit to: Krystal

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  1. Wow Krystal its mindblowing…… And updating pic is something new can u pls pls pls tell me how to do that pls dear

  2. heyy Ritzi I was asking same to Krystal ??
    awsm FF dear

  3. jst go to d internet and copy link address and u paste it in the article thats what i did by the way thanquuuuu so much

  4. awesome krystal …..

  5. awesome………..loved it!!!

  6. Amazing dear… Luvd it

  7. Osm start Krystal pls cont soon..

  8. Krystal sry

  9. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Post in English. It would be just great.
    Cool and good episode.

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