Twinj-i hate u

Hey guys Anu is back with twinj os…..this is my first os on twinj…..hope u will like it…

Twinkle taneja nd kunj sarna both r childhood enemy despite of the fact that their families r very close friend……they hate each other from the core of their heart but somewhere in their heart they feel for each other but they don’t accept it

scene begin with Twinkle nd kunj fighting with each other

all students ignore them as its there daily routine….

girl:- are see there they 2 r fighting with each other nd all of u r only seeing this go nd stop them

boy(girls bf):- are nisha leave it….they both r like this only…..I think they both will be dog nd cat in their previous birth

twinj hear him nd gives him death glare nd boy gulped nd ran away

Twinkle :- oh hlo mister sadu… dare you to.sit on my seat
kunj:- u hlo miss bhindi…..tera naam likha h kya seat par….this is college property I can sit where ever I want
Twinkle :- u donkey how dare u to call me bhindi
kunj:- why I can’t speak I will speak bhindi bhindi bhindi(speak while making faces)
kunj(shouts):- twinkleeeeeeeeee
twinkle:- today I will not leave u monkey
kunj:- what can u do chuiyaaaaa
Twinkle gets more angry nd throw water on his face….
kunj shocked Twinkle rocked ☺

kunj gets angry nd throw noddless on her hair(imagine it how funny Twinkle will be looking)
this time Twinkle shocked kunj rocked

Twinkle gets more angry nd both start to fight by messing each others hairs?
mahi nd UV come there…..nd roll their eyes nd say in union

yuhi:- they both started again

they both go to twinj nd UV drag Twinkle nd mahi drag kunj from there…..

twinraj r best friend nd mahi nd kunj r best friend

yuhi r in relationship

Before going twinj give each other a angry glare nd Twinkle shout:- I hate u kunj
Kunj too shout:- hate u 2 Twinkle

next day:- again same thing happen twinj r again fighting with each other
kunj :- hate u
twinkle:- hate u 2

one day Twinkle go to Mumbai at her mosi house……kunj is in amritsar only

Both twinj r missing each other badly
their smile has faded…
they don’t talk too much

after 2 days Twinkle return …..both twinj r very excited as they r going to meet after 2 days
this is the first they have not fight all r shocked seeing them
yuvi nd mahi r shocked too

yuvi:- mahi mahi pinch me
mahi pinches yuvi….yuvi shouts
Yuvi: – ouuchhhh
mahi:- what happen
yuvi:- leave it nd tell me from which side sun has rise today
mahi:- what! yuvi r u alright today
yuvi:-are stupid I m alright not see there Twinkle nd kunj
mahi:- what happen to Twinkle nd kunj
yuvi:- see na
mahi sees there nd is shocked
mahi:- yuvi pinch me
this time yuvi pinches her
mahi shouts:- ooouchh u idiot
yuvi rocked mahi shocked?

slowly slowly whole college notice it nd all students have their mouth wide open

because twinj r taking to each other nd r laughing without fighting……

but suddenly all students have a sigh of relief nd roll their eyes nd move away

Because again twinj starts fighting with each other

twinkle:- kunjjjjjj
Kunj; -twinkleeeeee
twinj say in union:- hateee youuuuuu

Both twinj leave

in night twinj r in their respective rooms nd recalling their moments nd a smile come on their face
twinkle unknowingly – I love u kunj
kunj unknowingly:- love u 2 twinkle

Both realize what they say nd blushes nd again say I hate u no no I love u

next day they both share it with their bf i.e. mahi nd yuvi

the day end…..twinj doesn’t meet each other full day as they have not gone to college because it is sunday?… night yuvi share this with each other nd informs family members also…..both family are very happy as its there wish but due to their fighting theu drop the idea to get them both married……

next day sarna family come in taneja’s house……..kunj’s eyes r searching for twinkle…..all family member notice it nd giggle……twinkle come downstairs nd both twinj has eyelock……family member talks to twinj about there marriage…..both r happy from inside but showing anger from outside

again they both start to fight…..
twinkle:- marriage nd with this donkey never
kunj:- I m also not interested to marry this kali billiiii
twinkle:- kunjjjjjj how dare u to call me kali billi….if I m kali billi then u r langoor chimpannzi
kunj:- twinkle
Twinkle: – kunjjjjjjj

twinj:- I hate u….both again start to fight

family members r tensed…nd shout:- stop it

leela:- sry usha but I don’t think they both should get married
usha:- yes leela I also think lets cancel their marriage

Both twinj hear it nd shouts nooo…..all family member laughs as its thier plan nd twinj blushes

one week later

twinj has came on date…..
Both r enjoying nd kunj propose twinkle…twinkle accepted

kunj sitting on knees:-miss twinkle taneja will u become miss twinkle kunj sarna because
twinkle:- yeh mr.kunj sarna I will become miis twinkle kunj sarna because

twinj in union:- because I hate u nd laughs

5 years later

twinj r sitting in bed nd remembering their childhood days how they use to fight their proposal nd everything

Twinkle: – u know what kunj I have never that one day u will become your life……actually u know I love u from childhood but I can’t able to realize it but when I leave to Mumbai na I don’t know why but I miss u like hell i always think about u

kunj:- mee too twinkle u know what my smile has faded….I can’t be able to sleep….even I m not enjoying at all….I m also missing u nd when papa tell that u r coming i have become like my life has come back to me……that day I realized my love for u twinkle

Twinkle: – u know na kunj I hate u
kunj:- ya twinkle I hate u tooo
both laughs nd touch their forehead when a voice come from back
I hate u three mom dad say Ansh( ya ansh of twinj’s love)

all three hug each other nd smiles

Screened freezes on smiling faces of the three

so guys tell me did u like my os its my first os on twinj sry if its not upto the mark….nd guys tell me my mistakes also…nd the best part of my os (if u like any)
nd guys rate my os from 10….silent readers u too plz comment because its just os not ff I want to know how many of u read it nd liked…..sry if its boring

guys rotten tamotoes nd chappals r allowed ?

see u all in my 3 part of my ff
till then bye
love u all
take care
and leave your precious comment it means a lot guys ☺

Credit to: Anu


  1. Sweetie

    Anu dear u rocked it… i will give u not 10 i will give u 100000/10 it was amaaazzziinnggggggg ??????

  2. Aliza

    woowwww anu u rocked it….. it was really nice n especially dat fight part…. loved it to the core……

  3. Anushka

    Anu dear I loved ur os. Plz write some more. I would give u 000000000000001/ 10. Do it’s reciprocal. I mean I would give u 1000000000000/10

    • Anu

      Anusha I will kill u…u have scared me….but I can’t kill my sweet reader na if I will kill u then who will read my os…..? btw Thnks Thnks Thnks a lot sweety

      • Anu Mishra

        Lol. Were u really scared???? Okay one more thing my name is Anushka not Anusha. Anu u can call me annu. Because my Tu family calls me that. Plz yaar.

      • Anushka

        My name is Anushka dear not Anushka. So we have another anu in our tei family. Hey I was saying that because my tu frnds also call me annu. And we have 2more anu who comment. So welcm to tei family. I have become ur fan. Plz tell me which ff u write on swasan I’ll read it.

      • Anu

        Haha dear thnks for welcoming me in your tei family nd annu dear do u have 2 ids….anyways my one ff is finish nd now I m starting swasan raglak love story…..nd love will find its destination (season 2) with new view……nd yes dear I was really scared….nd yes dear by mistake your name has been written as Anusha anyways now u r sweety annu?

  4. Princess

    I did not like it
    I loved it..too awesone I will give you10000000000/10 pls write more os like this..

    • Anu

      Lol dear 100000000000/10 haha dear Thnks Thnks thnks(infinity) alot ……nd ya will come with more os thnks a lot

    • Anu

      Thnkkkkkkkkkkkks a lottttttttt dear lama……I m really happy that u loved it….I k happy to see that I get full marks in os exam? 10/10 wow…..

  5. Dear itss fabbbbbb ?????!! All i cn say tht i just loved it?????…. i will giv u 10/10… ?❤❤❤❤
    Nd dear plzzz write more os lik this, u re superb writer…

  6. Fatarajo

    OMG great one Any I got scared when u saw the title but sorry to say I don’t like our one shot I like it a lot infact I loved your one shot, keep it up.

    • Anu

      Thnks a lot Fiona…..I m glad that u like it…nd really thnks me 1000000000000/10…it means a lot dear

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