Twinj (A Happy Start with a Happy Ending)


Hey Guys I am trying out a new FF.I have being reading many FF and they r fabulous,but for the Twiraj Fans I am really sry it’s Twinj again!

So this wl be the Introduction and Guys I need ur support with ur comments.Thanks a lot!.
Twinkle Taneja-Funny,cute,adorable,a very caring person,goin to start her higher studies in Amritsar State College.Her best friend is Chinki who then turned out to be her sister.
Leela Taneja- Single Mom of Twinkle and Chinki since Chinki parents passed away and she was all alone Leela took her responsibility.
Chinki Taneja-Pretty,Smart and beautiful,goin to start her higher studies with her BF Twinkle(now sis)in same college.
Kunj Sarna-Handsome,cute,his smile makes us smile,goin to start his higher studies in Amritsar State College.His best friend is Yuvraj Luthra.
Yuvraj Luthra-Cute,Dashing,Flirt,and plays many pranks,goin to start his higher studies with his BF Kunj.
Usha Sarna-Single mom of Kunj.She,Leela and Anita used to be childhood friends but they left to different countries but in they end they landed Back to Amritsar but didn’t tell each other as they felt ashamed to tell each other that their children couldn’t get admission in USA,America and Canada.
Anita Luthra-Single mom of Yuvraj Luthra.

Precap-First meeting of Twinj and Yuki.

Credit to: SMC

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  1. again twinj and yuki.i was realy happy with twinraj.but you.i hope the story makes me happy.plz make yuvi twinles boyfriend

    1. Mish I’m v.sry but I got to do Twinj cause many r supporting them.But I promise if my FF become a hit I wl do Twiraj too!

  2. guys I think this is wrong but if another one comes that wl be rite so sry for the inconvenience

  3. Nice….plzzz continue vd twinj….

  4. I like twinj….hope ur ff would be awsome

    1. Thanks a lot hope to keep u’ll happy

  5. babe plzzz no twiraj only twinj plzzzz…

    1. Yes Komal it is Twinj only bt maybe one more FF wl publish so that one is similar to this bcoz I thought it didn’t be submitted so if the other one comes I will continue with that but it’s Twinj only

  6. nice..keep it up with twinj

  7. Twinj… Not twiraj….

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