Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 20

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Kunj come in and hears the water overflowing out of the bathroom,he taps the door and no one answers,he breaks the door and is shocked to see Twinkle in that state,he removes her out and stops the water,he presses her back to make the water come out and lifts her in his arms add runs to the bed,he rubs her hands and feet and sits next to her and holds her hand and sees her and says Twinkle today I would have lost u,he leaves but Twinkle holds his hand and says Kunj,Kunj,Kunj.Kunj yes Twinkle I am here.She brings him close to her(in unconscious state)and brings him next

to the side of her face and kisses his cheek.Kunj is happy but says she did this in unconscious state I wish she did it in conscious state,he smiles but then says the most important thing to find out is the person who did this,he is very angry.Kunj comes out and says stop!no more party,the party is over,go home if u want to party more.Jasmin says Kunj but why….Kunj shouts and tells her to leave.Everyone leaves.Yuki come to Kunj and ask what happened,Kunj tells them everything and tells Chinki to pls change Twinkle as she is shivering.Chinki comes out and tells Kunj that repeated she is calling out ur name.Kunj goes in and sees her sleeping,while he glances at her he falls asleep.Yuki too go to sleep in their room.

Kunj wakes up due to the sun's rays falling on his face,he sees Twinkle disturbed too while sleeping bcoz of the sun,he goes behind the bed and stands to cover the sun,she peacefully sleeps.He sees her phone on the floor and goes to pick while he picks it,Twinkle turns and puts her hand around his neck,Twinj come close Kunj tries to stay away but she comes more closer to him,he tries keeping the phone on the side of the bed but the lantern falls and the noise wakes up Twinkle,Twinkle sees her hugging him and removes her hands from him.Twinkle says what happened,what u r doin on the floor,Kunj stands up and stands the opposite side of Twinkle and recites the incident.Twinkle asks Kunj what am I doing in ur clothes,Kunj how could u….and she gets angry.Kunj goes and holds her shoulders and says I just saved ur life and Chinki changed ur clothes and u r wearing my pant and shirt since ur clothes had gone for press.Kunj says leave and tell me who was with u last,I will kill that person.Twinkle thinks and says actually Sid..Sidhant.

Kunj looks in anger and says if it is him,I will smash him.Twinkle says it's okay.Kunj says Twinkle today I would lost u and says I love u.Twinkle says Kunj stop it pls.How many times will u tell me,I said I don't love u.He says if u don't then why several times in unconscious state u were repeatly saying my name and it's true that u love me bcoz u kissed me on my cheek.Twinkle says which kiss,I never did that.They keep arguing and Kunj says leave it and says I am going to meet that crazy Sidhant,Twinkle says why u always think him as a criminal he is so good,Kunj says u r saying this though he did this,I can't believe it and leaves.Kunj comes to Sidhant's house and starts beating him,he calls the police and says u stay in jail forever.Twinkle gets the news and goes to see Sidhant.Sidhant says Twinkle I accept I did that but trust me it wasn't on u.Twinkle says ok and tells him that she will remove him from jail.Twinkle comes to meet Kunj and tells him to pls forgive Sidhant and says it wasn't his fault,Kunj says enough what's wrong with u he tried to misbehave with u,u think it's fine with me no it is not bcoz I care a lot for u.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle says then wait,she puts his hand on her head and says u r on the swear of our friendship.Kunj says fine and will take the case back.He apologises the Sidhant bcoz of Twinkle and says I am really very sorry.Sidhant says it ok and leaves.
UV and Chinki prepare for their song and sing Hamari Adhuri Kahani…….They feel awkward singing it and they both share an ilock.Manchala plays.
UV teaches Chinki to play the guitar and holds her hands and shows her,they play it holding each other's hands and realise it and look at each other lovingly.Manchala plays.

Kunj comes and sees Twinkle sad after what had happened.He puts the ringtone and answers the phone and says hi Jas,how r u,prepare well for the song and says bye.Kunj in his mind says how u feel getting jealous.Twinkle comes and says Jas and all.Kunj says BTW why r u getting jealous and tells her to remove the plug of the electric guitar as she might trip on it while she goes walking she eventually falls and bangs her head,Kunj comes running and asks her if she is okay,she says Twinkle who is Twinkle.Kunj is shocked,Twinkle asks u r u,Kunj says I am Kunj ur best friend,Kunj carries Twinkle and says I have to take u to the doctor come,Twinkle rolls on the floor and starts laughing and says I fooled u.Kunj says joke u know how scared I got.He give his hand to her and while she gets up and fall on him.

Precap-Amazing things to happen.

Guys many things r going to change,a lot of twist in FF I would just request if u'll won't like the twists pls don't write bad comments bcoz I have read many other FF but some people keep commenting heartbreaking messages but one thing I will tell u'll will love my FF after u come to know the whole story.Twinj wl be united.THANKS EVERYONE FOR READING,GOD BLESS HAVE A NICE DAY!

SPECIAL THANKS TO-Mahira,Jingle Jan,Nimisha,Avantika,Twinkle,Sudha,Sanu,Nimisha and Komal.
Special message to Komal-Happy Belated Birthday may God bless u and have many more to come????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

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