Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 34 Twinkle’s Confession

Hii guys thanks for commenting but I said I will end my FF today but I am still thinking till tommorow bcoz I am getting unconditional love and support from my friends….after the precap I got some news.

Kunj enters the room angrily and says what’s ur problem why u put urself in trouble when u know I can’t see u in pain,Twinkle says u r my best friend it’s my duty to save and take care of u.Before Twinkle leaves,he holds her hand and pulls her close to his face and Twinkle gets a strange feeling,and starts breathing heavily and Kunj notices this and pull her more closer and asks Kunj what r doing,Kunj puts his finger on her lips and says why u can’t stay close to me and always make some excuse to move away she moves her chin and makes her to look at him and they share an ilock.Kunj says what happened look into my eyes and see what u can see,Twinkle says lo…lost,Twinkle says u have lost it Kunj.Kunj comes close to Twinkle and says now we wl find out what is going to happen…he comes closer and Twinkle says what r u doing,Kunj says if u don’t tell me why u feel like this I will kiss u,Twinkle says kiss,kiss no Kunj what r u saying kiss no please,Kunj comes close to hear and Twinkle runs under his arm.Manchala plays.

The nxt day is the final competition and Jasmine tells Twinkle that Kunj needs some lyrics for our song so pls if any of ur friend is a lyricist inform us Twinkle writes the lyrics and says my friend wrote it and Jasmine takes it and tells Kunj that she finished the lyrics and gives it to him,Kunj says thanks a lot u r my lyricist and u help me a lot.Jasmine says it’s my duty to help u.Kunj says Twinkle is not ready that she knows it is my final competition,he knocks the door Sidhant opens it and is bare chested and tells Kunj that their relationship has gone to the first level.Kunj is badly heartbroken and is very angry with Twinkle bcoz he thinks that she accepted Sidhant and not him.It is shown that Twinkle is not even in the room.

Twinkle is sitting in her room and is staring at the friendship thread Kunj tied on her when they was small,she remembers when she and Kunj were in the rain,when they fall on each other,when they hugged each other and when Kunj was about to kiss her,Twinkle asks herself what is she doing she is remembering Kunj everytime and is thinking of all the moments when they were close,she starts chatting with Kunj to calm her and says Kunj today I am so happy that I can’t express it,I don’t even know why I am happy,Kunj says this is the feeling of love and thinks she has fallen in love with Sidhant and is sad.Twinkle sees his message and says even u know that I have fallen in love,Twinkle stands on the bed and remembers when Kunj lifted her when she was hurt,she remembers that Kunj hand was injured but before she could stamp a pin he kept his injured hand so she couldn’t get hurt,the raining scene and all their hug scenes,Twinkle goes to the window and opens it and all the wind flies on her face and she says Kunj…..I ❤️ U…..I really Love u….she goes to her cupboard and sees Kunj pic and kisses it and says I Love U.

Precap-Twinkle proposes Kunj infront of everyone.

What is Kunj reaction?
Tashan E Ishq the news is that there is a new character entering till the Mrs.Amritsar Competition,and she wl be negetive.Thanks for reading Have a nice day and God bless.????????????

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  1. Smc …….awesome…..tum mile waali feel aa gayi yaarm….it’s amazing….. I m completely mesmerized…..

    1. Thank u so much Rashi….thank u so much I can’t express my happiness of meeting a family like all of u’ll.

  2. nice epi smc……loved it

    1. Thank u Naira……loved ur comment too…

  3. Hey SMC! Itss amazing , awesome ! I really loved it!!!!

    1. Sunaina thanks so much….????

  4. precap is mind blowing..uff smc u r too good..!!

    1. tara thank u and ur FF is awesum too…

  5. ohhhhh SMC ur ff is jus superb i jus dont want it to end…..<3 <3

    1. loveleen don’t worry Twinj wl unite and stay tuned to my FF…thank u so much????

    1. Thank u Aarush….????

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