Twinj (Friendship Turns to Love) Thanks for the love


Hey guys thank you so much for everything the love and support y’all guys gave me..Aaron thank you so much for the trend I love you for that❤️
I’m gonna thank all of you guys today
From my first episode so here we go:
Thanks Tina,Harsha,M.A.V.K,Aarti,Sadaf Khan,Shunna,Twinkle,Duansha,Mahira,Harna,Rakshita,Diamond,Rana ji,Star,Precious,Apoorwa,AV,Vikrant,Rachna,Sarna,Hitakshee,Harsani,Komal,Fatarajo,Aaliya,Avantika,Sudha,Niketa,Nimii,Michelle,Nimisha,Sana,Vinnie,JingleJan,Sunaina,Sanu,Ruchi,Samyu,TEI,Swetha,Marookh,Ps,Esha,Aarush,Richel Sid
Bieber,Riya,Prapti,Sabanana,Saibo,abc,Sweetie,Kna786,Naira Khan,Loveleen,Hafsa,Rhea,Sanam,Preety,Lara,Chandra,Tamanna,Gopika,Reethi,Sanjana,Phycho,Chehak,Srija,Krystal,FF reader,Star,Dayne Reddy,Ahana,dance girl,vintage lady,Anisha,Dheemahee,Nisha,Sid,Chloe,Candy,Dylan,Joaquín,Myrtle,Ashish,Humdan,Hussain,Peter,Avalon,Chriselda,Ethan,Zaid,Ann,Pulkit,Elsa,Thrisha,Shraddha,Aaliya,Leela,Ali,Flora,Gladia,Riyanna,Sam,Salma,Anushka,Olivia,Jones,Steesh,Earl,Najah,Naba,Oliver,Naheen,Shahad,Nafea,Pavani,Rusell,Dyan,Judith,Fahad,Sandali,Austin,Varghese,Joseph,Amani,Bianca,Rebeca,Rashmi,Shamz,Marissa,Nikhil,Arora,Kunjaddicts,Karthik,Gianne,Maria,Isabelle,Ishaan,Abhishek,David,Rudra,Annika,Inica,Shivangi,Priyanka,Jhanvi,Pinky,Akankhya,Roshini,Twinkle and Kunj,Miguel,Lama,Pearl,Sumo,Pali,Brendon,Joshua,Ayat,Angita,Aamu,Shreya,Srvas,Vashistha,Alan,isha,Shanya,Shayna,Guna,Yuvi,Raghav.
Sidmin-Thank you so much for supporting me and my ff and thanks for commenting.Love ya?
Shatakshi-Thank you so much Di for always encouraging me and making me a better writer.Love ya♥️
Aakanksha-Akku Di thank you seriously for really supporting me and commenting on my episodes.Im missing you and love ya?
Ritzi-Thank you so much dear for giving me suggestions and commenting and making me feel special.Love ya and miss ya?
Sayeeda-Sayu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I love you and thank you for everything.?
Tara-Thank you so much Di.I don’t know what I’d do without you I miss you like anything.Thank you for keeping me in the right track always,thanks for commenting from episode one.All I can say I LOVE HLU TARA DI.?
Laddoo-sry if it’s wrong?Thank you for reading my ff from the start.Love ya di?
Baby-Thank you so much Di. Love ya a lot.?
Delvin-Thank you so much bro.Love ya.?
JJ-God knows what I’d do without you.Thank you for supporting me bro.?
Ally-My bro,buddy.Thanx a lot for supportin me.?
Nadar-I really don’t know what I’d do without you seriously.You’ve been stuck side of me forever either bad or gud you always supported me.Thanks Naddy and aaja waapas jaldi na missing you and love ya?
I wouldn’t be able to write this ff till here without you,you’ve been like naddy forever like my maddy.Yall guys are the best in the world.I thank god for sending y’all and thanx for everything man?.Love ya?
Bunny-Aww..thanks for everything bunny.Especially reminding me of Sidhant each day texting you.Love ya?
I needed to thank each one of y’all and thank you for commenting on my last episode and anyone who missed it here it is thanks for the comments over 100 love ya guys…link below

All my readers and silent readers I love you but these are a but special so I wrote them separately.Dw y’all all are but these were there with me always.

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  1. Aamu

    uooooooooo welcome…n come back with another ff pls…
    if u love ur tei family…den pls come

    1. SMC

      Thanks Aamu..
      Yes I love y’all and I’ll do anything for y’all guys…
      Love you..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Shatakshi

    Awww Shirley
    Thank u so much for ur cute gesture
    N I miss ur ff shooo much
    If possible please come back with some other story
    Love u❤❤❤

    1. SMC

      Thanks Shatakshi..
      Everything is possible with you guys..
      Love you too di…

  3. Sayeeda

    Shirley I’m missing u badly….
    Hope to see u back soon…..
    Thank for your lovely word’s…
    Miss u
    Love u ???

    1. SMC

      Sayu Di…
      Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhh..
      Yes definitely soon..
      I miss you too sayuuuu..
      Anytime Di…
      Miss you tooooo…
      And love you tooo…

  4. SMC

    Yes,I forgot a few names like Sidvee,Sidhanshi,ranabulbul
    And whoever I forgot forgive me please
    And yes y’all are allowed to reply tho I didn’t write your names
    Love you guys

  5. Awwwwww……ur the sweetest of the idk what?
    Tbh u have thanked everyone and this melted my heart
    ur the best writer,guider,friend,best friend,stalker??,and everything else Ik missing u too
    Haan Haan mein bohut jald waapas a rahi hoon
    tab treat dena what say BAAR BAAR DEKHO?❤️
    Or what about Befikre??
    Anything according to u
    miss u tomato face
    and I hate u ?❤️?

    1. SMC

      Thanks a lot…
      How are you living if your heart melted ?…
      Your the best friend,everything you’ve written there..
      I’m missing you triple..
      Good boy I’m waiting so badly for September..
      Yes,Yes treat I need my treat..
      And coz you were there I need Baar Baar Dekho and Befikre both..and you better take me otherwise I’ll kill you..
      I miss you too Naddy my Maddy..
      Ya,ya I hate you too..?❤️???

      1. Wait how do we get an account on this I’m tired of using emails?
        Ok ok don’t own me on social public media k?❤️
        im missing you triple rectangled squared❤️
        I swear I’m waiting as well for 10th
        Ofc whatever treat u want naddy will give u
        sure so befikre and baar baar dekho it is
        Kill kill me there won’t be fun without me then?
        well baar baar dekho Ik u need to watch it Sid after all
        Miss u too cute tomato
        I hate u infinity triangled circled squared ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. SMC

        I told how to get one but you never understand anything just use the same email don’t change it…
        I will own on public social media…?
        Awww…anywayz whatever I want you always give me..❤️
        I’m missing you infinity multiplied squared..?❤️..owned again
        Nah…ill kill you later ?..when I have nothing to do..

  6. wah wah wah wah!
    kya tha yaar anyways u derserved this coz your Shirley and your one person who does stuff that are right I’m being honest here u stared your fan fiction with low comments and u would always loose hope in posting ur episodes and it would always be around 3-10 comments and see now your comments are like around 100 and stuff like that I pity all the people who told u that u wrote badly but you’re damn amazing for ur age and if I was something big I would post this to Sidhant literally tag him and tell him that a 12 year old wrote a fan fiction for him Pakka I’ll find someone to do it okay chal I’m going for now no wait!
    Important thing:I miss u ?
    And love yaaaaaaa toooooo!

    1. SMC

      Thanks Sid…
      When I seen the logo I understood ‘Sid’…
      I really don’t know how to thank you,you’ve been there for me like form the first episode infact not only you many other people and those people know it as well but you would always support me tho people bashed me thru the first three episodes…
      I’m telling you it’s just because of yall guys I’m here with so much of love and support y’all guys are the best…’s fine Sid I’m sure Sidhant would feel it through his heart…well I would literally do it if I had my insta account..?
      But no problem…as long as y’all guys are with me i have no objection..
      Okay chal bye..
      Damn I forgot something..?
      I miss you too…Sid…
      Love ya too bro..

  7. the sweetest thing a person would ever do and u did it
    I’m missing u man
    cum back fast
    love u extremely
    miss u as well

    1. SMC

      Thanxxxx a lot Ashyyyyy…
      I’m missing you too man??…
      Yea just one more year and I’m with you so chill till then…
      Love you too..???❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank u so so much smc
    for those kind and thankful words
    Missin u a lot come back soon for me
    love u and keep smiling?

    1. SMC

      Thanks so much Rhea….
      Anytime sis…
      I’m missing you toooooooooooooooooooo….
      Yes I’m coming back to you…Mumbai meri Jaan..
      Love ya tooo…

  9. shirleeyyyyyy
    thank u so much ur the best writer and im looking forward to ur new ff pls pls come back with it
    missing you a looooooot
    love u

    1. SMC

      Thank you first so much…
      Yes yes I’m coming back for you..
      Missing you too a lot..
      Love you too..❤️

  10. Bae?
    Let’s start it like that
    Tbh the credit goes to u as well you’ve concepted the story and as a best friend I supported u and im happy I did coz you needed the support and like your the first one in tu to get higher than 100 comments in an episode in this age,and yes without u I wouldn’t be able to take any decisions and ur just the best as well just keep writing and smiling and never ending laughing
    And miss u

    1. SMC

      Thanxxxx for everything dude…
      You were honestly the best…
      Same..I wouldn’t be able to take any decisions without you too and coz if you I’m here with all pampering…
      You’re super best man…
      Never ending blush-laughing you mean…?☹️
      Ily too…
      I miss you like hell dude come back soon..

  11. Baby

    smc yr ll really miss u i srsly luvd ur ff
    n yah cm nxt wid a new stry yr u were fabulous
    luv u dear

    1. SMC

      Thanks a lot…
      I miss you too…
      Yeh I’m coming for my TASHAN E FAMILY..
      You were mind blowing..
      Love you too..

      1. Baby

        wowwwwwwwwww smc u r cmng bck i m sooooooo happy nt w8 c u soon darlo

      2. SMC

        Yep..I am for you guys..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????anything for y’all

  12. Shirley you were fab and the story was even flabbergasted
    I just loved it to the core of my heart and ur Ff has touched my heart
    will miss u a lot

    1. SMC

      Thanks a lot…
      I miss you…
      Love you too..

  13. thanx dude
    just remember im always there for you whether im in the world or not just live ur life and do what u want and I’m there with u FOREVER I promise to fulfil my duties as ur bro and whatever u wanna do I is there
    miss ya

    1. SMC

      Anytime bro..xD..
      And remember I’m always there for you tooo…
      Man chill you aren’t gon die so easily with me..
      Maybe while laughing but nah..
      Ik you is always there for me..
      Miss ya too…
      Aaja Goa se waapas..?
      Love you bro..

  14. damn dude you’re epic
    amazing job I loved the episodes
    love u

    1. SMC

      Thanks Di..
      I’m epic you’re depic…
      Love you too..

  15. My bunnyyyyyy…shirts
    you’ve been an amazing,cool,irritating,mad,stupid,best,true and the best friend God ever gifted me,Damn dude yo reached episode 70 and that too 12 years…we all are around 16-2
    Your writing has some magic in them and your episode has some sparkle in them
    your a future writer I grantee you that
    just keep laughing and smiling like a red tomato..xD
    love ya man..

    1. SMC

      Thanx dude…
      Nice words there…xD…
      Episode 70…bcoz of y’all guys..❤️❤️
      Damn your words are amazing..
      I will keep laughing forever…???❤️
      Not the tomato thing tho..xD
      Love ya too bruh..

  16. my batman,supergirl
    you’re the best person I met and I just love your writing
    well strongest girl I ever met as well
    and best owner ?❤️
    just keep writing and making me fall in love with your stories
    love u

    1. SMC

      My superman,super stupid person..xD
      I keep asking you where’s Bijlani dude…?
      Best owner Dayum..?❤️
      I will keep writing..
      Aww I’ll make you fall in love with them all over again..?❤️
      Love ya too…
      Missing you man..

  17. Thanks Shirley u made my day although its the end but still u got some talent,thanks once again???

    1. SMC

      Some talent????jk…
      Thanxxxx a lot buddy..
      You’ve been an amazing friend…

  18. Thanks Shirley u made my day although its the end but still u got some talent,thanks once again???
    Hope to see u soon

    1. SMC

      Don’t hope bruh were gonna meet everyday from 6th?❤️..
      Thanxxxx a lot ally for everything especially for being my bestie..

  19. Talent!!!!!!!!
    damn you’re famous now
    shit not fair?
    anyways you’re amazing and outstanding
    thanxxxxxxx a lot
    and how was my tradition style huh..?
    anyways love uh and miss uh

    1. SMC

      Oh yeah..
      Talent ☹️☹️
      Hahhahahah famous..
      If you wore that home I would just would call you hot but you didn’t ?..
      Love ylu too…and miss you too..???

    2. Haan Haan on your wedding I’ll wear it..xD

    3. SMC

      Then what’s the use…
      If you wear it on my wedding my eyes will be on my guy only..??
      And anyways I’m in my chilled zone not marriage?..

  20. shirtsssssssssssssss,amazing job love u and miss u pls come back soon and come na back t goa missing u like Rudra hell Ik ULL come back ?

    1. SMC

      After long time man..❤️☹️
      Thanx man..
      How are you dude..
      Love ya too…bro
      Missing you like SMC hell..❤️?
      Yep I’m coming back chill..?❤️

  21. a.m.a.z.i.n.g j.u.s.t.a.m.a.z.i.n.g

    1. SMC

      Awww…thanks Fahad…?
      Missing you too bro..
      Love ya three?☹️

  22. Well you’ve done a lot for us I think we need one more trend what say guys..
    #Amazing job Shirley…Thanks a lot
    pls support me again guys^^

    1. SMC

      You ppl..
      It want really needed bro..
      ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☹️anyways Thanks a lot bro..

  23. Lovely post just like u
    #Amazing job Shirley..Thanks a lot

    1. SMC

      Aww..thanx Vivi..❤️❤️❤️

  24. amazing girl your just fab
    #Amazing job Shirley…thanks a lot
    love u

    1. SMC

      Thanxxxx a lot Varun..
      Man where Dhavan..??
      Love ya too…??☹️??

  25. zabardast tha yaar
    #amazinh job Shirley…….thanks A lot

    1. SMC

      Thanxxxx man..

  26. #Amazing job…Shirley…thanx a lot
    love ya dude
    you’re totally amazing

    1. SMC

      Love ya tooo….❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Woahhhhh
    #Amazing job Shirley…Thanx a lot
    you’re real good tho and famous never knew??
    Anyways cont laughing like a tomato..?????

    1. SMC

      Thanx man..
      Such a lame joke?❤️..
      Tomato my face..???

  28. #Amazing job Shirley…thanx alot..
    missing u a lot
    love u
    amazing female?❤️❤️??☹️

  29. SMC

    How are you man..
    Same man same..
    Love you handsome potato..xD??

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