Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 9


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Actually UV drinks water but not alcohol as Chinki notices it and exchanges it.UV starts dancing with Ashley(A Couple dance).Chinki in her mind says u wait UV see what I will do.Chinki gets jealous and goes to UV friend and dances with him,she gets close with him and UV notices,he slaps his friend and says what u r trying to do,Chinki shouts at him and says he didn’t do anything,We were just dancing.UV says sorry and resumes the party,Chinki smiles.The party ends,all of them leave.

Next morning,Ashley calls UV and tells him to meet her out of his house,he asks her she is out and he gets ready,Chinki sees this and follows him.Ashley comes close to UV but he jerks her away,he pulls him closer and tells him that she loves him for than her life,UV is shocked,he hold her hand,Chinki thinks that he also loves her,he’s holding her hand too!,she runs and crys.UV holds her hand and says sorry I don’t love u,and pls if u force me,I wl stop talking to u,She agrees and tells him that set loves him so she doesn’t want to hurt him,both of them leave.

Twinkle passes Chinki’s room and sees her crying badly.Twinkle asks her the matter,but Chinki stays silent,she tells Twinkle to leave her alone for some time,Kunj even notices UV sad and asks him UV tells that Ashley proposed him,and that he doesn’t love her but as a friend he loves her,Kunj asks him do u love someone else?UV tells him no and asks him why he asked,Kunj says u would be sad only if u loved someone,bcoz ur feelings for that person can’t be hidden,UV thinks about Chinki.Manchala plays.

Twinkle and Kunj r coming from both the sides but they think about UV and Chinki,both of them bang each other and smile.Kunj asks her where was she lost Twinkle asks him the same question,they say together actually UV and Twinkle says Chinki…….They look surprised and Kunj takes her to his room,both of them share whatever Yuki told them and Twinkle says Kunj I think Chinki is in love with UV.Kunj says we have to plan something.Sorry if it is short.

Precap-Twinj call up Sanskaar and Swara (Swaragini)and tell them the plan.Sankaar calls Chinki and Swara tells UV to come to the same place,Sanskaar tells Chinki that I am Sanskaar Maheswari,Chinki hugs him and UV gets shocked…..

Credit to: SMC

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