Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 8

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So Yuki enter Twinj room and show them 3 tickets to Goa,Twinj sees the names Usha,Leela and Anita.Twinkle says when is the flight timing,Yuki say at 7:00pm.Yuki go to Twinkle’s house and gives all of them the tickets,They ask them what is this,Yuki says u’ll r goin to Goa today at 7 and rite on start packing,they say ok,ok but what about u’ll,where wl u’ll stay Yuki says in Usha Aunty’s house since Kunj is injured,Moms agree and start packin while Yuki help them.

Yuki drop,their parents and tell them to enjoy.Yuki come to Kunj’s House.they sleep.

After 2 days.
Kunj can walk properly and his wounds have healed.Twinj and Yuki reach ASC(College)Sir says the winner of the singing competition is Twinkle and Kunj.Twinj hug each other in excitement.They take the trophy and put it up together.He says the second place goes to UV and Chinki.Chinki and UV collect the trophy.They all come home.

Chinki and Twinkle says that a party should be held,UV and Kunj agree but say Maa is not here so it’s a party between us,ok.Chinki and Twinkle agree and puts the radio on,Dil Dhadkne Do plays and Twinj and Yuki dance,Kunj rotates Twinkle fast and Twinkle loses balance and falls on him.Sajna Ve plays.

Yuki notices this and changes the song to Abhi Toh Party Shru Hu Hai,Kunj helps her get up and They start dancing again.They all sleep together in the hall on the sofa.All of them are shown in the morning.Twinkle is sleeping on top of Kunj and Chinki and UV r hugging each other and sleeping suddenly someone rings the bell and all of them r shocked to see how they were sleeping,they go to check who it is,UV and Kunj friends,they all get ready and open the door,some guys and girls come and hug UV and Kunj,Twinkle smiles as Kunj is happy to meet his friends while Chinki gets jealous seeing UV attracted to the girls,Chinki tells Twinkle look at UV,when I was with him he was around me and never even left my hand but when his friends came he just forgot me,Twinkle tells her u r feelin jealous,Chinki denies.the girl face is shown new entry her name is Ashley,she loves UV a lot and wants to confess it to him asap,she asks UV to drink but he says I promised my friend to take care of my life and never drink or smoke u have,since the lights were off she exchanged it and gave UV beer.UV drinks it.

Jealousy between UV and Chinki,Ashley to confess her love to UV,UV holds her hand.Chinki sees this and cries and runs.

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