Twinj (Friendship Turns to Love) Episode 70


Hey guys finally I’m back with my wi fi and reached my country after my trip so today’s the end of the journey friendship turns to love,yes guys today y’all guys will find out my identity and everything…hope y’all like the last episode written by your very own SMC


Mr Malhotra tells Twinj to sing for him and they agree.The lights go off.
Kunj comes with his guitar and the spotlight falls upon him and he starts
Na jiya zindagi ek a pal bhi,
Tujhse hoke juda sun Zara,
Twinkle comes and starts:
Bin Tere mujhse naraaz tha dil,
Tu Mila hai toh hai Keh raha,
Kunj starts again:
Mai toh Tere rang mei,
Rang chuka hoon,
Bas Tera ban chuka hoon,
Mera mujhme Kuch nahi,
Twinj start together:
Sab Tera,Sab Tera,Sab tera,Sab teraaaa
Everyone applaud for them and Twinj pass a smile to each other.

Twinkles P.O.V
Kunj seriously everything is yours,this life is yours,my heart is yours,my mind is yours and my love for you is yours.
P.O.V ends

Twinkle goes to Kunj and says:
T-I really need to speak to you,come to our room up please.
K-Yea sure but fast since it’ll be time for the engagement.
Twinj are on their way to the room and Usha stops Kunj and says:
U-Kunj,come on it’s time for you to get engaged.
K-Maa,one minute me and Twinkle wanna talk.
U-Arey Kunj,she’s gonna stay with us,you can talk to her later.
T-Aunty please.
U-Twinkle,you are with us in this house only talk to Kunj later.
Usha drags Kunj from there and Twinj keep looking at each other.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj P.O.V
I think she was gonna tell me she loves me I felt that in her eyes,I’m sure she was gonna tell me but Twinkle you still have time to confess please tell me you love me.I can stop the earth from revolting to hear those words from you.I don’t care about this engagement it’s just a fake please confess it ASAP.
P.O.V ends

Usha and Leela(as Shirleys parents aren’t in the FF)bring Kunj and Shirley in front and have a toast for them.Kunj looks at Shirley and Shirley gives him a don’t worry Wala look.UV says:
UV-Arey it’s their engagement,one dance is a must.
Usha-Yes,Yes of course and everyone can join after they dance.
Kunley look at each other sadly and take each other’s hand and go on the dance floor.
Ishq Wala Love plays.
Twinkle sees them and feels a bit hurt and Sid as well.Kunj tells Shilrey that she may feel free on him as they are childhood friends.Kunj places his hand on her waist and Shirley keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Yuki and Twid join them.Twinkles attention is only on how close Kunley are.Sid spins Twinkle and Twinj come together and Sidley as well.Kunj keeps his hand on her waist and Twinkle keeps her hand on his shoulder and they face each other,it’s a mixture of pain and jealously.Kunj turns Twinkle and pulls her from back and places his face on her cheek and Twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach.Finally he takes her in his arms.Sajna Ve plays.
Everyone applauds for Twinj,Sidley and Yuki.

Sid takes Shirley to a corner and walks to her till she reached the wall
And he comes close to her and tells her:
Sid-Please stop this engagement,do anything Ik you aren’t happy and plus we’re best friends right.
S-I can’t do anything I guess,not loves me in this world.
Sid-There’s always one person who’ll love you I swear.
S-Who.No one.
Sid-Someday you’ll find out you’re life partner,he’ll love you a lot.
S-That’s impossible to find I can’t love anyone as I love someone.
Sid gets heartbroken hearing that.
He leaves from there and tears fall from both their eyes.Kuch Khaas plays.
Everyone is called to gather around Kunley and Usha and Leela come with the rings.Kunj looks at Twinkle.

Kunj P.O.V.
Come one Twinkle please stop this from happening.I Love you Twinkle Please only you can save me from getting engaged.
P.O.V Ends.
Twinkles P.O.V
Twinkle come on,see your childhood love,friend and life is going away and you’re just standing there controlling your tears.You got to tell him you LOVE HIM.
P.O.V Ends.

Kunj take the ring from the box and extends his hand for Shirleys hand and just that time a voice is heard.
Stop!..and Kunj turns and it’s no other than Twinkle.She says:
I need to confess something,actually to Kunj.Kunj I don’t know when this happened to me and how but when I realized it,I came running here but I couldn’t tell you anything as everyone kept meeting you or you were taken somewhere.Kunj I don’t care if you get angry with me,stop talking to me or even taking my life but Kunj you’re my best friend,you’re my life and you’re my love.
Kunj cries and smiles.Usha and Leela are shocked.Sidley are happy.
Kunj walks to her and Twinkle says:
I know you might be angry with me but I needed to tell you this because if I see you with anyone,my heart breaks and I’ll die without you and…
Kunj stops her y’all know how?

Twinkle opens her eyes and smiles.
Kunj says:
How much will you speak,listen to me sometimes first….
They both smile and hug each other tightly and cry.Sajna Ve plays.
They hear people talking and Kunj says:
K-sorry everyone but actually this engagement was just a fake.Me and Shirley are childhood best friends and we just wanted Twinkle to confess and if I didn’t do this this girl would never tell me she loves me.
T-So this was a drama and goes and playfully hits his chest.
Usha and Leela come and says:

What’s all this and acts like slapping them and Twinj close their eyes and Usha and Leela hug them ???
Shirley gets a phone call.
Person talking:
I’m sorry to say but your parents died in an accident yesterday and your cousin told me to tell you that they buried him in Goa.Shirley drops the phone in shock and screams.
Kunj,Twinkle,Yuvi,Sid,And Chinki go running and ask her what happened and they pick the phone and put it on speaker and hear the doctor speaking and get shocked.
Shirley goes running to the kitchen and Sid and the rest run behind her.
She takes the knife and is about the cut her hand,just then Sid puts his hand there and she cuts his hand.
Sid throws the knife and says:
Sid-You’re gone mad to kill yourself,
What’s wrong with you,you know what’ll happen to me if you did that not me my life.You are my life and you’re killing it!
Shirley looks at him confused.and says:
S-Why,do you care so much just leave me alone forever.

S-Why,who am I to you.
Sid-My everything and screams and says :
Shirley looks at him in guilt and pain and cries on his shoulder and says:
I Love You too Sidhant????
They hug each other more tightly and Twinj and Yuki smile.
Shirley takes care of his wound and bandages it.
After a week is Twinj,Sidley and Yuki haldi.
Haldi day.(it’s gonna be short and only Twinj)
Kunj calls Twinkle after everyone puts haldi on them and says:
K-I need to see your face and I need to you to clean my face.
T-Okay(blushes)come home from
the balcony.
Kunj comes from the balcony and sees her and says:
K-Ahh…how beautiful you look.
T-Ik I’m beautiful after all I’m Twinkle Taneja.

K-Praising yourself nice.??
T-Lame joke.
K-Anyways I told you to not wash the haldi and you did.
T-Actually Maa,told me to.
K-OK,No prob I still have haldi on me so..
Kunj comes towards Twinkle and she goes back and they both reach the wall and Kunj comes close to her and applies the haldi from his cheek to hers and they smile at each other.

Twinj,Sidley and Yuki exchange their rings and promise to stand by each other and have their dance. performances.
Twinj dance on Tum ho.(Rockstar)
Yuki dance on Main Hoon Hero.(Hero)
Sidley dance on Kuch Khaas.(Fashion)
Sidhant and Jasmine have their dance performance (as well if y’all remember I included them in the FF)
On Jag ghumiya.(Sultan)
Sidharth Malhotra has his performance on Thug Le.
Mouni Roy and Arjun dance on
Tumhe apna banane.

Twinj,Sidley and Yuki together get married.Kunj fills Twinkles Maang and the priest says your marriage is complete you both are husband and wife and your Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna from today.
UV fills Chinki’s Maang and the priest says you both are husband and wife and your Chinki Yuvraj Luthra from today.
Sidhant fills Shirley’s Maang and the priest says your marriage is accomplished you both are husband and wife and your Shirley Sidhant Gupta from today.
After some weeks.
Kunj gives twinkle some papers and Twinkle gets excited and hugs him and thanks him and says:
T-You remember till now that in childhood I wanted a hotel and you got it.I Love You Kunj.
K-Ah…I’ll do this everyday if you say I love you everyday ?
They open the hotel and name it Twinj Resort.
After a year.
Twinkle gives birth to a boy and girl and they name the boy Sidhant and the girl Jasmin.
Yuki name their baby boy Zain.
Sidley name their baby girl Shirls.
And the screen freezes on their happy faces together.
So my FF ends here the journey is over I’m gonna miss all you guys and really I never replied to your ff’s as I was out of town and many of y’all know gonna miss each one of y’all and trust me I’m not gonna forget y’all and yes I’ll fulfill my promise my identity.

Name-Shirley Campos.
Age-12 years.
Native country-Goa,Mumbai.
Hobbies-Tennis,basketball,Football,cricket,volleyball,table tennis.
I’m really happy I got to complete 70 episodes with you guys at 12 years love you guys a lot.
Shirley signing off.???❤️❤️❤️❤️????

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