Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 7


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They all leave the cafe.Outside the cafe Chinki tells Leela she is goin with UV since they have to practise,and Twinkle tells she is goin to Kunj house.Kunj takes Yuki along and they all talk about their childhood,UV told that once Chinki was sick,so she had to have soup she always used to tell Leela no need to feed her UV is there,so whenever I came she made me drink all the soup and took all the credit of drinking it,Chinki starts laughing and pulls his cheeks to tease him.Manchala plays.

Kunj says I will tell something also,once Twinkle came home with a maths paper and said Kunj,Kunj pls help I got 0 for my test if I show Maa then she wl send me to the ground,Kunj says u take my paper and go(9/10),Twinkle thanks him and hugs him and leaves.Kunj shows his mom the paper and he gets shoutings badly just before his mom was sending him out Twinkle came with a paper,Kunj tells her to leave but she gives the paper,Usha comes to Kunj and says sorry beta,this is ur paper(10/10)Kunj says in his mind Twinkle.Kunj pulls her aside and asks her what she did she confesses the truth.FB ends.Twinkle starts laughing and puts her hand over his his while laughing,He glances at her.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinj drop Yuki and come home.
Yuki room.
UV says come u sing the first part.She starts
Janam Janam,saath chalna yuhi.
Kasam tumhe Kasam aake milna yahin.
Ek jaan hai bhale do bandhan judaa.
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna,
Kabhi na kehna alvida.
Chinki tells UV that the song is similar to them.UV tells her that no one is similar than u even my friends r not better than u,I told in childhood,we wl meet each other,and it happened today.They smile.UV starts
Meri subha ho tumhi.
Aur tumhi shaam ho.
Tum dard ho tumhe aaram ho.
Meri duaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa.
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna.
Kabhi na kehna alvida.
They finish their practise and talk.
Twinj room.

Hmm…Kunj u sing the first part I will sing the other part.Kunj starts
Ankhon Ki panno pe.
Mein likha tha sau dafaa.
Lafzon mein jo Ishq tha.
Huaa na hothon Se bayaan.
Khud se naraaz hoon.
Kyun pe awaas Hoon.
Meri khamoshiyaan hai saaza,
Dil hai yeh soch tha,Phir bhi nahi pata
Kis haq se kahoon pata..
Ki Main Hoon Hero tera…….
Twinkle starts
Rahoon mein bhi,hear kadaam,
Mein teri saath chala,
Haathon mein bhi,yeh haath magar,
Phir Raha faalsa,
Seene mein chuppe.
Ehsaas pyaar Ki,bin kahin to sun Le Zara.
Dil hai yeh sochta,Phir bhi nahi pata
Kis haq Se kahoon pata
Ki Main Hoon Hero Tera……
They finish and Kunj drops her home.

Next day at college.
UV and Chinki finish their song,Twinkle starts singing and a boy makes fun of her voice,the judges weren’t doing anything as they liked Twinkle’s voice but Kunj couldn’t control,after the song he took that same boy and starting beating him up,but that boys friends came and starting beating Kunj badly and brutally.Chinki,UV and Twinkle r just walkin out of the college and while Kunj is getting beaten up,Twinkle tells them she feels something wrong his going to happen,They walk out the college and is shocked the see those boys beating Kunj up,Twinkle goes and slaps one guy and that guy is about the hit her but UV and Chinki push her,UV starts fighting suddenly one guy from UV back try’s to hit his head but Chinki hits him first(boy)one boy still is left others runaway,he starts beatin Kunj and Twinkle comes and pushes him that guys pushes her and she falls on Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.

They all take Kunj in the car,UV drives with Chinki in front,Twinkle asks Kunj that’s the same guy who made fun of me,he says yes I was teaching him a lesson,Twinkle says why u have to act like a hero u would get hurt,he says when one friend got hurt the other one has the feel the pain,she asks him what he means,he says I know u felt hurt when he said that,that’s why I did this.Doctor does the dressing of Kunj wounds and says if he gets into more pain he can lose his life since those goons have beaten him brutally,they all meet Kunj and he tells them not to try I am ok,doctor says u can take him home.they reach at home and Usha said who did this and why.They tell the incident but Kunj stops them and tells they r like this only in the college they fight and then say sry.Twinkle takes Kunj to his room,she tells him to change,he puts his pant on,but struggles while putting his shirt,he shouts in pain,Twinkle comes in and sees him,she helps him put his shirt and his buttons.

Usha sees this and thinks she acts like she is the sister of Kunj she is a very cute child,may God give her all happiness.Usha tells Kunj that she has to go Leela has called her,Kunj says who wl be with Twinkle says I wl stay with u,and Usha asks her to feed Kunj,Twinkle feeds him and he says u also eat she doesn’t listen and he lifts his injured hand and makes her eat.Twinkle says pls don’t do anything that wl cause u to this state,he says if I can’t do anything when I see u in pain,this is not called friendship it’s called fair whether friends but we r one remember what we said in childhood they say together Kunj and Twinkle have become one again.They hug each other amd smile.Sajna Ve plays in the background.

Precap-Twinkle and Kunj tell Yuki that we will plan to send our moms to spend time together.Twinj and Yuki stay in Kunj house for 20 days since their parents r not there and in Kunj house bcoz he is injured.

Credit to: SMC

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  3. Twinkle & Kunj are getting closer slowly in Zee Tv’s Tashan E Ishq.
    Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin ) also started to feel some possessiveness for him & try to behave like wife with him.

    Kunj also feels love for Twinkle but he does not want to accept it due to some reasons.
    in the meantime, Kunj and Twinkle get a stuck in a new argument where they decide to get Leela married again.

    Kunj desires to unite Leela and her husband RT while Twinkle finds a new man for Leena.

    This brings a tough time for Kunj and Twinkle and Kunj thinks to part ways from Twinkle.
    Twinkle thinks to confess her love to Kunj
    Twinkle has accepted Kunj as her husband whole heartedly does not want to separate him.

    Twinkle decides to give a second change to her and Kunj’s marriage.

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  6. its so good you should not show yuvi and chinki as importantt as twinj

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