Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 66

Hii guys…finally exams r over?????????now I can post the episodes properly and regularly ..
Recap-Episode 65

Someone messages on Sid’s phone and Twinkle wakes up a don checks it cuz it was continuously making sounds,she opens and sees the messages of Sidley.
Twinkles POV.
I thought they were best friends but they r fighting and that too such a big fight on messenger.What is the matter anyway I must share Thai with Kunj as soon as possible.
T-Kunj tum kaha ho.(Kunj where r u).
K-Bathroom mai hai,koi tsunami hai Kya itna chila kya kar rahi hoon.(I’m in the bathroom,what happened u r screaming as if some tsunami HAPPENDED).
T-Apne sad wali jokes apne pass rakho.(Keep ur sad jokes to urself).
After 5 mins.
Kunj cums out and Twinkles tells him about Sidley and they plan to patch them up as friends.(Guys Twinj don’t Know that Sid loves Shirley).
Sid cums with breakfast and gives it to Shirley.She says:
S-I don’t want to eat.
Sid-Atleast eat for ur health.
S-Ahh..give it to me.
Sid-Won’t u say thanks I was in the kitchen from night making ur breakfast.
S-Thanks not very much,now leave.
Sid-eat infront of me then I’ll go.
Shirley sees everything he made in a smiley shape and looks up and at him and he signs her to smile.Shirley says:
S-Sid pls leave me,u destroyed my whole life and I don’t want to talk to u just leave me once and for all.
Sid-I told I’m very sorry for what had happened I shouldn’t have done that I’m really sorry I didn’t know that such a big thing would happen.
S-Just leave.
Sid-I’m sorry.
S-There’s no use of saying sorry.
Sid leaves and Shirley cries.

T-So what shall we do with them.
K-We’ll tell them we won’t speak to them if they don’t talk to each other.
T-Woww brilliant idea Kunj Sarna,u need to get an award for this great idea of urs.(Sarcastically).
K-I know right.
Twinkle tells Kunj the plan which is muted.
K-U r a Siyappa Queen but a Idea Queen as well.
T-That’s cuz I’m beauty with brains.
Sidley room.
T-Kunj u did what I said.
T-So we’ll push them in the toilet and it wl get locked.
Twinj give a high-five to each other.
Sidley enter the room and aren’t talking to each other and our Twinj start their drama.
COCKROACH! they scream and run behind Sid.
Twinj-Cockroach is inside the bathroom.
Sid-Srsly guys.

Sid approaches and Kunj sings:
Cocky cocky where r u where r u we are waiting to kill u right now right now.
Sid screams and pushes Twinj inside the bathroom and Twinj get locked.
Twinj together-Noooo!
They try opening the door but all went in vain.They tried breaking it but they couldn’t.
Sidley also try helping them but they couldn’t so they tot of bringin UV but they realised that the door was locked and start screaming and Twinkle smirks.(Guys understood our Siyappa Queen was done somethin).
The screen freezes on their shocked faces and Twinj laughing.

Precap-Kunj how long wl we stay here I’m leaving and while she says this she pushes the tap on and all the water flows and she still walks and slips when Kunj holds her.The lights go off and Sidley r in the room,they call each other’s name scared and read the nxt episode to see what happens to Twinj And Sidley.

Guys u know that a room has a bathroom so in the room Sidley r there and in the bathroom Twinj r there.
Thanks for reading and commenting and love u all and God Bless u!✌️?????✌

Credit to: SMC


    • SMC

      Thanks Sidmin…
      Of course I read ur episodes and I have recently commented as well..
      Love u..

  1. Aylmer(Ally)

    awesum yep finally holidays have arrived was missin u a lot and finally I can read ur updates after that bunch of exams love ya

  2. Johan

    Fab dud
    Loved it add too
    Nice joke ally but we all know that u used her acc and typed the message she’s not a person to praise herself

  3. Aaron

    OMG finally was waiting for centuries for this episode was missing u like hell
    Love u and the amazinggggg episode

  4. Aleina

    Awesum Job shirleyyyy
    love u a lotttttt

  5. Sherwin

    kaamal ka job Tha yaar..
    lovely scenes and the episode was as usual amazing
    Love ya txt he moon and back

  6. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Hey SMC
    Thank God ur exams r over…now we all can get ur superb episodes…
    Please post ur episodes daily
    Todays epi was too good
    Loved it to the core????

  7. Karl

    What skills u have in writing with such great efforts you put each episode and reached such a level you r on episode 66 WOW
    m really really very very very very curious to know your age bcoz your FF is from so long and it’s really awesmeeeee
    love youuuuuuuuu

  8. Ritzi


    |Registered Member

    its nice but SMC i only hv 1 problem tht pls dont show sidley scenes toooooooo much jst focus on twinj afap….. i hope it didint hurt u

    • Aaron

      Ritzi I don’t wanna hurt u but here’s the thing me and SMC r really close friends more like bro and sis and she already shared the story with me so I know how the confession is gonna happen and she is not only focusing on Sidley cuz if u’ll want Twinj to patch up then Sidley have to patch up right..she’s trying to keep it balanced cuz if Sidley is not patched then Kunj wl have to marry Shirley and then divorce and all wl happen so I’m telling u what’s gonna happen is gonna be fun

    • SMC

      Thanks Ritzi…
      Okay..m sorry for showing their scenes…I’ll focus on Twinj..m sorry…
      Love u…

  9. SMC die hard fan

    im a silent reader and im in love with your ff from day one i just wish that you reach hundred episodes and i love your ff and episodes like anything please don’t listen to anyone if they hurt you please i still remember when you started your ff someone said that you’ll never reach episode 10 but your in 66 you proved yourself right and I don’t care who doesn’t like your ff but always remember i am there for you.i know you might think this is a longggggg speech but the truth is all in your ff that it is just PHEMOMENAL

  10. Pavani

    aŵèsømé êpïśødë
    Ÿèp fíñáłlŷ éxâmś ãrè øvèr
    Płš çøńtìñûè às śôøń åś póšśíbłè

  11. Ethan

    rocking episode
    thank god your exams are over



  12. Chloe

    thanks god exams are over I’ll get to read your fabulous and fantastic episodes actually Aaaron your right if Sidley dontpatch then how will Twinj smart
    Smart Best Freidns

  13. Zac

    de dana dan de Dana dan dil mera bola de Dana dan
    Mujhe pyaar Ho Gaya Teri episode and ff Se
    Mujhe deewana hai tumhare ff se

  14. Gianne

    You know na last time I made a song for ya so this time to and on history:
    You and me love your ff forever
    It will be the greatest thing that the world has ever seen
    You and me love your forever
    It stay forever,it wl be forever and we’ll read it F O R E V E R !
    hope you liked it
    amazing outstanding episode

  15. Sayeeda


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    Sorry for commenting late….
    But SMC I’m in love with ur ff…
    It’s mind blowing…. Fabulous…. too good…
    Loved it …can’t wait for next one

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