Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 65


Hii guys I know im late 5 days break but as I said finals r important as well and it’s getting over on Thursday yes finally freedom and of course the departure of the FF but don’t worry as my other one is still there and that’s of all the couples paired and combined together..

Super moms see their children sleepin in such a way:
Yuki-Over each other.
Sidley-in a cuddled position.
Supermoms wake them up by shaking them but they don’t get up so they put on Superman from Tevar and put it on the loudest volume.It plays and Twinj,Yuki and Sidley look at their positions and get up and feel ashamed.Shirley cums to Kunj:
S-Sorry Kunj I went to sleep with him and that in a cuddled position.
K-I’m sorry too I was hugging Twinkle and sleeping.
Shirley hugs Kunj in front of Twinkle which makes her jealous and a jealous Twinkle separates them and says:
T-I’m sorry too.
K-It’s okay Twinkle.
Twinkle’s POV
I thought he’ll hug me but no he doesn’t even care about me.He only hugs his Shirley and that too soooo tightly.Urghh..I wish that Shirley never existed no that’s bad Babaji I wish she never fell in love with my Kunj at least I would still happen.No,I wish they were not childhood friends only neither would they be so close or fall in love with each other.
Shirleys room.
She looks at the time and goes to the bathroom and changes quickly and says:
Sidharth might be waitin I should leave as soon as possible.
Radisson Resort.
Shirley enters and sees all men there and says:
Why would Sid call me here.
All the men look at her and teak to each other and says:
M-Kya figure hai yaar.(What figure she has).
M(2)-Ya,bohut hot hai.(Ya she’s so hot).
Twinkle hears this and tries to escape and the man holds her hand and takes her to a room.
216 room.
The man throws her on the bed and also falls on the bed.He tries to touch her but Shirley moves and her shoulder part dress gets torn,he comes close to her and gets a punch on his head.He turns and sees Sid.Sid punches and kicks him till he bleeds.He presses his neck and chokes him badly and throws him on the floor.Sid turns and sees Shirley in that state and runs and removes his shirt and keeps it round Shirley.The security and police cum and arrest the men.Sid says:
Sid-I’m so sorry Shirley (and cries badly while he says this)by mistake I typed Radission Resort it’s actually Radission Blu Hotel.
S-Now,u tell me sorry after so much has happened.
Sid-I’m really sorry.
S-Get lost Sid,I Hate You.
Sid’s POV.
I can’t believe what she said I Hate You srsly.Shirley I can’t live without u and u say u Hate me why Shirley.If ure in trouble I feel it.If u have tears in ur eyes I too have.If ur heart breaks even my heart breaks.Shirley..I Love You.Please I know it wl take time bcoz of that small spelling but the truth is that I Love U.
On the road.
Shirley goes and runs and Sid sees her he screams as he sees a truck approaching he runs towards her pushes her on the road they roll on each other and Sid shouts at her for being careless.He takes her hand and says ure cuming with me home.She pushes his hand and says never.They look around and see all the girls staring at Sid’s body and six pack abs.Shirley gets possessive and says let’s go and he takes her.
Sarna Masion.
Sidley enter the house and Usha sees Shirley in that state and the super moms run towards her and ask her the matter.Kunj goes running to her as she’s his childhood friend.Twinkle gets jealous as well as concerned for her.They all ask Sid who did it and he tells the whole matter.Kunj gets angry and slaps him.Shirley says leave him don’t do anything.Kunj says today he’ll get punished and beats him up.Twinkle tries to stop him and Kunj says doth defend ur boyfriend and slaps him hard.Shirley cums and screams and says Leave Him!Kunj leaves him.Kunj takes her to her room.
Sidleys room.
Kunj sits with Shirley and Twinkle sits with Sid.Twinkle gets the first aid box and puts it for Sid.Kunj gets jealous seeing thsi and holds Shir,yes hand tight.She says jealous huh and smiles.

Precap-Twinj on a mission to help Sidley patch.

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Credit to: SMC

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