Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 64


Hii guys I’m so sorry for updating the episode and yes the confession is approaching so stay back and read..

Yuki and Super Moms.
Yuki-Sorry Maa.
Super moms-Don’t tell sorry to us say sorry to Twinj.
Yuki-Of course Maa.
Yuki kick the door and Kunj is consoling Twinkle who is crying badly.UV and Chinki see this and feel bad and says:
Yuki-May we cum in.
K-Why have u’ll cum here to make her cry more?
Yuki-Go to Twinj and say sorry kneeling down.
K-What r u doin?
Yuki-Pls forgive us we have done bad stuff to u’ll for money,love,revenge and friendship.
Twinj-It’s fine but never ever do it again.
Yuki-Pakka Promise.
Twinj and Yuki together hug each other.Yeh Dosti plays.
Yuki cum and apologise to their moms but they leave.
Twinj-U’ll have to put butter on them to make them forgive u.
Yuki-But how?
Twinj-This how?and shares a plan.

Yuki drag their moms out and say we’ll make food today now off u go.Yuki make make and on each paratha they write sorry.On the dal they say sorry and the cake they put whipping cream and say sorry.They bring the food out and say Lunch is ready.Everyone cum and Yuki wink at Twinj.
Taada….. They open and show their moms and give each plate with sorry to them.The moms start smiling and hug Yuki.
Kunley room.
S-Kunj only three more days and our engagement what shall we do.
K-I don’t know we have to make Twinkle confess or else we’ll get married in the end.
S-Hmm..I’ll ask Sid.
S-Any idea.
Sid-Yep..I’ll tell u in the hotel tommorow be there at 11:00 am sharp k?
S-K Sid.
Sid-Just hope Twinkle confesses fast.
S-Yep me too.
Twinj and Yuki.
Y-Guys lets watch a movie.
C-Yes,scary one.
T-Guys I need to go to sleep so bye.
K-Twinkle,I know ur scared of scary movies so come.
Kunj pulls Twinkle and she falls on him and when Kunj falls he pushes UV and Chinki falls too.Twinkle is on top of Kunj and stares at him lovingly.Sajna Ve plays.
Yuki stand up and cough and they compose themselves.
C-So lets watch.

The movie starts and all creepy sounds come and Twinkle feels scared and holds Kunj arms tightly and suddenly the ghost enters and makes a scary loud noise that she hugs Kunj and screams.Yuki and Kunj tell her it was just a dream of the person in the movie,she get relieved.A romantic scene goes on and Yuki and Twinj look at each other awkwardly and put it off and yawn and say lets go to sleep but they all were so tired that they slept there only.

Precap-Shirley kidnapped Sid in search of her…he finds someone going to take advantage of her and..

Thanks for commenting and God bless and yes Twinj Confession and the end of the FF is approaching..

Credit to: SMC

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  1. Amaziny Amazing episode

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  2. Hey smc after long time btw epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it so much n plzzzzzzzzz don’t end it yaar ……Ik it’s ur wish bt still m ok do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

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  3. Eagerly waiting for the confession
    Loved today’s episode??

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      Me too eagerly waiting and I guess by episode 69 or 70 the confession wl happen so keep reading these days..
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  5. After a long time yaar smc…& plzzz dont end this ff . I just love it so mucchhh…..btw episode was osmmm as usual.

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  6. amazing and awesome

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    Do ctd soon

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  8. Smc after a very long gap…it was amazing as always….???????????????????????

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  9. yep there u go another fabulous job done by my bff love u and keep writing and Smiling

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  10. Super duper episode
    love it
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  12. There we go another fantastic episode of smc
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  16. after sis obviously bro
    fantastic episode
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