Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 63

Hii guys sorry for the late episode it’s bcoz I’m very busy bcoz my final Exams r approaching and I’m shifting as well so it’s really hard to find time to write the FF and to the other work so tell me whether u want me to end it ASAP or I’ll keep a day gap..

Twinkle wakes up and sees her self on Kunj and smiles.She goes towards his forehead to give him a peck on his forehead but is disturbed as she hears the knock on the door which wakes up Kunj.He sees her close to him and says:
K-Twinkle,u became so naughty.
T-Why what did I do.
K-U were trying to take advantage of me.(teasingly covering his body).
T-Ya right.
K-I know u even agreed by saying ya right.(and runs and opens the door).
Kunj opens the door and Shirley comes to give him morning coffee,he says:
K-Shirley,come in.
K-Thank u so much I needed coffee right now how did u know that I needed this and pulls her cheeks.While Twinkle is boiling behind them on the bed.
S-Aww Kunj don’t be so sweet making Twinkle more jealous.
Kunley hug each other in front of Twinkle to make her jealous.
K-Darling I’ll change and come.
T(in her mind)-He never called me any sweet names only with one name that’s Twinkle and makes her face like this ?.

In the hall.
Sidley and Twinj and Yuki r sitting and Yuki order Twinkle to clean their shoes.Twinkle says:
T-Why should I!
Kunj at the back murmurs that’s like my Twinkle.
Yuki-Bcoz we said so.
T-But I don’t want to listen to people who don’t respect people.
Yuki-Clean them otherwise we will..
K-You’ll will what,what wl u’ll do putting Twinkle behind him.
Yuki-We’ll throw u’ll out of the house.
T-Fine,I’ll do it.
K-No u won’t.
T- I will.
K-Then I’ll too.
They sit on the floor and Sidley tell them not to do it.Twinj tell them they wl.Twinkle opens the polish and gives Kunj,Kunj polishes it and the polish which was black comes on his face.Twinkle takes her hand and places it and his soft cheeks and wipes it.Sajna Ve plays.
They sit until they hear the horn outside the gate.Sidley,Twinj and Yuki go out to see who it is.Then comes three ladies dancing on Punjabi Wedding Song.Twinj and Sidley knew who were it but Yuki had no clue who was it until they turned and showed their faces who was our super moms Leela,Anita and Usha.They dance and come in the house.Twinkle goes and hugs Leela,while Kunj hugs Usha and UV goes and hugs Anita but as he approaches Anita slaps him.With this Twinj leave their moms and see what happened.Anita says:
A-Who r u?
Y-Ur son UV.
A-In my dreams u r my son.
Y-Mom what happened to u?
A-What happened to u?
Y-Nothing and he gets one more slap.
A-No r not the same UV I knew,u have changed for money. Twinj told u so our relationship can break and he gets one more slap by her.
A-Dont u dare speak about them.

A-Bcoz they r better than u and I forced them to tell what happen over here.They wanted to still save u but here u r so stubborn.
Then Leela goes and slaps Chinki.
L-What happened to u suddenly just bcoz u loved UV and he loved Twinkle’s money which she has I treated u as a daughter but u never valued that.
C-Twinkle is not ur daughter she is just an Orphan to u okay!.
Kunj looks at Twinkle who is hurt deeply.He goes to her and she runs up.
L-Twinkle is my daughter she treated u like her own sister but u Shame on u.
Yuki and the same time to their parents-Maa sorry.
Moms-Wl u’ll say sorry to Twinj.
Yuki-Yes mom.
Leela hugs Chinki and Anita hugs UV.
Twinkle runs to her room and cries banging her head on the wall,she feels the pain but leaves it unless she felt while banging she couldn’t feel the pain it was Kunj’s hand which she was banging.She cries vigorously.Kunj turns her towards him and she says:
T-No one loves me in this world.
K-Don’t say that everyone loves Leela Aunty, Maa,and Anita Aunty,Sid,and me.
T-U love me.
K-Of course as a friend.
Twinkle hugs him and cries he cries as well.Agar Tum Saath Ho plays.

Precap-Yuki apologize to Twinj and Twinj answer is…

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  1. I guess u shud end d story i feel its dragging d story u shud hav made kunj accept in front of twinkle dat he lovs him n is jus acting to make her realise

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    3. you should be thankful you r getting to read it if you were writing this you would feel bad right

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