Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 62


Hii guys,first of all I’m very sorry for publishing the episode late but after I got the terrifying news of Sid leaving the show I was heart broken so I couldn’t write the FF and today I gathered my courage and I’m writing it.And yes my comments went down pls comment and my class they r busy studying so they can’t comment and I told them today to read and comment and Yes I love u all..
Recap-Twinj and Sidley going to the jewellery shop and selecting rings for each other.Sidley leave Twinj alone.Kunj puts the ring on Twinkle’s finger and it gets stuck(read the episode to see why? I mean ep 61)Kunj tells her to keep it for her and they head home.Sidley plan a Skit on Romeo and Juliet.Twinkle comes to know that Kunj and Shirley are acting as Romeo and Juliet and wear her sunglasses as she knows that she is gonna cry badly.She sees their romantic scenes and feels depressed and runs to her room..
K-Guys I told u not to hurt her badly.
S-Kunj,see she loves u why wl she run if she doesn’t love u.
K-Fine,if she loves she wl have to confess it has soon as possible and I’m gonna postpone the engagement,it wl be after two days.
S-No problem but Twinkle go to her she needs u.
Twinkle’s room.
Twinkle runs to her bed and runs badly.She says to herself:
Why Kunj,when I understood that I still love u,why do u do this to me u r breaking my heart.She keeps repeating three words
I Love You Kunj,I Really and Eternally Love You!
Kunj knocks the door and she composes herself and puts on her shades and opens the door and sees Kunj she says:
K-May I come in?
T-Yeah sure.
Kunj comes in and locks Twinkle’s door.She says:
T-Why r u locking the door.
K-Bcoz I want to.
Kunj starts approaching towards her and Twinkle keeps walking backwards until she is stopped by the wall.He pins her and asks her:
K-Remove the sunglasses.
T-Why I love them.
K-Just remove them.(He says this in a angry and concerned voice).
Kunj pulls the sunglasses from her eyes and sees her eyes red and asks her:
K-Why did u lie to me,and why r u crying?
T-She hugs him and says I miss Maa.
K-Don’t worry Twinkle she’ll be back tommorow.
K-Yes,I’m gonna bring her and all our moms for my engagement.
When Twinkle hears the word engagement,tears scroll down her eyes and Kunj asks her now why r u crying eagerly waiting for her confession:
T-They r tears of happiness.
K-R u sure?
T-Of course.
K-Do u mind sleeping with me it wl be the last two days we’ll be together.
T-Yea come let’s sleep.
At night.
Sidley plan to go and scare Twinj and so they come close and understand that they deeply love each other.Sidharth enters Twinj’s room and see them sleeping together and tells Shirley:
S-Anyway it’s gud they r together let’s have some fun.
Sid goes to Twinkle and taps her and Twinkle starts screaming and he hides under the bed and she hugs Kunj tightly.Sajna Ve plays.
Shirley takes their pic and says to the pic:
S-How cute and kisses the pic.
Kunj asks her what happened and she says in a panicked voice: touch..ed m..e.
K-No one is here.
T-Kunj I wl die if I sleep today.
Kunj covers her mouth and says:
K-Never repeat that.
He takes her head and keeps it on his lap and taps her so she can sleep and she falls asleep on him.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-Our Supermoms come and Anita slaps UV and Leela slaps Chinki tightly.

Thanks for commenting and God bless…???????

Credit to: SMC

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  1. awwwwsuuuum yaar i was a silent reader of ur ff bt today i think uh needed cmments n yeah i too was willing to give n was despartely waiting for ur ff n yeah today i broke my silence i loved it btw may. i ask a personal que. r uh a boy or a grl ??

    1. Thanks u so much Krystal..
      I love u too..
      Yep I’m am a girl and I’ll reveal my identity in the end of my FF which is approaching..

  2. Heyy awesome episode i waiting for u to upload 🙂 …

    1. Thank u so much Romaisah..
      Sorry to keep u waiting..
      Love u..

  3. Amazing epi dear bt my heart is really broken into millions pieces after confirming dat Sid is quitting tei……?????????????sry 4 my emotional talk bt I can’t control myself nw…?????

    1. Thanks Zikra..
      Yep mine too I miss him so much…
      Don’t worry even I wl the same..
      Love u..

  4. Oh what happened so many slaps awesome episode loved it post ASAP

    1. Thanks Sam..
      U’ll find out why so many slaps..

  5. Amazing..

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  6. Nice

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  7. very very good ????
    amazing update
    continue soon

    1. Thank u so much Srija..
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      I’ll continue soon…

  8. I m so sorry for never commenting earlier but trust me I read ur all episodes . Don’t worry about comment’s coz ur ff don’t need that to express the height of awesomeness of it .
    Plzzz yrr make twinkle confess her love plzzz..waiting for the next one do post soon..

    1. Not a problem Sayeeda and thanks for commenting..
      I trust u don’t worry..yes confession is gonna happen soon and nxt one is one its way..
      Love u..

  9. an amazing episode dear n I’m happy dat u r not ending ur ff unlike others becoz sid is leaving tei waiting for next episode plss post it asap ..

    1. Thanks Riya..
      But I’ll end my FF too not bcoz he’s leaving but bcoz I have reached a bit to high of episodes and my ideas r going which keep u’ll entertained but I have my other FF is I never uploaded for so long which I will after I end this one..?????????????????

    1. Thanks so much Naina…
      Love u..

  10. aww smc..dnt be sad…u r the great writer of this great ff…so even if u get less cmnts dont me upset…loved the episode…love u more..hehe 😛 🙂

    1. Thanks u so much Tara…
      Ur a great writer too..
      Love u too..

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  12. Don’t worry I’m there I’ll comment on each episode and today I’ll comment on the rest episodes too since we were busy studying.Episode was fantastic and wonderful loved it and you too!?

    1. Yayyy..
      Sid thanks for commenting..
      I understand that we all were studying that’s why I couldn’t upload the episodes too..
      Love u..

  13. Shirley u r just the best
    episode was awesome the scenes were awesome and everything else was awesome and of course u r awesome and boss
    Love u??❤️?

    1. Aaron..
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      Love u too..??

  14. wooooow… cute episode….especially the last part……plz make the confession & give us some romance

    1. Thanks Lama..
      Yes confession is on its way..
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  15. superbbbb
    That’s how the episode was,
    Love u….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  17. shirls
    fantastic episode
    Keep writing and laughing and making me laugh too?????
    love you

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