Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 61


Hii guys so I’m here with my episode 61 and guys I guess my departure of my FF is coming u all and thanks for commenting each one and all the silent readers too!
Recap-Sidley coming to know that the papers r fake and Kunj gets to know thru them.Plan A to make Twinkle jealous.Kunj dances with Shirkey closely and romantically to make Twinkle jealous and she does to same with Sid,but Twinkle gets more jealous.Kunj winks at Sid.Sid spins her around and doesn’t catch and Kunj catches her while Sid catches Shirley.They make Twinj dance of Soch Na Sake.Plan B.

Kunj takes Twinkle,and Sidley in his car to the jewellery shop.At the jewellery shop he asks the man for a two engagement rings.Twinkle’s eyes were watering but She controlled them.Sid took Shirley to the other side and shows her some rings and signed her to leave Twinj alone.Kunj turns and says Shirley and sees only Twinkle and calls her and says:
K-Shirley went so may I have ur hand.
T-For what.
K-I need to check the size bcoz ur hands look the same and it’s a surprise for her,I’ll make her wear it on my marriage.

Twinkle extends her hand and Kunj puts the ring on her finger and the man says:
M-It looks the best on her.
K-But this is for my would be wife(making Twinkle jealous).
M-I’m sorry to interfere in our personal matter.
K-No problem.

Kunj asks Twinkle to remove the ring and give the man and she says it’s stuck.
K-What do u mean stuck and Kunj cries.
T-I’m sorry Kunj I didn’t know it would get stuck.She hugs to pacify him and he winks at the man.Sajna Ve plays.
Flash back.
Kunj comes to the man and tells him to give and size smaller so that it wouldn’t fit Twinkle.He says Twinkle u might not tell me how much u love me but I can tell u that I love u more than chocolates(joke bcoz that’s his favourite thing) and smiles.
Kunj stops acting and says:
K-Twinkle,keep that ring for u and I’ll bring another one for Shirley.
T-No,Kunj and take the ring off with a knife.
K-No no no Don’t do that maybe the colour will go or the the scratches will show,let’s go.
Kunj pays the money and signs Sidley that the plan was over.
Kunj tells Sidley:
K-Guys it’s enough,I think she doesn’t love me,if she did she would have confessed.
S-No Kunj,she loves u only the confession is left.
K-Are u sure?

K-So what’s next?(There’s only one day for the engagement).
S-A skit.
K-A skit?
S-Romeo and Juliet.
K-This is gonna be fun.
S-I guarantee.
Next Morning.

Kunley and Twid come down and tell Twinkle that she has to watch the drama with Sid.And the name is Romeo and Juliet.Twinkle is shocked and hesitantly asks who is Romeo and Juilet and Kunj shows me and Shirley and Twinkle is shocked with his answer.Twinkle knew she was gonna cry so she wore her sunglasses.Shirley asked why is she wearing sunglasses and she says it’s an old movie so the black shade will make it look better.So Sidley start acting(I don’t know much about it so just will add my scenes).Romeo and Juliet’s family were enemies and they couldn’t tolerate anyone from each other families.Romeo and Juliet meet each other in a party and fall in love.Kunj and Shirkey act that and Twinkle starts crying.So there were many romantic scenes of them which Twinkle got hurt seeing.Ok,there was one balcony scene in which Kunj had to kiss her on her neck,Twinkle saw his approaching her and he acts like he is but really isn’t.They continue the remaining act and the ending was when Romeo thought that Juliet died he killed himself at the side of her and when Juliet woke up after eating the sleeping pills she saw Romeo died and killed herself with a dagger and the end banner was shown.Twinkle runs to her crying.

Precap-Kunj runs behind her and pins her to the wall and asks her to remove the sunglasses.

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Credit to: SMC

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