Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 60


Hii guys thanks for commenting and yes I’m so sorry for not publishing it for a long time but there was a reason and that were y monthly a which wl be over on Thursday…and that’s the reason I got less comments since my whole class in studying and studying..
Recap-Kunj confirming with Shirley if Twinkle wl get jealous and confess her love or wl harm her life.Shirley says that she is a girl and can understand how a girl feels jealous when they see their lover with someone else.Twinkle comes with the first aid box and Shirley says she wl put it.Twinkle gets jealous seeing them close and Shirley intentionally presses Kunj’s wound so Twinj would spend some time together.A Twinj scene Takes place.Shirley calls Sid her childhood friend and tells him their plan and dance rehearsals.Sidley hear Yuki telling their plan of the fake documents and look at each other shocked.
S(Shirley)-That means they lied and told Twinj that they are the maharaj and Maharani of the house.

S(Sid)-I know right one tight slap both of them need and then let’s see what happens.
Sidley come to Kunj.
Shirley-Do u know that the papers at fake Kunj.
K-What seriously.
Sid-Yup dude it’s fake and I am the proof,I heard it with my ears.
K-Anyway I’ll sort that later so plan is fixed?
Sidley-Of course.
Practise in the hall.
Kunley and Twid come down and start practising and Kunj brings Shirkey close to him purposely so Twinkle gets jealous when she was actually getting and she pulls Sid towards her and makes Kunj jealous but he acts ignorant and pulls Shirley more closer.Twinkle’s attention was towards then not to her dance and Kunj winks and Sid.Sid spins her and doesn’t catch her and Kunj holds her,while spinning Shirley when Sid holds her.
Sidley and Twinj share an ilock.
K-Sid,don’t u know how to dance.
S-Of course I know dude it was just a mistake.

K-One mistake can cause a deep injury somewhere.
K-Changes the topic and says I’ll show you how to dance.
He holds Twinkle’s hand and pulls her closer and dances romantically with her on Soch Na Sake.Sidley smile seeing them.They finish their practise and it’s time for plan B.
Kunj tells Twinkle that they are selecting engagement rings tommorow and needs her help to see the quality and look of it,she agrees while deep in her heart it was not agreeing that he is getting married.

Precap-Plan B.Kunj makes Twinkle wear the ring to check the size and praises Shirley and she gets jealous.

Sorry if it was short,love u all and God Bless??????Keep commenting???????

Credit to: SMC

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  1. SMC !! Yaar tu bohot late hora hu very bad Nuh :v no worries imma huge fan of urs tbh urs is the first ff i started reading n u hv a gr8 story making twinkle jealous ? plzz post earlier for ur next epi 🙂

    1. Thank u so much Romaisah..
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  2. Nice.i have request pls make twinkle and some other close to make kunj jealous.i will be happy if you do so.

    1. Thank you so much Amy..
      And yes I added the Romeo and Juliet skit so she gets more jealous..
      Love u..

  3. Amazing epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bt after a long time u r here btw osmmmmmmmm do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

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  4. Woooooow……Awesomeeeeeeee Episode…..loved it

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  7. Awesome episode! Waiting for the next part!

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