Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 6


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Taneja Mansion
Twinkle and Chinki take Kunj and UV to Twinkle’s room,UV asks Kunj
Y-how u know about our moms being best friends.
K-tells the story how they got separated due to studies.
All of them get emotional and recall their childhood.FB is shown 4 kids running and playing,they r no other than Twinj and Yuki.Whatever they used to do,they did it together,they ate together,studied together,slept together,and stood for each other whether they were wrong or right.Twinj were best friends and Yuki were best friends,but one day,all of them got admissions in different schools,Kunj(America),Twinkle and Chinki(USA),UV(New Zealand),so their moms said u’ll will have to leave each other,when all of them heard this they got shattered and broken completely.Chinki and Twinkle requested them to speak to UV and Kunj.She agreed.

Twinj room.
Twinkle enters the room and hugs him tightly,she says I don’t want to leave,u r my best friend,u r my everything how can u leave me,Kunj calms her and says Twinkle I promised u that I wl fulfil ur dream,he says u wanted both of us to run a hotel so I have to study extra but don’t worry I promise u I wl meet u when we become big and I won’t let u go anywhere.He goes to his cupboard and removes two threads,he says u remember this and he says this two threads we tied when we were 4 years old and now that we r going,we need to keep this memory right..he ties the thread on her hand and she ties the another thread on his hand,They say together that Twinkle and Kunj wl become one again.They hug each other.

Yuki room.
UV talks to Chinki and tells her I bought something for u,it’s a toy ring,Chinki gives her hand and he puts it on her finger on the ring it’s written friendship forever,Chinki shows him the exact one and UV asks her she followed him to the shop,she says we r best friends and our thinking will be the same.Chinki crys and UV says if u cry I won’t talk to u,Chinki tells him I wl slap u if u say that again.

Next morning,All of them go down,Leela,Anita and Usha hug each other while Chinki and Kunj hug each other,Chinki goes to UV and hugs him tightly and says no one wl take ur place in my heart,Twinkle hugs Kunj and tells him that she will miss him a lot,Kunj hold her hand and tells her if u cry I will cry and if I wl cry Maa will cry and then everyone will cry then both of us wl have to bring buckets for their tears.Twinkle starts laughing and says u only can make me laugh,when he leaves her hand their friendship tread gets entangled they look at each other and control their sadness,Twinkle separates it and all of them leave.FB ends.
Chinki comes to UV and says u r my UV and hugs him,they show each other their toy rings and exchange them again.Manchala Plays.

Twinkle goes to her cupboard and gives Kunj the thread,she asks him to tie it again,he ties it.Twinkle asks him where is his,Kunj says actually……I think I threw it,Twinkle gets sad.Kunj sits beside and holds her hand saying u think ur Kunj can do that,he opens his wallet and shows a pic of both of them when they were small and beside the pic was the thread,she ties it on his hand and hugs him.Chinki says such great news this is celebration is a must,They agree.Kunj takes Twinkles car and drives to Baskin Robbins.UV says 2 praline n cream,and Kunj says 2 cookies n cream,Chinki and Twinkle asks them,they still know everything about them,Kunj and UV say we all were best friends and each and everything we shared with each other,how can we forget about your fav ice-cream flavour.They sit and have ice-cream,Twinkle and Chink wink at each other and take a scoop of ice-cream from Kunj and UV ice-cream,Kunj and UV says keep it back and all of them fight cutely.Twinj feed each other.Sajna Ve plays and Yuki cutely fight bcoz of taking each other’s ice-cream.Manchala plays.

At home Twinj and Yuki discuss the plan which is muted.
Taneja Mansion.
Maa actually our principal wants to talk to u,so he told u to meet him today at the cafe.Leela asks why.Twinkle and Chinki says he don’t know.
Luthra Mansion.
UV tells Anita that his friends mom wants to speak to her about something.She agrees.and same happens with Kunj.
Leela,Anita and Usha r waiting and all of them recognise each other,they all go and hug each other and says after 20 years we r meeting,Twinj and Yuki are watching from behind and Twinj and Yuki hug each other in excitement,They say to each other it’s time to tell the truth,Twinj and Yuki Come to their moms and apologies for lying their moms come to them and hug them for makin them meet each other after so long.

Precap-Twinj sing Main Hoon Hero and Yuki sings Janam Janam.In the middle of the song someone makes fun of Twinkles voice and she starts crying.Lots of twists coming up.

Credit to: SMC

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