Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 56

Hiiiiiiii guys OMG…..More than 100 comments I thank each one who commented and my whole class I love u’ll more than my self thanks for commenting….Aaron and Aylmer sorry that I spoiled ur prank on me but it was obvious so ya…Thanks for all the belated wishes and I love u’ll once again…..
Recap-Kunj cares for Twinkle’s leg it becomes well.He lifts her in his arms and their funny nok-jhok starts.They find a cot and spend the night with each other.They clear their misunderstandings but Twinkle tells Kunj that she can never fall in love with him again.Kunj agrees as he was at fault at listening to Chinki.Yuki share their plan and feel that Twinj r not at fault and that if they leave them then their 10 crores in gone so they stick to their plan to separate them.

Twinkle wakes up and says:
T-Damn..its 6:00am.
Twinkle says this waking Kunj up.
K-Twinkle,let me sleep for 2 more minutes.
T-No,I know u well.
K-Even I know u well.
T-In childhood u used tell Usha Aunty wait for 2 minutes and run to the bathroom and keep the water on with the door closed so she thinks that u woke up and r in the bathroom brushing ur teeth.
K-See,u still remember stuff.
T-Come on get up.
K-5 minutes.
T-Ok I’m leaving alone.
Kunj jumps from the cot and says:
K-Waitttt!I’m coming don’t leave alone.
T-I knew u would say yes this way.
Twinj go to freshen up.
They catch a taxi and leave to the bus stand.

K-If I find that UV I’ll TU him behind the bars in no time.
T-U’ll put ur own brother in jail.
K-He isn’t my brother I considered him as my younger brother as my best friend and I thought I could share everything with him but no he broke the whole trust I had in him.
T-But U trusted Chinki more than me.
K-Yes,Bcoz she told me that u and UV….I don’t know how I trusted her and told her about u being adopted.The way she told u I feel like killing her.
T-Kill her I wl give u the authority and then put u in jail.
K-That means u still want to forgive her.
K-I don’t know what is in ur heart.
K-starts laughing.Ur heart is filled with rocks.U can’t love Chinki and Uc after what they did.
T-I wl.
K-U won’t.
T-Anyway why am I talking to u also,u r my best friend not my boyfriend.
K-He murmurs every soon I wl becum ur boyfriend.
T-U said anything.
K-Nods no.
Bus stand.
Twinj arrive and Yuki r there too.Twinkle tells the ticket guy two tickets to Amritsar.UV sees Kunj and says:
C-What happened now.
Y-Kunj n Twinkle r here.
Y-He wl not leave me without making me a paratha.(Funny tune plays).
C-10 crores.

Funny tune plays with Yuki holding their heads.
Twinkle goes to sit on the bench and some guy comes and sits with her and stares at her from up to down.Kunj sees this and goes and sits between them and says:
K-Jaan,how r u.
T-Jaan,who is Jaan.
K-U r my Jaan.
T-R u ok Kunj.
Man-O,Boyfriend Girlfriend.
K-Yes…Now u can leave.
Man-Haan..Haan I am going only.
T-Excuse me who is Jaan.
K-That was bcoz that guy was staring at u and I saved u.U have to be proud of ur Kunj.
T-Okay..Fine Thank u.
K-Thank u,who.
He goes to the walls and says:
K-Twinkle is talking to u,answer her back.
T-Don’t act little mad Kunj.
Their nok-jhok continues.
Kunj is about to enter the bus and he sees Yuki and runs to UV.UV sees him and starts running and Chinki runs after him.Twinkle runs behind Kunj.Kunj catches UV and says:
K-No one can save u now.
Y-God…God can save me.

K-That would be if u didn’t fake love anyone and slaps him.
UV holds his face due to the slap and Kunj gives him the other cheek too.UV holds his face and tells him my cheeks wl bleed stop it.
Y-U make my cheek bleed,my chin bleed,my head bleed whatever bleeds u and Twinkle can never becum one to u understand that.
UV starts beating Kunj and Kunj starts defending himself and Chinki brings a rod and hits his head and Kunj falls down and tell UV to keep this in his mind that:
Someone form back claps and says wow!It is Twinkle.
T-UV hit him more I thought u loved me but no Kunj was right,u used me and made me ur puppet.
T-Shut up!I didn’t complete my sentence.U did this for money.
Y-Twinkle listen…
T-Shouts and says U did this for money or not.
Y-Yes I did it for that 10 crores.I didn’t love u and won’t be able to too!
Twinkle comes close to UV and slaps him hard.Where the hell is Chinki she hit the rod on my Kunj’s head,I heard everything with my ears and was watching this whole incident from back.She runs to Kunj and says Kunj wake up.UV laughs loudly and says u what Kunj to get conscious.
T-Yes of course.
UV takes his water bottle and pours his water on Kunj’s face and it is very hot.It burns Kunj’s wounds and Twinkle loses control and grabs his collar and says:
T-Get lost!Dotn show ur face to me.And the last time I want to see ur face is tommorow at home at 5:30pm now get lost.Twinkle comes to Kunj and cries bitterly on his chest saying sorry.

Precap-Twinkle throws the money on UV’s face.Kunj engagement with another girl.

I know guys that u’ll might be shocked with the precap but it is a twist which u’ll will thank that it happened too.
Thanks for commenting and keep and God Bless!????????????

Credit to: SMC


    • SMC

      Roshini I can’t tell u what wl happen bcoz if I do there’s no fun while reading it when the time comes just stay tuned to my FF….????

  1. roshini

    awsome epi bt i a jealous of u SMC as u got more thn 100 comments bt u r my inspiration tooo i will try to reach u bless me

  2. Anushka

    First of all Happy belated birthday dear.
    Congrats because ur ff got 125comments. I loved today’s episode. It was amazing. Waiting eagerly for next episode. I suppose now twinkle will realise her love for kunj. Precap seemed interesting. Love u and ur ff??

    • SMC

      Thanks for much for the Belated Wishes!
      Thanks so much for commenting!
      I don’t know whether Twinkle wl realise but if u want to know then read my FF and u wl get ur answer…?..Thank God atleast u found my Precap interesting…Love and ur FF too..

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Ritzi…
      I do read ur FF and pls pls publish the nxt one today pls…
      M so sorry for not commenting but I promise from today I wl…
      Love u….??????????????

    • Aaron

      M really sorry to say this but u can’t say that she is dragging her FF..I mean how how the hell is she dragging it…u know that u drag ur FF so much..her FF is getting interesting day by the day and u r getting jealous bcoz she got 125 comments I don’t know whether u r but today I promise that she wl get above hundred again bcoz if her friend and her whole class if with her then no one wl beat her….

      • SMC

        Aaron it’s fine no problem…I’m happy if my best friend is with me…if I get one comment from u in one episode I wl be more than satisfied…?Love u..

    • Akankhya

      No yaar I didn’t mean that…… Soooo srry if u r hurt… Really I didn’t mean that…. Actually I was so disapointed that twinj are separated… I am so srry srry,arjun, smc… Really so srry but I just want 2told u my openion….

      • SMC

        Akankhya pls don’t take his words srsly u know wen best friends get angle this happens and yes u have full rights to give ur opinion….Akankhya don’t say sorry pls dis is just for opinion and I said I’ll work on it…I m not angry with u nor m I hurt..

    • And yes aaron u cant tell like that, that I am jealous.. I was just gave my openion…. And again srry for hurting u… I didn’t know that I have not and rights to give my openion…..

      • Aaron

        Fine I’m sorry Akankhya…but Shirley m not talking to u and don’t talk to me in school pls….???
        I’m very sorry Akankhya pls forgive me pleaseeeeeee…????
        I’m really very sorry and don’t feel bad..pls…

  3. Woooooooooooooooooow epi was fabulous n osm dear loved it so much bt abt precap Ik u will sumthng spl so do cont soon plzzzzz

  4. Aaron

    Yes!thats what I call an episode loved it…
    Precap is more than interesting and Ik that u wl bring a twist worth it..

    • SMC

      Thanks Aaron so much…
      M sorry pls forgive me pleaseeeeee…
      Pls thanks I know u wl start talking to me again..
      Love u…

  5. Delvin

    Yayyy!another Awesum episode I love it and wl keep loving it…
    I love the love u bring this twists in the way it makes us entertained and make us curious to know what gonna happen nxt…
    Yes I loved it and of course my sis too..??????????

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Delvin… Wl make u more curious to know the nxt part too!
      Love u too bro…???????????????????????

  6. Lovely episode♥♥♥lobing it..I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. .. the precap is way toooooo interesting. … u r amazing nd happy belated birthday smc

  7. Aakanksha

    Ohhhhh SMC…..u r rockinggggggg !!!!!… do u always manage to writ so well yaar…eagerly waiting for the next epi….I think wen twinkle will know the fact of kunj getting engaged to sum1 else she will confess her luv to him…In front of every1

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Aakanksha…
      U too r rocking with ur FF….
      I can’t tell u anything….about the upcoming scenes…
      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Ruchi

    Hi Smc…
    Belated Happy Birthday dear…
    Stay blessed… O:-)
    The epi was amazing as usual… 😉
    Precap seems to very intrstng… 🙂
    Waiting for nxt epi eagerly…

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Ruchi…
      Thanks for the wishes too!
      Ur comment as amazing too..
      Bought a lovely-dovely smile on my face..
      Yes wl publish it very soon…
      ??????love u???????

  9. Giorgio

    I loved it…,and yes I agree with Aaron even I promise that she will go higher than 100 comments this is a brothers promise……?❤️?Love u…and ur episode was mind blowing so I loved it too!

    • SMC

      Gio….my most fav bro…I promise to keep u happy and support and be at ur side whenever u need me or not….I know my brother wl always fulfil his promise like my good bro…
      ??????????love u too?????????????????

  10. Ashley

    Yes!the precap is perfect and ur episode was awesum Twinkle understanding the truth and everything and it went above my expectations I never expected this it was awesome…?????????????????????????

    • SMC

      Thanks Ash….
      Wow!beyond ur expectations…

  11. Johan

    SS I loved the Episode…and I too promise that it wl go higher than 100 comments..bcoz u never drag ur story but u make it so beautiful like ur ideas….love ur FF and of course u too..?????????????????????????????

    • SMC

      Thanks JJ…I know that u too wl not break ur promise…as u can’t break my pencil to hurt me…? ur comment as well as u too….???love u???

  12. Priya

    Superb….I loved it too…and yes ur FF wl go above 100 comments just watch…
    #I promise it wl go above 100 comments.

  13. Aylmer

    The precap ahh it is making me restless I m so excited to know what new twist u r adding…
    Bcoz u r the twist master…??????????Loved the episode…

    • SMC

      Ahhhh..ur comment is making me jump up and down…and made me restless too…
      U r the smile master tho…always keeps me and the rest smiling forever…

    • SMC

      Well all literally all of u’ll need a round of applause…
      I just love u bro…
      Thanks for commenting Faisal…

    • SMC

      Thanks for commenting…❤️
      Ik the precap might disappoint a lot of u’ll but let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst…?
      Yes I promise this time Twinj wl unite and if I don’t unite them then throw rotten eggs on me..
      Love u…?????????❤️❤️❤️

  14. Rusell

    Whoooooooooooooooooooo!i loved the precap and the episode too….
    Yes it wl go above 100 comments..

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Rusell..
      If u’ll r with me…Idc about the comments…
      ❤️❤️❤️❤️Bcoz all of my Friends supports r with me is enough for me…
      Love u…?

  15. Earl

    Ur FF has touched my heart and is still shining as a pearl…
    Yes it wl go above 100 comments…

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Earl..
      Ur comment has touched my heart…
      Ik when u’ll r there then the comments can reach till space…
      U know what Earl ur a pearl…
      Love u…

  16. DEAR the first ff I read is urs and I read each and every episode of ur ff from start how they meet how then after seeing their families they remember about their childhood friendship etc and how kunj say to twinkle that he love her BT she don’t accept how one of their friend come and act to make them realise their love how twinkle wrote lyrics for kunj in a secret way how chinki and Yuvi cheat twinj for money and fame.

    • SMC

      Oh Twinkle and Kunj…
      Thanks so much for telling me this u know u made me remember my whole FF journey…
      I really want to thank u from the bottom of my heart…
      Thanks again..
      Love u..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. but dear you always do this u always bring twinj closer then take them apart so please bring twinj together dear because its a long time and sorry if I hurt our feelings but love ur skills I love to read ur ff from start but never commented due to exams but plz make twinj one its a request.

    • SMC

      I promise I wl unite Twinj this time….pls trust me and I m happy that u loved my FF from the first I feel good that u actually remember my story..TBH I love ur comment and it didn’t hurt me but a little u wanna know why pls start a FF so that I can appreciate u too…not a prob if u have exams…I know it’s very important and we need the focus on that first..and yes today
      Thanks for commenting too…and pls I didn’t feel bad so don’t ever say sorry to me again..

    • SMC

      Nice try Miguel but u failed…
      Thanks for commenting…
      Thanks for the promise too…
      Love u…

    • SMC

      Thanks Lama…
      Thanks and I don’t mind whatever no. The comments r unless u’ll enjoy it..
      ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love u❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️

    • SMC

      Thanks for the comment…
      U r the best too!..
      Love u too…actually triple…no actually infinity..
      ????????love u????????

  18. Najah

    I love it…just love it….superb episode and awesum precap Ik u wl do something very unexpected….

    • SMC

      Thanks Najah…
      Hope u like the ongoing track…
      Love u…

  19. Nadeev

    My best Friend has wrote the best she could loves the episode and keep writing…

  20. Nafea


  21. Dheemahee

    It was a fabulous one and precap is intresting carry on and stay blessed always keep it up

  22. Steesha

    Wowwwwwww….I loved the episode and u will go higher than 100 comments and u don’t drag the FF don’t listen to people just u..

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Sam…
      Yes used to love each other but never confessed and Yuki made their relationship weak..

  23. Naba

    Superbbbbb…..I just love the way u do these twists and I’m sure that u wl becum a rockstar when u r big….

    • SMC

      I love u too Pearl my closest bro….
      Ya lol Mac Donald’s…
      Thanks for commenting..
      And keep…
      Love u..

  24. Twinj

    Yaarrrr…I don’t like ur episodes or ur FF it is just fabulous and I Love them not like them how I mean how do u get awesome ideas?u r mind u..

    • SMC

      Thanks for commenting…
      First I thought OMG I disappointed someone but there it goes it was u…
      Love u too..

  25. Kensy

    Fantastic episode..well done…
    Ik u wl make some new twist in the precap…
    Love ur FF and u too…???????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Sidharth

    Shirley I loved the episode….
    Pls don’t listen to anyone u don’t drag stuff and u wl unite Twinj this time I have full trust on u..
    BTW the matter is solved?
    Love u and ur FF too…

    • SMC

      I was waiting for ur comment…
      Ik u have trust on me and I on u…
      No trying to manao him…
      Love u too…

  27. Vivian

    Super se upper episode…loved it….and u too….
    Pls don’t listen to anyone bcoz u r a marvellous writer..

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    • SMC

      Thanks Rashmi…..
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    What can I tell u…
    U r so fab….
    And Ik u r too talented..

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    Precap is more interesting I know u wl do something out of my expectations…
    Love ur EPISODE…
    Love ur writing..
    Love u of course…
    Love ur FF…
    4ever and ever…

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Joanna…
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    • SMC

      Thank u so much..!!!!!…
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  30. Varun

    This is called an episode…
    I,loved it..

    • SMC

      Thanks so much…
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    • SMC

      Thanks so much….
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  31. Kunj addicts

    Wow!SMC pls can I come for ur classes…for writing so damn well..
    I really admire u and u know what for the person I admire the most speech I talked about u and I’m serious….pls I wanna meet u so badly…
    I wish I could post these episodes on Instagram and tell Sidmin to read ur FF u r really incredible I love u….

    • SMC

      OMG Kunj addicts u make me feel so happy and bought a broad smile on my face..
      Sure come to Bahrain but to meet me if u love Twinj u wl be able to write like me…I can wrote bcoz of u’ll guys no one else…
      Thanks for ur opinion of showing Twinj…
      I love u…

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    Shirleyyyyyyy….love the way u write and u r just fab just fab…
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    I just wanna tell the world that ur FF is awesome..
    They don’t know about things u write..
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    Just to make them read this FF.(Sidmin)
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    They don’t know the person writing it..
    They don’t know how special it is..
    Just to make them love us more..
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    I hope u understood Shirley of course u wl it’s one direction song which I converted…
    Them was referring to Sidmin…
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    • SMC

      Love u…
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    FF beautiful kar gayi chull…
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    • SMC

      Chris awesome version of Kar Gayi Chull…Loved it..
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    • SMC

      Nishant Ik its u..
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