Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 54


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Recap-Twinj leaving Anushka’s house.Twinj cute nok-jhoks.On the way their car punctures and they stay in a holiday inn nearby.The men stare at Twinkle and he holds her hand and takes care of her.They have a small fight bcoz both of them caring of each other.Kunj flirts with the receptionist and Twinkle leaves upset.
Kunj gives a hi fi to the receptionist and says:
K-Wow u r really good in acting.

R-I know that,that’s why I told u that I can do it.
The receptionist is Kunj’s family friend Meher.(just a cameo role for this episode).
Meher tells Kunj that I am a girl and I know that she left in jealously don’t worry she wl realise she still loves u.Kunj nods and gives her a friendly hug.Kunj comes and goes in the the room he sees Twinkle siting and goes and sits on his knees and says:
K-Twinkle u know Meher is so cute.
T-Very cute.(in a angry tone).
K-Twinkle actually we need to bring some water bcoz a volcano is gonna blast and explode.Someone is very Jealous.
T-First of all,I am not jealous,and the second thing is that u doth need to bring water bcoz no volcano wl blast.
K-Someone is getting more jealous.
T-Kunj,just be quiet.

T-I was joking.
Kunj smiles and thinks that she wl never hurt me whatever the matter is.He says in his mind that I Love U so Much.Sajna Ve plays.
UV calls his gang and tells them that in room no 43 Twinj r there,kidnap Twinkle and leave her there only don’t let her be with Kunj.Because he wl break ur bones if u touch her only.His gang says she is the singer right,UV thinks that if he tells then Twinj wl understand its him and he says Chinki is the singer.They says ok and leave.His gang reaches the hotel and see a girl walking and sees that it is Chinki they catch her.They tie her on the chair and say:
K-We wl call UV and tell him we caught her.
C-I am Chinki not Twinkle.
K-We know but u r very rich so we kidnapped u we wl can ur parents and get ur money and then leave u.
C-Call UV fast.
K-Never he wl come and save u.

UV comes and sees Chinki there,His gang says if u go nxt to her look down.UV goes close and sees a electric wire and says I wl get a shock if I go on it,his gang says:
Kidnappers-Get her parents and money we wl leave her.
Y-Yes but don’t let anything happen to her.
UV goes to Twinj room and Kunj gets angry seeing him and says u.He goes and slaps him and shouts saying:
K-Get lost.
Y-I have lost pls Kunj and Twinkle help me pls,he goes on Kunj’s foot.
T-What u want.
Y-Chinki is kidnapped pls help me.
K-Dotn talk about her this is her plan only.

Y-No I swear she is really kidnapped if we don’t give them money they wl kill her.pls.
K-What we have to do.The plan is muted.
Twinj look at each other in surprise and say fine.UV says thank…thanks so much.Some people r walking to the room and they enter.UV’s gang says come in.They see two people walking hand in hand.Chinki says Ku…Ok so Twinj r disguised as Chinki’s parents.She is about to but UV makes actions to be quiet.She says Papa…and sees Twinkle and says Maa…in an angry tone.UV’s gang says the great actors and go to take their blessing,Twinj give them and says:
Twinj-Can we take our daughter.
Kidnappers-Yes sure we wanted to see ur face but money.

UV and Kunj look and wink they push the kidnappers(UV’s gang)and Kunj runs to untie Chinki,Twinkle sees the wire before Kunj could go on it she puts her leg and gets the shock,Kunj unites Chinki and Yuki run to be safe from Twinj.Kunj lifts Twinkle and runs.

Precap-Kunj makes Twinkle sit nearby a tree and applys an ointment on her foot and says why u came in the way.She says if I didn’t then something would have happened to yo…and stops when she sees Kunj staring at her lovingly.

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TashanEIshq news the rasam Kunj was talking about was the finding of the ring in the milk I don’t know what’s the real name but that’s the rasam and Twinj were in Trindad yesterday for Easter for a kite flying event.

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