Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 53


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Recap-Kunj drinks bhaang and acts like a cute kid.Twinkle takes him to the room their nok-jhok and funny moments happen.Anushka comes and they show her a horror movie that’s why they were screaming.Kunj writes that he loves Twinkle a lot.Twinkle covers him and sleeps.He wakes up and Twinkle shows him a video of him putting her lipstick and mimicking her.He runs behind and he walks closer to her and they r stopped by a wall.He says who wl save u from me now.

Kunj comes close to her and says:
K-Give the phone to me.
T-No never this is my special shield whatever I don’t like and u do I wl emotionally blackmail u.
K-Twinkle give it to me or else….
T-Or else….
K-Or else he comes closer to her and she starts breathing faster.

He puts his hand around her waist and pulls her close to him she keeps her hand with the phone on his shoulder,he sees it and takes it from her
hand slowly,she closes he eyes and he goes to her ear and says:
K-Thank u so much Twinkle u r the best.
T-Thanks for what?
K-Open ur eyes.
She opens and he shows her the phone and says for this.(Funny Tune plays).
The nxt day Twinj pack their clothes and Anushka asks Kunj to take care of Twinkle and her family in Amritsar.He agrees and they hug each other.
Twinkle comes and see them hugging and smiles.She comes and Anushka and Twinkle start crying and hug each other.Kunj sees Twinkle crying and says in his mind Twinkle pls don’t cry,pls.He says I have to do something.He says:
K-How much wl u’ll cry shall I bring a bucket.
T-How much we want we wl cry do u understand.
K-But the bucket wl be so heavy.
T-Good it wl break ur back and then I wl laugh.
K-U can’t see me crying,I thought.They share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.
A-Starts coughing.
Kunj says I did this to bring a smile on ur faces and Anishka hugs him and says keep smiling and tells Twinkle to come too.Kunj hugs Anushka and Twinkle together.Twinkle only came bcoz Anushka said.

They leave and sit in the taxi and wave bye to Anushka.On the way the taxi breaks fast and Twinkle was sleeping she was about to bang her head and falls on Kunj,She wakes up but Kunj doesn’t know.He shouts at the taxi driver and says can’t u see and drive she would have got hurt.He say sorry but the tyre got punctured.Twinj get up and sees the tyre punctured and Twinkle says Siyappaaaaa.Kunj says if the Siyappa queen is with us a Siyappa will happen.(Funny tune plays).
Twinj sit under a tree and it becomes night.He asks the driver how long more I need he says maybe 5 hrs.Twinj see a holiday inn and go inside.
Twinkle and Kunj come inside and all men see Twinkle with a evil mind.Kunj sees this and holds her hand and goes to the counter.Sajna Ve plays.
He goes to the counter.
Receptionist-Yes sir who may I help u.
K-Yes u can help me all the ways and winks at her.
R-Sir….she blushes.
K-Can I have one room.
Twinkle pulls him to a corner and says:
T-One room and that too me and u never.
K-Twinkle pls I can’t leave u alone.
T-U left me alone so many times now why u have a problem.
K-Twinkle it was a misunderstanding and..
T-cuts him off and says I want a separate room.
T-But why.

K-Look around at these men the way they r staring at u,u wl never understand anything u just come with me In one room and leaves in anger.
He flirts with the receptionist and Twinkle gets angry and says he is shouting that men r staring but he is flirting.
She pulls him to her side and says holds her ears and says sorry.He sees her innocence and holds her hand sand put them down.He goes and continues doing that.She pulls him and says what r u doing.He says Flirting.She says we don’t have time to do that.He says I have time.She goes to the room and says u flirt and don’t care about me.She leaves being upset.

Precap-Yuki plan to kidnap Twinkle,but Chinki gets kidnapped instead.UV comes to Twinj and tells them to help him.Twinj look at each other.

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