Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 51


Hii guys sorry for the late update but I wl be busy on Friday,Saturday and Sunday and I wl try my best to update on these days..Wishin u all a very Happy Holi and may the colour of Holi colour u and ur families with the colour of love,happiness and joy…Wanted to play but can’t Tara u might know why..??I think…
Recap-Twinj escape from the bus which had a bomb,they stay in a nearby stable.Twinj reach Anushka’s house,Twinkle treats her badly and then she comes to know about her mom having cancer,she regrets what she did.They re unite and hug each other.Anushka tells Twinkle about Kunj..

Twinkle leaves and thinks about Anushka’s words and walks in the corridor thinking about Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.
Anushka thinks that Twinkle wl never understand that Kunj loves her bcoz of Chinki and UV.She thinks of leaving them alone at home.She gets ready and leaves and shouts Twinkle I wl come in 2 hrs take care.Kunj tries to stop her but Twinkle didn’t hear Anushka and whatever she said.
She says Maa I am hungry pls cook something,she doesn’t reply and Twinkle on the bed watching TV says is Maa ok.She runs down and sees Kunj making pineapple pie bcoz they finished lunch.She says:
Twinkle-Why r u making I asked Maa to make not u.
Kunj-Okay I wl not make go and tell ur Maa to make who has gone out and atleast I am making something for u,that u like too.

Twinkle-Ok..ok..ok u make it.
Kunj-No u sit up and chill and watch TV and I wl stand here and make ur pineapple pie.
Twinkle-I never forced u made it half way so finish it full way that’s till it is baked..Bye Chef Sarna.
Kunj-Bye Very Helpful Taneja.(he is saying Helpful meaning like she didn’t even help him).
Kunj says Twinkle one min.Twinkle comes he asks here to taste if the pie is nice.She takes a spoon and tastes it and says it’s good and Kunj asks her the pineapple taste she says it’s very nice,before she leaves He holds her hand and says I didn’t even put the pineapple.He says u like whatever I make u can accept that.He teases her and she gets angry.She leaves in angry.He comes and says Twinkle I m sorry.She ignores him.Kunj gets an idea and lifts his eyebrow up.He plays Gallan Goodiyan and dances.

He comes nxt to her and applies the colour of her face and says Happy Holi Twinkle.Twinkle sees the colour and says I want too,he says I don’t have.He smears the left colour on her face and says I won’t give u a chance to smear(apply)on me.He runs down and everyone is playing down with water and colours.Twinj r looking for each they approach each other but they r facing opposite directions and collide with each other and Twinkle is about to fall and Kunj holds her someone holds the pipe of water and it falls on them.Sajna Ve plays.

They compose themselves and say sorry at the same time they look at each other awkwardly.Twinkle sees the bucket of colour and carries it and taps on Kunj’s shoulder and he turns and she throws it on his face.He sees his face with all different colours and he screams and rubs his eyes and says it went in my eye,Twinkle cups his face and sees his eye.Kunj comes close to her and smears the colour from each his cheek to hers.
Sajna Ve plays.
They run after each other.

Precap-Kunj becum drunk and tells Twinkle he loves her a lot.

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Credit to: SMC

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  1. Our chef kunj sarna rockz
    Well coming to ur ff
    Am extremely sry yr SMC! !!!
    It was ……..,
    Superb , fabulous, awesome! !!! Loved it 😉 ♥♥♥♥

  2. Fab osm NYC n what words I can’t explain my feelings gosh osm epi luv u do continue soon??????????????

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  7. i was waiting so long fr ur ff….n btw nice episode

  8. Anisha (phycho)

    Wow loved it to the core..AMAZING!!!

  9. wowwwwwwwww eagerly waiting to next epi yaar

  10. Whenever one is nervous b4 confessing love he/she should get drunk n burst out all the truth

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