Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 5


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Twinj and Yuki come down for breakfast,Twinkle and Chinki take blessing from Usha and Usha looks at them in surprise,she says your mom gave u’ll very good upbringing.Usha thinks about Leela’s voice.
Twinj and Yuki start eating and suddenly Twinkle sees a cockroach and starts screaming and stands on the chair.Kunj asks her what happened and Twinkle says cock..cockroach,Yuki and Kunj start laughing suddenly Twinkle sees the cockroach approaching her and pulls Kunj closer to her and says Kunj pls save me,Twinkle gets more scared and starts jumping on the chair while she was jumping the chair starting shaking and she fell
on Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.

She continues screaming while everyone is laughing she sees herself and tells Kunj to put her down,Kunj says u r very heavy the chair starting shaking and my hands r broken holding u.Yuki try to control their laughter but Chinki starts laughing,UV try’s to calm her by holding her hand,Twinkle starts chasing Chinki and while chasing each other they both fall down,UV rushes to Chinki and helps her to get up and Usha tells Kunj to help Twinkle p,he says UV is there he will help her,my hands r broken(funny way)but UV attention is only on Chinki,then Kunj comes to Twinkle and asks her if she is fine,she says why u came I can manage myself,she hides her hand behind her back since it is bleeding,UV carries Chinki to his room,Chinki sees his concern for her and looks at him lovingly.Manchala plays.
Kunj helps Twinkle to get up and Twinkle pushes him,he is shocked to see his strange behaviour and tells her to give her hand,Twinkle looks at Kunj and asks him how he knows,Kunj says u don’t behave rudely and puts his hand around her shoulder and holds her left hand and takes her to his room.

Y-why don’t u take care of urself.
C-it’s not my fault,Twinkle was chasing me,BTW why r u worried.
Y-bcoz I am ur friend.
C-Aren’t u over concerned.
Y-shouts at her and tells her go I won’t care for u from today and I am nt ur friend.
C-Tells him what’s he saying she keeps on apologies and finally hold his hand and convinces him,he agrees and she tells him never to say that again.

Kunj puts the iodine and Twinkle screams in pain,he says sry,sry and blows her cut,he put the cream and puts the bandage while putting the bandage,the bandage wraps his and Twinkles hand together.She looks at him and tells him Kunj was in his own world thinking about Twinkle.
Twinj and Chinki go in the same car,Kunj is driving and Twinkle is in front while Yuki is behind.
T-can I put the music on.
K-of course no need to ask.
T-she puts it on and Sanam Re plays Twinkle,awkwardly looks at Kunj.
Y-goes to sleep on Chinki’s lap and Chinki keeps her hand on his head.Twinj see this and smile at each other,suddenly the car breaks,and Kunj keeps his hand across Twinkle to protect her and Twinkle looks at him.Sajna Ve plays.She thinks without thinking about himself he thought about me how sweet.
They reach Taneja Mansion and Chinki and Twinkle insist them to visit their mom.Kunj and UV enter and take blessing from Leela.
They talk for a while and Kunj recalls his mom telling about here best friend that was Leela and Anita.Kunj says me and UV wl leave.
Kunj house.
K-Maa what’s the names of ur best friends.
U-Leela Taneja and Anita Luthra.
K-Surpised and says to himself I wl surprise all of them and share the news with Twinkle.
Twinkle gets his call.
K-Hii how r u,did u have medicine?
T-I’m fine,yes I had.
K-tells everything about their parents friendship and says that we were childhood friends they get excited and share the news with Yuki.

Precap-Twinj and Yuki come closer as they realise they were childhood friends and singing competition.

Credit to: SMC

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  1. Its just amazing….

  2. U r d best smc very gud…u Ñd twinkle are the best ff writers…!! 🙂

  3. really loved it yaar..too good!!

  4. it was soo nyccc……
    wlcm.. SMC

  5. Zee TV show Tashan E Ishq has gripped the viewers with its storyline and the chemistry between Kunj (Siddhant Gupta) and Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin).

    In the recent episode past of Twinkle’s mother has been revealed where Kunj comes to know about RT being Twinkle’s father.

    Kunj will decide to bring Twinkle close to RT and also to get Leela and RT remarried.

    On the other hand in the upcoming episode, Twinkle will choose another man to get married to Leela.

    Kunj and Twinkle will have major argument over the topic.

    Twinkle and Kunj have fallen in love with each other but yet not have confessed to each other.

    Twinkle will feel sad over the fight with Kunj.

    Kunj, however will think of getting away from Twinkle.

    Let’s see what will Twinkle do to make Kunj stay.

  6. Twinkle wl cutely try to apologise to Kunj

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