Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 49


Hii guys I can’t believe it’s my forty ninth episode that’s just bcoz of my dear friends everyone thanks so much for commenting and pls keep bcoz u give me inspiration too…..
It’s morning Twinkle wakes up and tries getting up from Kunj,Kunj pulls her closer to him and hugs her.Sajna Ve plays.
It’s shown that Kunj is acting just to tease her he pulls her more closer Twinkle says if I make noise everyone will wake up and then finished they wl not leave a second to tease us and so wl Kunj too.Kunj smiles but Twinkle doesn’t see.Kunj pulls her more closer to him and their heads meet suddenly someone makes the sound of waking up and Twinkle puts her head down and bcoz Kunj pulled her closer and she kissed his cheek.
Kunj says to Twinkle:

Kunj-Twinkle sambal Khud ko,(Twinkle control urself).
Twinkle-Tum!!!!I thought u were sleeping.
Kunj-makes a face and says actually when such a pretty beautiful girl kisses a handsome boy that too on the cheek won’t he wake up.
Twinkle-oh please don’t try to hide ur mistake u did.
They keep doing their sweet nok jhok and hear some sound.
Twinkle-U heard something.
Kunj-Yeah u made the sound.
Twinkle-No I didn’t.

They turn and see everyone laughing and get embarrassed,Kunj starts laughing too.Funny tune plays.
Everyone gets ready and leaves they wait for the bus and the police cum and say that no buses wl pass since they have altogether met with an accident so u either have to live in a inn nearby or u have to go barefoot if it is important.Twinkle decides to go barefoot and Kunj decides to stay.
Twinkle says u stay in the inn if u want I am going to find my mom who betrayed me.Kunj says I m comin too what I wl chill and make u walk all the way to Mumbai never Twinkle.Wherever and whenever u needed me I was there and will always be there.Sajna Ve plays.
They go walking and Kunj holds Twinkle’s suitcase and they start walking.They talk on the way and while talking a car comes speeding and Twinkle’s heel breaks and she is about to fall and the car is coming speeding.Kunj screams Twinkle!!!!!!
He runs and pulls Twinkle on she falls on him,they both fall on a car that was parked.Sajna Ve plays.
He says r u ok,she nods.He asks her for the sandal and sees that she won’t be able to walk without them.He tells her:
Kunj-Twinkle how u wl walk without sandals.
Twinkle-No it’s ok I’ll walk barefoot.I’ll manage.
Kunj-How u wl and thinks of something.
Twinkle-Leave it Kunj lets go.
Kunj-Wait….he takes out his shoes and gives it to her and says wear these.
Twinkle-What…then what wl u wear.
Kunj-nothing it’s ok u wear these and I wl go bare feet.
Twinkle-No how can I wear these.

Kunj-I know my shoes aren’t that branded like Urs and they r not stylish also but for today u can deal with them till we reach.
Twinkle wears them and they leave walking.On the way Kunj walks still on barefoot on a stony path and gets a cut,Twinkle doesn’t notice this and continues walking she then asks for water which was in her suitcase and sees his foot bleeding she stops him and bends to his feet and ties her handkerchief around it.Sajna Ve plays.

She cries and Kunj wipes and says don’t cry I made u cry enough pls not anymore.She says no this happened bcoz of me if nothing happened to my sandal nothing would happen to u this is my fault not Urs.Kunj says Twinkle give me one more chance just one more I wl prove that I love u pls just one last chance.Twinkle melts down but doesn’t show it,he says pls atleast for our friendship not love.Kunj begs her on his knees to forgive and becum friends not lovers.Twinkle makes him stand and says Kunj what r u doing get up,Kunj says u forgave me.She pulls his cheeks and says if such a cute boy is asking for forgiveness then I won’t forgive she extends her hand and undies the thread and gives him he ties it on her hand and in excitement lifts her and hugs her saying Thank u So Much.Sajna Ve plays.

They reach Mumbai and they get to the house of Anushka Atwal thats her mom.Twinkle comes in and Anushka opens the door,she recognises her and hugs her while Twinkle jerks her away.Kunj holds her and says Twinkle this is ur mom how r u treating her.Twinkke the way she should be treated.She leaves in anger to the room with her suitcase.Kunj comes and makes Anushka sit,Anushka says I am sorry but I don’t recognise u,Kunj says Kunj.Anushka says Kunj beta and hugs him.Kunj says very bad Aunty u left me andTwinkle like this I am not talking to u,she holds her ears and says sorry.Kunj stops her from doing that and says Aunty the doctor told me everything,she is shocked.Kunj pls don’t tell Twinkle anything he says that she should know about this but Anushka says u r under my swear u won’t tell anything to Twinkle.Anushka asks about Uv and Chinki.Kunj get angry while listening to their names only and Anushka says what happened beta and he says nothing Aunty,she says u wl hide from me.He confesses about the whole thing and she finds out that Kunj loves Twinkle.Anushka u love my daughter,he says yes a lot but she doesn’t understand Anushka says I wl convince her.They join hands.

Precap-Anushka faints and the doctor comes and reveals something to Twinkle which makes her shocked.Twinkle starts crying hugging Kunj.
Sajna Ve plays.

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Credit to: SMC

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