Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 43


Hii guys thanks for commenting and keep commenting……hope u’ll r liking the FF..??????????I’ll try for ur sake to keep the episode long…
Kunj comes down with Twinkle.Yuki come down together but UV’s eyes r only on Twinkle,Chinki sees this and gets angry thinking that his friend is still alive though he doesn’t love her.The boss comes and tells her u r lookin beautiful Haapy Birthday.Twinkle thanks him and hugs him.The boss tells Kunj to play some song with Twinkle since both of ur pairs r made for each other.Twinj look at each other.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj starts playing with his guitar and sings Abhi Mujh Main Kahin.He cries while singing and only one thing is going on in his mind that Twinkle is adopted.Twinkle sees him crying and goes and wipes his tears and tells him he doesn’t look nice while he crys.He smiles for her.Suddenly someone comes on stage and says it is our turn to dance.Yuki dance on Soch na Sake.Later everyone force Twinj to dance together and put them on the stage and say without practising we will see if u’ll know how to dance.Gerua plays.Twinj look at each other shocked that they have to do a couple dance.Twinkle puts her hand on Kunj shoulder and Kunj puts his hand around Twinkle’s waist.They dance romantically and keep lookin at each other while everyone claps.Sajna Ve plays.

Everyone cough and Twinj compose themselves.The boss brings the cake and call Twinkle loudly he says ur cake came,and says we r very

hungry and laughs.Twinkle comes and UV stands nxt to her,and Chinki and Kunj stand the opposite side so it’s like to Twinkles left is UV and to Twinkles right is Chinki and then Kunj.Twinkle cuts the cake and UV opens his mouth Twinkle doesn’t see him and goes directly to Kunj and feeds him the cake,Chinki sees UV with his mouth open and laughs and puts a piece in his mouth.Chini goes nxt to him a says if u were with me nothing would happen like this.Twinkle gives Yuki a cake piece too.Aftersometime Twinkle talks to Leela in a corner as she cannot hear properly and ends the call after speaking to her she turns and sees Mannu standing behind and asks him what he wants Mannu says I want Kunj name bcoz he is so lucky to get so may girls in his life first Chinki and now u.Twinkle gets angry and tells him to shut up.Mannu says to Twinkle see someone’s temper is rising talking about someone.Twinkle says if u speak about Kunj again like that then I will slap u, and tell Punnu his brother and their boss before Twinkle can leave Mannu holds her hand and Kunj sees this.Kunj doesn’t hear what he says.

Mannu says Twinkle pls not brother he will kill me bcoz I m flirting with many girls and recently brother got some bruises from the girls brothers.He starts flirting and says this is just to tease u,Kunj sees this and feels jealous and pulls Twinkle and says UV is calling u.Twinkle moves and Kunj comes to Mannu and says u were flirting with Twinkle how dare u,he says in an angry tone flirt with me now,Mannu actually does and Kunj says I said that bcoz u were flirting with her.Mannu and Kunj hug each other.Kunj tells him not to do this with Twinkle again.A man comes with a basket of confiti and someone calls him and says meet in up in his room.It is shown that UV ordered it and tells the man to go to Twinkle and call her and tell her to bring the basket up.The man goes down and Twinj r talking,the man is about to hold Twinkles shoulder but Twinj turn the same time and they collide with the man and Twinkle is about to fall and all the confiti falls on them.Sajna Ve plays

Precap-Chinki tells Twinkle that she is adopted in front of her friends.
What wl be Twinkle’s reaction.
What wl be Kunj’s reaction.

Stay tuned to read what will happen in the nxt episode…
I have got news for Tashan-E-Ishq they all wl play antakshari…lets see how Kunj wl please Twinkle…
?????Have a nice day and God Bless!

Credit to: SMC

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