Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 41

Hii guys I’m sorry for not publishing for so long since I got badly injured on my head and hand…I am really sorry..

So Twinj become friends and talk to each other,Yuki see this and get angry.Chinkle(Chinki and Twinkle)walk on the road and some men pass some comments on them,Kunj notices this and sees them approaching them.Chinkile start walking fast,Kunj goes and turns the man and slaps him Chinkle sigh a sign of relief,Kunj beats them and gets hurt badly,two men go to Chinkle and goes first to Chinki,Kunj sees this and gets angry with the man and hits him,Chinki looks at Kunj.She says that he cares a lot for me,she says that I have fallen in love with him and smiles.
The same man goes to Twinkle and Kunj is on the ground and can’t stand properly,the man goes to Twinkle,Kunj sees this and goes crawling on the road and pulls the goons leg and beats him up.Chinki goes running to Kunj and says r u ok. Twinkle cries seeing Kunj in pain and turns and cries.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle calls UV and tells him to call fast.UV reaches and takes Kunj to the hospital and does his dressing.After 10 days Kunj is perfectly fine and he and Chinki r close as well as Twinkle and UV.
Suddenly he gets a call from Leela and she tells Kunj I think it is time to tell u,everyone knows this except u,Twinkle,Chinki and UV but this should only remain with u,don’t tell this to anyone else pls,actually Twinkle Is Adopted…Kunj stands in shock…Leela says that me,Usha and Anita know about but Twinkle doesn’t.Kunj u r the only one I can trust on pls u have to tell her the truth,bcoz if I tell her she might break down.Kunj sits on the bed and Twinkle is Adopted echoes in his head he screams and says no I can’t she will break down,Chinki asks him the matter and he tells her everything and he says pls don’t tell anything to Twinkle,he puts her hand on his head and says u can’t tell anyone u r under my swear.Chinki says yes.Kunj leaves and Chinki says sorry Kunj but I need to remove Twinkle from ur life if I need u,and if I need u I can do anything.

Precap-Twinkle calls the office at home to celebrate…
What does Twinkle want to celebrate let’s find out in the nxt episode..

Thanks for commenting and reading and sorry for not updating on Mon,Tues bcoz I had injured myself badly..Will give u news of Tashan-E-Ishq in the nxt episode of I get any….Have a nice day and God bless…?????

Credit to: SMC


  1. Aakanksha

    Awesome epi smc…mind blowing…..and plzzz take care dear…..u don’t need to be sry yaar

    • SMC

      Thanks Aakankasha…and thanks for understanding by great difficulty i am trying to write the nxt episode..??????

  2. SMC

    Guys I got a good and bad news for Tashan-E-Ishq….
    The good news is that today the precap showed that Bebe says they have left but Twinj get locked in the house…they find it awkward to be alone and Kunj wants to bring a smile on Twinkles face so he dresses as SRK and acts like him in the movie…and the lights go and they have cute moments.
    The bad news is according to India forums….that Yuvi(UV and Purvi)leak the photo of Manohar and Purvi and this leads him to the hospital,Kunj comes to know Twinkle knew about it and gets angry with her which leads to a major fight between them…

  3. SMC

    Guys if any one is on Twitter go to ❤️Tashan-E-Ishq ❤️ This is how the fan club looks like bcoz there r many fan clubs…..u can send gifts to Sidhant Gupta they have given the address and u can send it to him last day to submit is 20th April….guys come on let’s make him feel special.

    • SMC

      Thanks Tara and my head is severely injured and my left arm is injured too so it was short….
      I m really sorry to ask this again bcoz I asked it before pls tell me ur hangouts name..

  4. Reethi

    Hey no need to say sorry yar.plz take care of yourself .u write ff after recovery. Plz take care..nice episode

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