Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 40

Hi guys thanks for commenting I got some news for Tashan-E-Ishq in the end pls see after the precap…
Chinki says I wl tell Kunj that I Love him and wl create a big misunderstanding between u’ll.Chinki says UV too,I will put Twinkle in pain which wl put u in pain just wait and watch what Chinki Taneja can do.Kunj comes out and Twinkle sees his eyes red and asks him what happened why were u crying Kunj says I wasn’t she says yes I can see u didn’t cry ur eyes can tell everything Kunj.Kunj says in his mind that if I tell u,u might faint here only.UV messages Twinkle and tells her to come to a restaurant,Twinkle is surprised and confused to see his message.She comes to the restaurant and Chinki calls Kunj to the same restaurant and Chinki sees UV,and feels sad.UV proposes Twinkle with a rose and Twinkle is shocked and UV says what happened Twinkle says actually..actu…UV says Kunj says he is very proud of my choice and gave him his blessing for the relationship too.Twinkle gets angry and tells that Kunj played with my feelings and emotions again and accepts UV.UV hugs her and she hugs him back,Kunj stands seeing this back with Chinki,He holds Chinki hand and asks her why she brought him here,

Chinki says Kunj I Love U,Kunj thinks about Twinkle hugging UV and accepts her and says I accept u and ur love.Chinki hugs and smirks behind him.UV and Twinkle leave and Chinki and Kunj leave too.Twinj come to their room and Kunj sits on the bed,and sits being emotion/angry/sad and Twinkle comes in and is really sad and angry bcoz she thinks that Kunj broke her trust and her heart a lot of times but they don’t know that Chinki is behind this.Kunj sees Twinkle and remembers her hugging UV and comes and pins her to the wall and asks her what is her problem in life,Twinkle is about to say something but Kunj says u r not worth anything,not for my love,my care,my trust or anything belonging to me and Twinkle says what r u worth of then me never if u understood me then u would have known about the lyricist…….Kunj says what about the lyricist,she diverts the topic and says that it was Jasmine and what would u do now no one is there.Kunj gets angry and pulls her closer to him.Sajna Ve plays.

He says Chinki is there with me,Twinkle says and UV is there with me too.Kunj leaves her and Twinkle leaves angrily.Chinki sees this and is happy that the misunderstanding got deeper.Twinkle comes at the night to sleep and sees it is 11:00pm and Kunj is not there she quickly makes a pillow border which they never made they used to sleep together.Twinkle stays awake and it becomes 12:00am,She says where is Kunj.Kunj enters and sees Twinkle sleeping.Kunj sees the border and goes to sleep on the other side.In the morning,it is shown that Twinj r hugging each other.Sajna Ve plays.

The alarm rings and Twinj wake up and see them in that state and get up.They say sorry and Kunj goes to freshen up.He comes out and sees UV sitting with Twinkle.He gets angry and is about to go there but stops himself and goes to Chinki’s room and talks to her.Kunj enters his room and sees sorry decoration.Twinkle comes and says sorry and says pls don’t break our friendship,Kunj says I don’t want to talk to u.He is about to leave but Twinkle goes to his feet and says sorry,Kunj lifts her and says fine but only friendship nothing else is in our friendship no love.Twinkle agrees.

Precap-Some men pass comments of Chinkle and he punches the men,Chinki really falls in love with him.

Thanks for commenting and the news for Tashan-E-Ishq is that in the upcoming episodes Kunj walks on the streets and when he passes he sees Twinkle everywhere,sometimes if a lady is giving balloons to the children,he thinks that it is Twinkle,he thinks everyone he passes Twinkle is there and thinks why am I seeing Twinkle everywhere….Jasmine said that this is realisation of love for Kunj as well for her as she also is already in love with him….?????Don’t miss any episodes of Tashan-E-Ishq this week it is all going to be very interesting only on Zee Tv Mon-Sat at 8pm.
God bless!????

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  1. can u tell me the episode number of the pic used in ur profile pi

  2. and smc u know what I just don’t hav words to complement u…seriously u know that is why I hav always been a silent reader of ur ff…hav read all ur ffs…and I don’t know how to describe ur writing skills….amazing…fantastic….lovely…incredible all these words are so not enough for u

    1. Thanks so much Aakanksha….it’s a request pls fulfil it pls I am such a big fan of ur FF..pls publish the episode today or tomorrow pls..????

      1. sure ill try my level best to post it by tomorrow evening…thanx for liking my ff so much

  3. Next episode asap please nd please clear d misunderstanding asap

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  10. Plz dear don’t sepreate twinkle and kunj plz unite and then i kindly request u…. Episode was nice.smc and thankx for upcoming tei update.

    1. Thanks Aarush…I will try to finish the misunderstanding soon don’t worry..???

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  13. Hi SMC . U r just amazing . What a twirt !! I m a silent reader of ur ff . Can u believe that I have read ur fist 23 episode of ur this ff in one day . nd was also waiting for ur ff .

  14. Woww smc fabulous..but isn’t it too much first sidmin and now yuki..try to clear the misunderstandings soon..btw i m liking this also.. bt as tara and u said that mu shuld get clear soon as it test the patience and they leave to watch..please any one don’t hate me for this this is my suggestion..sorry if I m rude..

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