Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 48


Hii guys I’m sorry for the late update…and guys this is my 40th episode pls check the others to understand..

Twinkle runs from the bus and runs on the road,she runs blindly and collides with Kunj,she is about to fall but Kunj saves her.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle is closing her eyes due to fear and opens one and is shocked to see Kunj.Twinkle composes herself and Kunj sees that the branch had scratched her head he takes his handkerchief and ties it around her head.Twinkle sees his injuries and says in her mind Baba ji I told u to keep Kunj safe why u don’t listen to this is not fair.Twinkle asks Kunj:
Twinkle-Why u came here.
Kunj-I came here to take u home and u r comin with me.
Twinkle-Why should I listen to u,u can do anything to me.
Kunj-Twinkle I am really very sorry by the way u came to know about the truth of ur life but I never knew that Yuki would do this.I m really sorry.

Twinkle-No I deserve to be like this I a the worst person on this earth I am just the worst,that’s why everyone hates me and my own mom hates me too that she gave me to another person.
Kunj-Twinkle u r not the worst but the best pls whatever u do take me along with u please.
Twinkle-Why should I who r u too me.
Kunj-U r my everything,Twinkle u r my secret lyricist I came to know everything.
Twinkle-is shocked and says who told u this,how u came to know.
Kunj-Tells her everything the way he unlocked the password and Chinki telling him that she was his secret lyricist which was a lie and tells her how he met with an accident.
Twinkle-Yes I am ur lyricist,I wrote that eveytime what u wl do I Hate U and my whole life.
Kunj-But I Love You!Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj says it again and again and Twinkle says now u say u love me,u might have did the same thing with Chinki and now with me too.Twinkle is about to leave but Kunj falls on her feet and says u r on the sake of our friendship wherever u go take me with u.Twinkle thinks about the moments they spent from childhood till now.Sajna Ve sad version plays.
She makes him get up and tells him to come with her.They get into the bus and Twinj sit on the two seater side.Twinkle offers him the first aid box and tells him to tend to his wounds.Kunj purposely does it wrong and Twinkle takes it and puts the iodine,ointment,and bandages his wounds.Kunj looks at her lovingly and says in his mind No matter how big the situation is Twinkle I wl make sure u wl forgive me and confess ur love to me.I promise.Sajna Ve plays.
After sometime bus driver stops the bus and says get down there is a bomb in the bus,they wake up Kunj and he tries waking up Twinkle but she doesn’t he lifts her in his arms and jumps off the bus and the weather is very windy as if it was going to rain while Kunj runs away from the bus to avoid getting hurt,Twinkle wakes up and it starts to rain heavily all the members from the bus r looking for shade including Twinj.Twinkle asks him why r they running and he puts her down and everyone tells her that Kunj is really her life partner bcoz today if he wasn’t there then she would have died.Twinkle still doesn’t talk to him.They find a stable and go and sit there.The rest of the members come and occupy the spaces and Twinj had a little gap to even fit their bodies in there they had no other option but to make Twinkle sleep over Kunj they did that and Twinkle went to sleep on his chest.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-Twinj reach Mumbai walking.

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  1. Guys this is my 48th Epiosde I don’t know why it is saying 40th everywhere pls refer from pg 20 and check u’ll understand….

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